fibre cement board as soundproof wall panels for your bedroom

Tips to Have Soundproof Rooms

Your bedroom is the haven where you love to unwind after a long tiring day. Just when everything seems perfect and you snuggle up in the warmth of your blanket, all set to relax with your favorite book or TV series, the last thing you expect is the intrusion of unnecessary noises from your surroundings. […]

Fibre cement boards as best quality mezzanine flooring material for homes

Tips for Optimizing Mezzanine Flooring for Homes

Whether it’s your manufacturing unit, office area or home, carving out an extra space without creating any clutter is a luxury. Mezzanine flooring offers a host of possibilities for optimizing your unused, vertical space at your disposal. Extensively used for storage purposes in warehousing facilities for decades, mezzanine flooring today has a much wider utility […]