EcoPro does everything you want it to do, And more.

Presently, the world is on the brink of an environmental revolution! More and more people are turning towards products that can help them in doing their part for the environment and we think that EcoPro should be at the top of that product list. The modern construction industry is flooded with various kinds of products but you would fail to find a comprehensive product that can be utilized for diverse purposes. This is where EcoPro comes into the picture. This remarkable invention is lightweight, contains No VOC/ No Formaldehyde and is a A1 non combustible weather proof building board. It is a proven, innovative and multi-utility building material that offers structural reliability and eye-pleasing aesthetics at the same time.

EcoPro boards are manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, pozolana, superior grade of cellulose fibre and binders of a siliceous base. The cement plays the role of a hydraulic fibre while fibres increase the flexibility of EcoPro boards. The product’s strength is further augmented by the combination of cement and quartz matrix. Autoclaving process is utilized to cure EcoPro boards

EcoPro is a highly versatile product that can be used for a number of purposes. These boards can be effectively employed as wall partitions, false ceilings, pre-fab structures, fins, frames, wood design planks, mezzanine flooring and much more. In terms of utility they are not restricted to a particular set-up - commercial, residential, educational institutes, public utility, and hospitality all kinds of spaces can benefit from this product.

If you are looking for features such as easy installation & removal, unparalleled style quotient, reduced labor costs and higher durability, then this product is the perfect match for you! To get EcoPro for your interiors call us on 020-26444625/26/27 or 9762228070 right away!

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One product,multiple uses! Discover the incomparable versatility of EcoPro boards!

  • EcoPro (Walls)
  • EcoPro (Fins)
  • EcoPro (Roof Underlay)
  • EcoPro (Mezzanine)
  • EcoPro (CNC Cut)
  • EcoPro (Ceilings)
  • EcoPro (Acoustix)
  • EcoPro (Kitchens)
  • EcoPro (Anti Leak)
  • EcoPro (Frames)
  • EcoPro (Wood)
  • EcoPro (Facade)

Technical Specification

EcoPro Fibre cement flat sheet conforms to IS 14862:2000 type B category 3 and ISO 8336:2009

Characteristics Specifications Weight (nominal) *1.5 kg/mm/m2 Density (ambient to saturation) > 1300 kg/m3 Modulus of Rupture (average) (ambient condition) > 10 MPa Moisture movement 0.04 % Inter lamina bonding 1 MPa Water absorption (ambient to saturation) < 30 % Freeze thaw "Pass" in 50 cycle Warm water "Pass" after continue test up to 56 days Thermal conductivity 0.19 w/mk Non-combustibility Non-combustible Ignitability Class "P" not easily ignitable Fire propagation index 0.1 Surface spread of flame Class - 1 Screw withdrawal strength 100 N/mm pH 9-11

*Some variation in weight is expected depending on atmospheric humidity.

Workability with EcoPro boards.

  • EcoPro Boards Can be cut using a carpenters hand saw or an electrically operated circular saw
  • An electric hand drill can be used for drilling holes
  • The Usual carpentry tools can be used to work with EcoPro boards


Board SIze in mm

  • 1830 x 1220
  • 2440 x 1220
  • 3050 x 1220
    (against special order only)
  • 2440 x 1200

Thickness in mm