Why FCB is right material for bathroom

EcoPro Plus Fiber cement board is a versatile building material made using silica, cement, cellulose pulp for reinforcement and additives to enhance properties. It is cured by a special high pressure stream curing process, which makes it stable in all type of environments. It is non- combustible, resistant to permanent water damage and termite resistant […]

How to prevent cracks when screwing?

It is very important to follow guidelines to avoid cracking while screwing. We recommended Fiable anti-corrosion class 2 coating, identified by “F2” head marking for long-lasting installation. Recommended Screw Types: – Self Drilling Screws For all typical screw descriptions, the first figure indicates the gauge of the screw (g), the second figure indicates the threads […]

How to eliminate the dust?

The strength and durability of cement board make it a great choice for home improvement projects.But cutting fibre cement board although challenging. But with right tools and methods you can cut fibre cement easily and that also without dust. Wet cutting Tool to use: – Circular saw -carbide-tipped cutting blade A circular saw is a […]

How to do FCB Tiles T Grid Ceiling?

T – Grid ceiling consists of a grid work of metal channels in the shape of an upside-down “T” suspended on wires from the overhead structure. These channels are in a regularly spaced pattern of cells. Each cell is then filled with ECOPRO ceiling tiles, which simply drop into the grid. The grid size is […]