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Key Facts about Pre-fabricated Homes and Why you should Consider it!

Most of us in some point of time have opted for ready-to-assemble furniture. So, how does it work? When you get knock-down furniture delivered to your house; you are provided with separate components and instructions on how to assemble them. With some tools, screws, and nuts, you can assemble all parts and build up the […]

CNC Cutting Design – The Secret Ingredient to an Awe Inspiring Home Decor

When it comes to home décor ideas nothing seems enough. Despite endless choices for creating inspiring aesthetics, the search for something unique and classic continues.  Talking of the latest hot trend that’s hogging the limelight is the CNC cutting design or jali design. A striking architectural feature found in forts and palaces, the charm of lattice […]

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Facts Supporting Popularity of Fibre Cement Siding

Even though most houses are covered with sidings of some sort, we hardly give it a good look on regular basis. If you are among the lot, it’s time to ponder over.  Siding is an important part of a home exterior and certainly deserves your attention. It adds to the aesthetic character of your home […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Digital Printed Wall Panels

Gone are the days when wall art was treated as an afterthought in interior designing. Today, walls play an important role in your décor plans. However, if you are unsure about the wall styling option, this write-up will help you. Petrified of molds developing in your tiles, pushing you to invest in repair works? Worried […]

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4 Architectural Shifts in Facade Designs

When you imagine an IT park, you would picturise those reflective tall buildings wrapped entirely in glass reflecting the rays of the sun. The original concrete structure is expertly hidden behind this facade. Despite their climatic limitations and heating issues, these materials have long dominated the architectural scene symbolizing the quintessential office space. However, advances […]

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How Eaves and Soffit linings add Beauty & Functionality to your Roofs

In areas where it rains or snows, the roofs of residential properties are typically slanted or sloping so as to allow a least resistant path for rain & snow to get off the roof. Not only that, but the slanted structure also protects against overheating due to direct sunlight by providing minimum surface area for […]

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Use Wall Claddings to Add Interest to your Wet Areas

Is a lack of texture and dimension making your bathroom look ‘dry’ in an unpleasant way? Wet area cladding could be your solution. Wet areas are the rooms or spaces containing sanitary fixtures and appliances – including bathrooms and en suites, toilets, laundries, kitchens, entries, and even garages. They are subject to high levels of […]

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How to panel a wall: DIY wall paneling in 10 simple steps

Wall paneling adds a defining personality to your home & gives it a distinct character. Wall paneling has recently caught a lot of attention on social media with people sharing their transformed walls on various social media channels. Sound absorbing panels are especially popular with the youth as they help maintain their privacy. It is […]

Let your Exterior cladding stand out with Trendy Architectural Fins

Architectural fins are an excellent way to elevate an otherwise drab building exterior.  Projecting outward perpendicularly from the facade, the fins can create a beautiful effect turning even the dullest Cartesian curtain wall grids into something eye-catchy. Whether you desire to add visual details to the square frames of your curtain walling system or enhance […]

Office Interior Design Trends that are here to Stay

How should your office look like? Well, designing an office space demands paying attention to multiple aspects including brand identity, creativity, functionality, uniqueness and more. If you look at some of the hi-tech companies or big brands you will notice how they have been employing interesting and innovative office designs from time to time. Just […]