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What is the approximate height of a false ceiling?


The height of the false ceiling would depend on the height of the room. Generally, the false ceiling and the real ceiling of a room have a gap between them and the gap is approximately 8 inches


Therefore the height of the false ceiling is generally about 8 inches shorter than the height of the real ceiling. While there is no limit as to how tall a false ceiling can be, there is a minimum floor to ceiling height that is required for the installation of a false ceiling. 


The minimum height requirement of a false ceiling can differ as per different countries and industrial norms as well as per circumstances and rooms in which they are being fitted. 


Generally, the floor to ceiling height of a room should be at least 7 feet for a false ceiling to be properly installed. Sometimes, in rooms that are not habitable, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms or storage rooms, the height requirement can be a little lower, i.e. around 6 feet and 8 inches.


However, in most circumstances, a minimum of 7 feet height is preferred for the installation of a false ceiling. 


In which rooms can false ceilings be installed?

False ceilings can virtually be installed in any room of the house, including small rooms like bathrooms or laundry rooms. As long as a room does not have too low of a ceiling or too cramped of an area, false ceilings can generally comfortably fit in them. 


That being said, false ceilings are mainly installed for aesthetic value. They make a room look better or make the interior design more classy, which is why they are not usually installed in utility or storage rooms. Furthermore, fitting the whole house with false ceilings can be a costly affair and hence people choose to install them only in certain spaces. 


The best rooms to get false ceilings installed are bedrooms, sitting rooms, living rooms or dining rooms, since these are usually spacious and with high ceilings and thus can be made more decorative and ornate. Also, these are the rooms where most interior design elements are present, thus making it all come together well with a false ceiling. 


Do false ceilings affect the temperature of the room?

False ceilings can have many more benefits, apart from just the aesthetic aspects. Depending on the material of your false ceilings, there are certain ones that can help temperature control in the home. 


Materials like gypsum or fibre cement board have thermal insulation properties and therefore help keep any room cooler. Furthermore, since the false ceiling reduces the total height of the room, the amount of space that an air conditioner has to function in also reduces. 


This makes fans and air conditioners more effective, thereby indirectly lowering the room temperatures. False ceilings can keep a room significantly cooler in summers and during extreme temperatures, depending on the size of the room and the quality and type of the material used. 


EcoPro False Ceilings

EcoPro fibre cement boards are versatile, multi-purpose boards that can be used for a variety of interior design work such as mezzanine floors, partition walls as well as false ceilings. 


The cement fibre board false ceiling not only provides a sleek, classy look to your home, but also comes with a variety of other benefits such as fire protection, betterment of acoustics, cooling effect, concealment of wires and ducts and sound absorption. Our product is affordable, easy to install and even easier to maintain. 


You can easily choose to fit EcoPro false ceilings in any room of your house and even customise the design of the false ceiling according to your interior decoration theme and vision. The best part of all this is that you get great design along with knowing that you have opted for the eco-friendly option!


Best False Ceiling Designs For Your Living Room In India

False ceilings are an interior design trend that have been growing more and more popular in recent times. False ceilings are essentially second ceilings that are suspended under the actual ceiling of a room or space. A false ceiling provides multiple benefits. It is a great design element that can elevate the look of a room. Similarly, it can provide better acoustics and temperature control and help situate wires, lights, etc. in the ceiling. There are lots of options when it comes to what kind of false ceiling design you want to adopt. The design would depend on the overall aesthetic you want for your space, as well as budgetary considerations and practical factors like area, type of room, and such. Here are some of the best false ceiling design ideas that are perfect for your living room: 

Choose A High Ceiling

Choose A High Ceiling

When fitting a false ceiling in the living room, it is a great tip to choose a high ceiling. A high false ceiling will make any space seem larger and more open than it is. A simple, but high false ceiling will allow you to create a specific aesthetic while also giving the room a grand look. Similarly, in cases when the original ceiling is too high, you can place the false ceiling a bit lower to make the room cosier, in places like the bedroom. 

Add Light Fixtures

One of the most common ways to spice up a false ceiling is by adding light fixtures to it. Today, LED light fixtures or hanging, ornate lamps are in vogue for the aesthetic value they provide. The light fixtures can be embedded into the false ceiling in such a way that the wiring is not exposed, creating a classy finish. Furthermore, light fixtures are an easy way to build a look for a room, in an affordable and practical manner. 

Create A Skylight

A skylight is a light that is cut out of the ceiling, to allow natural sunlight to enter a space from a central point. Skylights are becoming more popular in modern designs since they give the space an open, airy feel while also retaining a unique charm and simplicity. Creating a skylight in a false ceiling can elevate the whole room to another level. Rectangular skylights can be chosen for a more classy, modern look, while circular ones go well with a cosy, homely vibe. Skylights can also highlight the false ceiling and make it attract attention to it without being too loud. 

Use Textures and Colours

Use Textures and Colours

The colour scheme of a false ceiling can drastically change the overall look of a living room. Usually, living room ceilings can have neutral, subdued shades so that the room is pleasant and not too loud. However, the ceiling can also have small pops of colour to give a more vibrant look. Similarly, using different textures and patterns on the ceiling can make it look classy and modern while also retaining a subtlety. You can use beadwork, boards, artwork, faux finishes, etc. to add texture to your ceiling and enhance the living room easily. 

EcoPro False Ceilings

EcoPro false ceilings are made from cement fibre boards, an eco-friendly alternative to harmful materials like gypsum or plaster of paris. These boards are extremely strong and durable, and therefore make for a great long lasting option while also being affordable. Furthermore, the boards are resistant to fire, water and moisture and can be used in bathrooms or kitchens without any problem. Some major advantages of EcoPro false ceilings are:

  • They are sound-absorbent and also provide insulation, thereby controlling the temperature in the room. 
  • They are extremely versatile and can be used to create various types of interior designs. They can also be paired with various textures, colours and patterns for a better aesthetic. 
  • They are perfect for concealing LED light fixtures or any other exposed wiring, thus giving the room a seamless finish. 
  • They are durable and resistant to moisture, fire and water, thus also adding safety as an important feature. 
What type of false ceiling boards are best for keeping rooms cool?

What type of false ceiling boards are best for keeping rooms cool?

What are false ceilings?

A false ceiling is a popular interior design element that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. A false ceiling is the ‘fifth wall’ in a room with four walls. This is because the false ceiling is an additional layer that is fitted below the original, structural ceiling of a space. This ceiling is usually suspended by wooden or metal frames below the ceiling, giving the illusion of a lower ceiling. Generally, there is a gap of about eight inches between the room’s original ceiling and the false or ‘dropped’ ceiling.

False ceilings are not a structural element and are rather a part of the home’s interior design and making the space look unique, without changing too much of the original design. A false ceiling can jazz up a space by adding colour, texture and dimension to an otherwise bland room. It can make a small space appear bigger or a big space appear cosier, depending on how it is used. Similarly, false ceilings are a great way to incorporate fancy lighting elements and tie in all the interior elements of the room together.

ecopro false celling for cool rooms

What types of materials are used for false ceilings? 

There are lots of materials that can be used for false ceilings. The choice can depend on the type of design you want, the other benefits of the material, the proposed budget and the kind of room it is. The four most popular materials for false ceilings are plaster of paris, gypsum, wood and fibre cement boards.

Plaster of Paris (PoP) is a white material made of calcium sulphate. This is the most popular material for false ceilings, since it is quite affordable. POP is easy to source and transport, it is long lasting and is suited for any type of weather conditions.

Another material that is very popular for false ceilings is gypsum. Another derivative of calcium, gypsum has gained popularity because it is very light weight. This material is also quite affordable and has various other benefits.

Wood is a material that is used often in interior design elements due to its naturally pleasing look and texture. Different types of wood can give a room a wam, rustic feel and make it look classy without adding too much clutter. Since wood is a bit more expensive than the other two options, it is not very common, but a lot of people opt for this material in residential spaces.

While these three options have been around for a while, recently there has been a rise in fibre cement boards being used for false ceilings. These boards are affordable options that are suitable for any type of design and come with insulation and acoustic qualities as well.

Today people are looking for an alternative to POP, gypsum and wood ceiling due to various reasons like:

Plaster of Paris

  • The process of mixing POP ingredients is messy and lengthy, requiring a lot of time and cleaning up afterword’s.
  • If the mixture not prepared correctly, in long term it might shrink and crack.
  • The ceiling can not be installed when the POP surface is moist


  • In case of any repair in future, ceiling need to be broken down.
  • If there is any leakage in roof or air conditioning drain pipes, and if moisture seeps into the gypsum ceiling, it may result in fungal growth or cause wrapping.
  • As time goes on, a gypsum ceiling may show signs of cracks around the joints.


  • Wooden ceiling may look good, but it is susceptible to water damage, it can warp, crack, rot, and requires special treatment with special impregnation.
  • Wood is favourite food of pests; special treatment will be required to avoid the pests.
  • Wood can easily catch fire.

ecopro false celling for cool rooms India

Why fibre cement board is best for cooling?

EcoPro fibre cement boards are the best option if one wants to include insulatory properties in their false ceiling. These boards offer thermal protection to any room and are able to lower temperatures inside even when there is unbearable heat outside. When paired with air conditioners, the false ceilings are even more effective at thermal insulation. Since the false ceiling lowers the actual height of the ceiling, it reduces the vertical space, thus allowing even a low-power AC to work more efficiently. Thus, EcoPro fibre cement boards are the perfect material for those who want their false ceilings to work as thermal insulation too.

ecopro false celling for cool rooms white

What are the benefits of using EcoPro boards for false ceilings?

EcoPro fibre cement boards are versatile and eco-friendly boards that can be used in the construction of any type of false ceiling. Apart from being affordable and easy to use and insulating, EcoPro ceilings offer the following advantages:

  • These boards are extremely strong and robust and therefore have higher durability.
  • These boards are comes in a wide range of finishes and styles Such as Pebble, Brick, Aquatic, Wave, and Wooden texture design options for designer boards, CNC cutting design boards, Digital print, etc., that are perfect for false ceiling purpose.
  • It is very easy to install light fixtures such as LED lights using these boards.
  • EcoPro is a sound absorbing material and therefore is great for handling the acoustics of a room and reducing overall noise.
  • This material is water, fire and termite resistant and can be used in bathrooms, Kitchen etc while also achieving an elegant look.

To get EcoPro fibre cement boards for your interiors, call us on 7796448844 right away!


EcoPro Partition Wall

Customize Your Modular Home with EcoPro Partition Wall

Anyone who’s gone through the home building process understands the hassles of creating one. Cost overruns, delayed constructions, and annoying contractors often become an inevitable part of a dream home project. But with the concept of modular homes, things can be a lot better. A home built of pre-fabricated materials minimizes cost and time investment and also rules out the scope of errors. What’s more, it is also the go-green option that does not add to the environmental hazards.

The major concern that you as a homeowner must ensure is opting for the right material. Be it your exterior wall cladding or home interior decor, EcoPro's range of fibre cement boards is the perfect choice for all your modular home constructions. A leading brand, EcoPro offers top-grade fibre cement boards+ in a variety of textures and designs that form an integral component of today’s contemporary homes.

Be it EcoPro fused boards, EcoPro screen (CNC) boards, EcoPro digitally printed boards, or EcoPro Dura Tuff boards (HSB), each variety is primed to create beautiful and durable structures that you can enjoy for years to come. EcoPro is certainly true value for your money!

Glam up your modular home with EcoPro partition wall ideas!

Partition walls are a great way to create extra private space without investing in elaborate construction work. With a creative partition layout and EcoPro fibre cement boards, adorning your interiors is no tough job. The Fibre cement boards are lightweight and resistant to moisture, fire, and termite. Additionally, these are sound absorbing panels that improve the acoustic of your home space.


partition wall

Explore a world of options with EcoPro boards.

  • Create the upscale wooden look: Bring the warm look of wooden partition to demarcate your room space with style. Choose EcoPro planks available in Walnut, Dark chocolate, and Red oak stained finishes and add sophistication to your wall partition plan.
  • Lattice patterns are timeless: It’s simply not easy to ignore the charm of a lattice wall partition. The best part is that it gives you the opportunity to squeeze out extra space without giving the feel of a solid barrier. With EcoPro’s fine lattice pattern you can keep the partition look graceful and chic.
  • Optimize your partition with a multi-purpose divider: Functional dividers give you more options to explore. Use the EcoPro range to create partitions with a bookshelf or a storage unit. When planned and executed rightly, these dividers serve as excellent additions for compact homes as well as large homes.
  • Accentuate your room décor with a display cum divider: Add a fancy touch to your room partition wall by incorporating a decor element to it. Want to know how? You can plan a sleek partition featuring open display shelves where you can put your photo frames or flaunt your memorabilia.

false ceiling for hall

If you’re planning for a modular home with one-of-a-kind interiors, then EcoPro is the right brand to partner with. The company offers you the opportunity to create classy and smart structures that are high on functionality and visual appeal.

With EcoPro you don’t need to go anywhere. All your construction needs can be taken care of with our premium quality range. Whether you want to create partition walls or false ceiling for hall, kitchen cabinets, or wardrobes EcoPro is the one-stop destination for all.

So, don’t waste your time. Connect with us today. We’ll guide you on your journey to become the proud owner of a beautiful home without losing your peace of mind!

EcoPro False Ceiling

EcoPro False Ceiling Ideas to Transform Your Home Décor

Who doesn’t like to have an attractive home? When it comes to decorating home interiors, stylish false ceilings top the list. Just like a building is incomplete without a rooftop similarly home interior is not complete without false ceilings. Interestingly, today there are myriad fancy designs and materials that offer endless choices. Be it the false ceiling for hall, dining area or bedroom there is no dearth of false ceiling designs.

False ceiling not only enhances the aesthetic value of your home but also brings functional benefits. These ornamental additions create a pleasant ambiance while improving the thermal and sound insulation of your home. Additionally, these serve as beautiful cover-ups that conceal the unwanted electric wires, pipes, and air conditioning ducts.

If you’re embarking on a home renovation journey or shifting to a new one, a false ceiling is something you cannot choose to ignore or take lightly. Making your home classy and cozy, a false ceiling can multiply your home value. However, to create a beautiful effect, choosing the right material is of prime importance.

Gone are the days when you had limited choices of wood, metal, or POP. Today you can explore a wider variety of options ranging from glass panels, gypsum sheets to fibre cement boards, synthetic fabrics, and more. Picking the right material and design that complements your room space and your home interior can transform your dream house into a reality.

false ceiling boards

False Ceiling ideas to get inspired from!

  • Square boxed ceiling design: In this type of false ceiling, you can create a boxed pattern and attach recessed lights in between the boxes. It brings a dramatic effect into space - creates the illusion of higher ceiling height and multiple dimensions within one room.
  • Peripheral ceiling: If you have a low ceiling home then this minimal design is just the right option for you. It runs across the corners of the room, leaving space in the center where you can fix a chandelier or pendant light of your choice. It creates a neat border that accentuates the ceiling without taking away the focus from room interiors.
  • Geometrical design: This includes contemporary geometric designs ranging from rectangular and triangular patterns to circular and diamond patterns. Requiring suspended panels for each piece, these designs when combined with cove lighting adds a stylish edge to the room space.
  • Intricate lattice: Give an ethnic spin to your space by incorporating an intricate jali or lattice style ceiling. Providing a subtle demarcation to open space, elevates the aesthetics of a room significantly. Install soothing mood lights behind the lattice or in between the crevices and get compliments from your guests each time they visit you.

The above-mentioned pointers are just a few drops from the pool of false ceiling ideas and designs. If you have false ceiling plans do not hesitate to explore the amazing options available. However, make sure not to go over the top with your ceiling designs. Choose the right material and consult your interior designers to work out the best false ceiling for your home.

Connect with EcoPro, the renowned brand in building materials. The designer boards offered by EcoPro are an excellent choice for internal ceilings. Primed for robust and classy constructions, these false ceiling boards are tough, non-brittle, and asbestos-free. Available in 7mmto 8mm thickness and a variety of textures like a wave, aquatic, pebble stone & brick, the range offers excellent choices without compromising on the quality. Showing good resistance against UV rays, water, fire, and termite, these boards are easy-to-work and can be customized as per your requirement to suit your home décor.

Key Facts about Pre-fabricated Homes and Why you should Consider it!

Most of us in some point of time have opted for ready-to-assemble furniture. So, how does it work?

When you get knock-down furniture delivered to your house; you are provided with separate components and instructions on how to assemble them. With some tools, screws, and nuts, you can assemble all parts and build up the desired piece. Its lot easy and fun to get it done! Isn’t it?

Cut to pre-fabricated homes.

Similar construction tenet is used here. Closely associated with offsite and modular construction, prefabrication has been a buzzworthy trend in construction industry. There are different types of pre-fabricated materials used to build homes and offices. Prominent ones include weather resistant and termite –proof boards.

To gain ground in smart home market, some big brands too have jumped into the bandwagon of pre-fabrication. The coming up of major players in pre-fabrication points toward a future in which reasonable and easy solutions for living spaces, commercial buildings and office buildings will be abound.

How prefabrication works?

Prefabrication is a strategy or practice of using a variety of structural components that are made off-site in a factory and transported & put together on-site to create a structure.

Because different parts are duplicated so often, it’s easier and more cost-effective to manufacture plenty of them at once, rather than build them as needed on-site. Moreover, since they are manufactured at specifically designed facilities and are transported in bulk, economies of scale yield benefits that finally trickle down to the builders and owners of the property.

In today’s competitive age, time too plays an important role. It’s no secret that buyers and builders both stress on timely delivery. With pre-fabricated materials, both parties tend to gain on this aspect too. For builders, this means faster completion of projects and for buyers, it means faster investment in property and in case of renting – faster ROI.

Prefabricated Homes | EcoPro


Prefabrication – Gaining traction for Reasons

There are several good reasons for the growing popularity of pre-fabricated construction. Let’s explore some of them.

  • Prefab homes can be custom made:

    If you thought resorting to prefabricated route meant sticking with a limited range of choices, you are mistaken. Depending on the firm, you can have much of the same control over design choices that you would get in a custom stick build. For instance, EcoPro offers a wide range of top-quality pre-fabricated building sheets that are perfect for creating a customized home as per your requirements. Be it exterior cladding or false ceiling for hall, with EcoPro you can transform your dream home plan into reality!

  • A prefab home makes decision-making less stressful

    . When it comes to traditional brick and mortar style of construction, homeowners can be overwhelmed by the availability of larger choice sets. Alternatively, prefab helps limit choices and guides you to make a more precise and confident decision. Anyone who’s lived through custom build can testify to the fact that the number of decisions required to make it only adds up to the confusions and regrets.

Prefabricated Homes | Ecopro

  • Prefab saves time:

    Prefab construction takes about half the time of a traditionally built home. Since prefabricated homes are partially assembled in a factory offsite, preparatory works like laying a foundation can go on simultaneously, thereby shaving a good deal of time off the schedule.

  • Offers benefits of predictable cost and schedule:

    As most parts of the prefab home is built in the factory, all the decisions are taken prior to the construction process. This allows the factory to provide a fixed bid and prevents the project from scope-cost creep which is quite common with traditionally built homes. 

Obstructions caused due to weather impacts and whims & fancies of the subcontractor can be curtailed considerably. Pre-fab constructions built in a controlled environment and with predictable labor force builds ground for predictable end date. Now that’s a big relief!



Besides all these, the point that’s worth mentioning is its impact on environment. Prefabricated homes emerge as an excellent environmentally friendly option. Prefabricated-home factories create far less waste than the typical construction site. They are often able to reuse extra materials in future projects. Some prefab design-build firms even go a step further by using recycled and renewable materials.

Why investing in prefab EcoPro panels is a wise decision?

Since Fibre cement boards can get 15-20% more expensive than the traditional ones, you might think about its cost-effectiveness. Practically when given a proper look to the overall spending and the final result you will realize the real worth. Using ready-made panels streamlines the construction process. It also eliminates the labor costs involved in auxiliary activities as well as helps you take charge of your property within the stipulated time frame.

EcoPro offers you flexibility in terms of expansion and modifications with independent blocks that can be added or removed. Offices, residential and commercial buildings have been using EcoPro Fibre cement wall panels. They are also used for building False ceiling, Partition wallMezzanine flooring, Cladding etc. Contact us today for more information!

Facade | Ecopro

4 Architectural Shifts in Facade Designs

When you imagine an IT park, you would picturise those reflective tall buildings wrapped entirely in glass reflecting the rays of the sun. The original concrete structure is expertly hidden behind this facade. Despite their climatic limitations and heating issues, these materials have long dominated the architectural scene symbolizing the quintessential office space. However, advances in technology are now enabling a plethora of approaches to facade design and construction. Some of these options are particularly beneficial for the parts of the world that suffer from excessive heat and cold. From timber & Fibre cement to shape shifting tiles and curved glass – modern facade technology has had architects spoilt for choice. We bring you, 4 of those trends in facade design.

 4 Trends in Facade Designs

Weathering steel cladding or CORTEN

Often referred to as “CORTEN” or “COR-TEN” signifying the company that owns the trademark to weathering steel, this mesmerizing rust-colored metal is known for its peculiar oxidized patina appearance. It is an alloy that was developed to eliminate the need for painting and form a stable rust-like appearance after several years’ exposure to weather. It is originally grey in color but eventually turns orange and then deep brown after months of oxidization. In this process, protective layers develop on the material’s surface. These layers contribute to performance and create the metal’s architectural aesthetic.

However, Weathering steel does not come without its own set of challenges. For one, It is sensitive to humid subtropical climates, and in such environments, it is possible that the protective patina may not stabilize but instead continue to corrode. Also, Weathering steel is not rustproof in itself. If water is allowed to accumulate in pockets, those areas will experience higher corrosion rates. Hence, it is not suitable in marine or coastal environments.
1. Weathering steel cladding | Corten | Ecopro

Kinetic Facade

A kinetic facade is one that changes dynamically rather than being static or fixed. This enables the movement of the building’s surface. The architect Buckminster Fuller calls this the ‘skin-like articulation’ effect and is an extension of the idea that a building’s envelope is an active system rather than just a container. Elements that form this facade can be programmed to move according to the climate such as to block sun rays from directly hitting the floor. This improves energy efficiency or reduces solar heat, or may even simply act as an art installation.

The Al Bahr Towers in Abu Dhabi is an example of a kinetic facade made of umbrella-like panels that open and close in response to the sun’s movement through the day, to achieve optimal shading and light entering the building. Although this is a great idea for creating stunning impact and attracting an iconic status, it of course comes with a whopping price tag!

Kinetic Facade | Ecopro


Curved glass

Technological advances in glass have taken curved glass fabrication to different levels of complexity and performance in the last few years and continue to drive into new frontiers. Curved glass gives architects and designers more freedom to create innovative facades where straightness, corners, and edges can be replaced with soft curves. The curved glass allows transparent views on the corner of a building, without the visually disturbing frames. Costs for curved glass are almost thrice that of flat glass – making it less appealing to conservative investors. 

Curved Glass Facade | Ecopro

Fibre Cement Sheets

Fibre cement sheet is formed by extracting the best qualities from its parent elements viz cement and Fibre and then combining them in perfect proportion to form a material that has the best of both worlds. While it is strong and sturdy like concrete, it is light and flexible like Fibre. While it has the aesthetics of timber, it is resistant to molds, fire, and termites.

Fibre cement allows us to clad walls in a light, non-combustible, and weather-resistant way, generating facades with different textures, colors, and tones. These sheets can also be used as an application of Kinetic Facades as they are easily manageable. Doubling up as sound absorbing panels, they exhibit good acoustical qualities by absorbing ambient noise. They are perforable and can act as ventilated facades when installed with a certain separation between the rear wall. Despite these advantages, Fibre cement sheets remain modest and meek, and greatly affordable, unlike their flashier counterparts.

Fibre cement facades can be installed in random arrangements of panels to generate variations in their orientations. You may opt for a rustic board-and-batten look or a cleaner look with simple minimalist lines. In the Shiplap Siding pattern, they appear to be butted right up against one another, creating a clean, smooth surface, which is common among contemporary homes. The art of installing Fibre cement facades is only limited by the expertise & skills of the architect.

When it comes to Fibre cement claddings, EcoPro is one of the biggest names in the game in India, almost synonymous with fiber cement sheets. The versatility of FIbre cement sheets means that their applications range from external wall cladding and roofing to mezzanine flooring and  false ceiling for hall. Visit our website today to for more information.

False Ceiling for hall/offices/living room | Ecopro

Adding splendor to your interiors with False Ceiling designs

Interior décor not only uplifts the aesthetics of a space but also contributes towards creating a positive ambiance. However, discovering unique and inspiring ideas is not always easy. There are too many aspects that go into creating a perfect space. False ceiling is certainly one of the elements that can make a whole lot of difference.

The concept of false ceiling has been prevalent since many years but today it has acquired a completely different dimension. Be it residential buildings, commercial places or official set ups, false ceilings have made their way to most urban spaces and are here to stay.

Looking at the growing popularity of false ceilings, it would be interesting to assess some of the false ceiling ideas. Here is a brief highlight to equip you with false ceiling ideas for different spaces. so, let’s get started!

False Ceiling Ideas for different spaces:

False ceiling for your hall/living room 

When it comes to false ceiling for hall or living area, get creative and think out of the box. While multiple options are available like simple tray style, suspended Island design and more, choose the one that perfectly complements your room size and décor. In general, ceiling with geometrical patterns and layers are the most sought-after designs that are hard to ignore. Make sure to pick colors that are subtle and in neutral tones.  Lighter shades are ideal for living room, especially when lined with lights along the periphery. It simply adds desired sophistication to the space.

False Ceiling for Hall | False ceiling boards | Ecopro

False ceiling for your bedroom

For the bedroom, you can play with both designs and colors. Use contrasting shades like blue and white for the quirky look. Floral design ceilings are also a good option for those who love to add a bit of nature’s beauty to their bedroom. For creating a cozier ambience select dark color as it generates a more intimate feel. A well-executed false ceiling idea can turn even a small and minimalist bedroom into a charming haven.

False ceiling for kids room

Do you remember how your room looked like when you were a kid? Certainly no where close to what we see in today’s age. Imagination, playfulness and practicality are the elements that define kid’s room. False ceiling gives you the scope to bring all the elements together and add magical aura to your kid’s room. Whether your child fancies a fairy tale or is crazy about cars, be it their love for colors or fascination for nature creations, a perfectly created false ceiling can fuel their imagination and quench their curiosity.

False ceiling for your office area

When it comes to a more formal set up like office space, you need to keep things simple, functional yet classic. Parallel lines, or circular patterns, and the rectangular shaped false ceilings under yellow lights can accentuate the style quotient of your office. Explore different false ceiling themes and make choices according to the demands of the specific areas including office conference room, restroom, cabins, hallways, and other zones. Make your workspace a more comfortable and inviting place with most fitting false ceiling design.

Even if your abode or office represents absolute perfection, sooner or later you’ll want to fine-tune it anyway. Taking away your well-worn false ceiling or creating a new one can be real fun and an excellent addition to your set up. Opt for the right material and follow the latest trends for an impressive layout.

If you are contemplating about false ceiling material and design get connected with the EcoPro. Our range of false ceiling boards can help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, while providing the functional benefits of a false ceiling.

Want to know more about our product range and false ceiling ideas, call us today!

Fibre Cement Boards

Why Fibre Cement Boards are a Feasible Option for Constructions

Right material is the foundation of a strong structure that can make a lot of difference.  Fibre cement is being viewed as a powerful contender to other traditional construction materials. Delivering the best of both worlds i.e. durability and a great look, fibre cement is now a popular choice for different types of constructions.  Whether it’s your false ceiling for hall, wall partitions, or exterior claddings, the material seems to be an equally promising proposition in all cases.

Let’s skim through some of the highlights of this construction material that is winning the hearts of the architects and property owners:

1. High resistance to damage and impacts: Fibre cement boards are designed to withstand harmful impacts like exposure to intense sunlight, strong winds, moisture, etc. This makes it an ideal option for building exteriors that often face harsh and changing weather conditions. Moreover, its fire-resistance and anti-termite properties make it a strong and safe construction material. In fact, it won’t be incorrect to say that it serves as a good replacement for termite proof plywood.

2. Long life: One major concern that no owner can rule out is the life of their property. A lot goes into building a structure and hence, their concern is pretty justified. When you test fibre cement against the durability parameter, it never disappoints you.  Its unique composition ensures no cracking, warping or swelling, thereby enhancing the overall dimensional stability of the structure. No wonder, the high-performance false ceiling boards are being extensively used for roofing, siding, and facades.

3. Easy to Install: Installing fibre cement board is easy. They are lightweight and easier to handle, reducing the risks of injury. It provides for a clean, safe, and simple installation process. What more, they are less brittle so making clean cuts for perfectly aligned edges and acquiring a firm fit is practicable. If you are planning for a drywall partition for your home or wall cladding for your building, you can completely trust fibre cement.

4. Low-maintenance: As for the maintenance part, especially when compared to its counterparts like wood boards or shakes, fibre cement falls under the low-maintenance category. Less prone to cracking ad breaking, it can survive longer without causing you much trouble. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely maintenance-free; you certainly need to take care of it as and when required. So, whether you are using it as a mezzanine flooring material or roofing material, you can certainly count on fibre cement for a hassle-free experience.

5. Eco-Friendly:  Containing minimal toxicity and low volatile organic compounds combined with less dust production during its making, fibre cement boards are safer and healthier to work with and use. Energy-efficient and durable, this material is no wonder the choice of today’s architects.

If you are looking forward to creating an outstanding structure, investing in the right material must be your priority. Ecopro offers a wide range of Fibre cement boards that can help you attain your dream work.

You can confidently use Ecopro fibre cement sheets for building beautiful and formidable structures that you will cherish for years. If you have any queries or need support feel free to contact our experts.

Creating the Perfect False Ceiling with Fibre Cement Boards

Creating the Perfect False Ceiling for Hall with Fibre Cement Boards

Gone are the days where you’ll find a simple flat ceiling with generic embellishments like a chandelier or a fancy fan, in most houses. People are wanting to go creative with their ceilings and uplift their home aesthetics with a false ceiling for hall.  As the demand for false ceilings surges across various cities and towns, you will be seeing a lot more options for false ceilings in the market. And that’s a good thing, as you will get to see more variety for your requirements.

False ceilings for hall/living rooms

False ceilings are basically retrofitted ceilings which are installed beneath the main ceiling, either suspended from it or fixed onto it.  They are solely for added aesthetics, additional cooling and lighting. They can be used in a variety of commercial, residential and corporate applications. In regards to using false ceilings for home, the ideal place to install a false ceiling would be living areas and common areas. False ceiling for hall is very typical and common across all types of houses. But that’s totally up to one’s choice, as they can be installed in bedrooms or study rooms as well.

Apart from adding modernity and elegance to your homes, false do come with a plethora of functional benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of installing false ceilings;

  1. Neatness: False ceilings can easily hide all your ventilation duct openings, wiring rigs and any other objects that are obtrusive to the ceiling’s aesthetic appeal.
  2. Energy savings: False ceiling materials are mostly insulating in nature, which helps in keeping your spaces cooler.
  3. Acoustics:  False ceilings can also be made using specialized sound absorbing panels which help in minimizing echo effect in your homes. Such type of a false ceiling can be used to set up recording studios at homes.
  4. Fire separation: False ceilings built with, fibre cement based mineral-based or tile-based materials can act as a fire separator, as they are non-inflammable.
  5. Lighting:  One of the major applications of false ceilings, is to serve as a platform for additional lighting equipment that is used to uplift the ambiance.

Using fibre-cement material for your false ceiling board 

Any typical false ceiling for hall is made from either gypsum or drywall material. Fibre cement boards offer a multitude of superior advantages over conventional materials.  Fibre cement is made using reinforced fibre, cement, and quartz sand. Reinforcing fibre with cement contributes to the strength of the material making it a strong and long-lasting choice for cladding and roofing. Since its introduction, it has fast become the top-rated material for false ceilings due to its extreme durability and low-cost make. EcoPro is one of the leading manufacturer of customized fibre cement boards, offering high quality products for a variety of applications.

false ceiling for hall by EcoProAdvantages of using EcoPro fibre-cement:

  1. Increased longevity
  2. Termite and water resistant
  3. Less porous than conventional materials
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Fire-proof material
  6. Sound-absorbing capabilities

As you can see, EcoPro boards offer the benefits of using multiple specialized false ceiling materials, in just one board. Apart from the above advantages, fibre cement boards offer unique design options as well. Using CNC operations, various intricate design patterns can be engraved on the fibre cement sheet.

Creating your false ceiling for hall/living room

So now you’ve decided to go for a false ceiling for hall, or any other part of your home… great! Let’s see how to go about setting up the whole thing and making it work as per your needs.

  • Define the main layout:
    Start with defining a simple layout for the false ceiling. It can be as simple as a neat tray layout where the edges are lower than the rest of the ceiling, or a circular layout. You can also have a multi-layered look to make extra space for lightings and other embellishments.
  • Embellish it:
    Let’s come to the main reason for putting up a false ceiling for hall… the embellishments! False ceilings can serve as a housing for a range of lighting, decoration and ventilation equipment.  Here are some simple ideas for your false ceiling;

    1. Mini-Chandeliers
    2. Spot lights
    3. Mini fans
    4. Hanging lanterns
    5. Danglers
  • Enhance it:
    If you’re not satisfied with a simple false ceiling layout, you can always upgrade the entire look to add extra aesthetic appeal. Here are some things you do for your false ceiling for hall;

    1. Suspended island:  This is basically an additional layer of fibre cement board that is suspended from the main board, right in the centre. This type of layout gives more room for lighting and provides a more sophisticated look.
    2. Cove lighting: It is a form of lighting that is installed on the edges or recesses of false ceilings rather than on the ceiling board itself, directing all the light to the adjacent walls or toward the board itself. This creates a more pleasant look as the lighting enhances the elegance, rather than just enhancing the illumination.
    3. Track lighting: You can upgrade your lighting by using track lights. These lights come in a set of 2, 3 or more, with a fixture that runs along the false ceiling. These lights are typically used in commercial shops and spaces, but can be used in a false ceiling for hall, if you want your space to be amply illuminated.

As false ceiling for hall/living room demand surges in the market, you’ll come across a diverse variety of designs and patterns that you may want to consider. EcoPro fibre cement boards can be customized as per any false ceiling layout or design requirements using CNC cuts and engravings. Additional decorative layers like plywood or glass panels can also be installed onto the EcoPro boards to make them look more appealing, as they are quite rigid and offer high strength. To get  EcoPro fibre cement boards for your interiors, call us on 9762228070 right away!