False Ceiling Boards

If you want to create a wow look for your rooms then, false ceiling using false ceiling boards can be the first step towards it. False ceilings are an integral part of any interior layout that enhances your taste and style.

Ceilings are no longer just the underside of a roof structure or the top wall of a room. Curves, patterns, and other contemporary ceiling options are used to improve the visual appeal of the interior decor. Besides being used as an embellishment element, a false ceiling is also becoming popular owing to its features like better acoustic properties, thermal insulation and workability with paint, wallpaper or concealed ceiling lights, etc.

Why should you consider having false ceiling boards?

  • It provides a smooth homogeneous surface to the roof.
  • It provides fire protection as it compartmentalizes the ceiling from the room below.
  • False ceiling helps in bettering the acoustics in a room.
  • It conceals all the non-pleasing elements like electrical wires, AC ducts, and other networking cables.
  • Reduces any redundant height of a room.

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EcoPro False Ceiling Boards advantages:

EcoPro has some distinct advantages over other materials like POP, gypsum or plywood.

  • EcoPro false ceiling boards have high strength, are very robust thus offering better durability compared to any other material for false ceilings that are used for hall or other rooms.
  • EcoPro offers thermal protection to your rooms. It keeps your room cool even when the temperature outside soars. And, helps in offering better insulation for Acs.
  • While creating a perfect look for your interior space, EcoPro false ceiling can also lower the actual height of the ceiling. This curtails the need for high capacity air-conditioners.
  • You can add different textures and patterns via wallpapers or paint that can complement your interiors.
  • Concealed LED lighting is the current trend – with EcoPro false ceiling boards, it's very easy to get these fixtures flush against the surface.
  • As a sound-absorbing material, EcoPro gives better acoustic insulation to any room. This feature is particularly of importance in office cabins, conference rooms, restaurants and hotel rooms to name some.
  • EcoPro is a water-resistant material and hence, can also be used in washrooms and bathrooms especially, for offices/hotels where a much elegant décor can be achieved. Being moisture-resistant, the EcoPro false ceiling boards ensure no condensation and soaking from any ceilings.

Add a unique element to all your rooms and amaze everyone with your refined taste. Use EcoPro for false ceiling applications to brighten up your interior space with its smart features.