Heat Island Effect by EcoPro

Heat Island Effect – The Alarming Issue of Mega Cities

Several cities in India this year witnessed unprecedented soaring temperatures during summer and even recorded deaths due to heatwaves. The discomfort and health problems caused by extreme temperatures is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed seriously and urgently. According to the Indian government-backed research the two major cities, Delhi and Mumbai, are becoming […]

fibre cement board for roofing

Fibre Cement Roofs – A Growing Trend in India

As kids, we always drew houses with sloping roofs even though we seldom lived in one. Our romance with those red-tiled roofed houses, which is reminiscent of peace, harmony and a coconut tree by the side, continues. When deciding the roof of their homes in rural areas or for farmhouses by urban plot owners, homeowners […]

fibre cement sheet for exterior cladding panels by EcoPro

Six Reasons Why Fibre Cement Cladding is Becoming Popular

Right kind of cladding can make your home stand out in your neighbourhood.  Whether limited to specific portions or applied to the entire exterior structure, cladding is the best home enhancing solution that reflects your individual style. While there are ample of cladding materials available like wood, metal, brick, and more, fibre cement sheet is […]

exterior cladding panels

Why Fibre Cement Cladding is Becoming Every Architect’s Top Choice

Fibre Cement Panels are panels that are composed of sand, cement and cellulose fibers which act as reinforcement. These panels are used as an external cladding material in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Fibre cement sheets or Fibre Cement boards as they are frequently referred to, normally come in the form of planks and panels along with various […]

Soundproof wall panels

Why & When To Use An Acoustic Panel

Ever wondered why sound does not reverberate as much in places like restaurants, marriage halls, offices and theaters in spite of them being so crowded. Well, you can appreciate the acoustic panels who silently consume all the noise, saving your ears from the unwanted echoes and enabling you to have smooth communication. Acoustic panels are […]

drywall partition

Drywall as an Interior Partition and Its Benefits

Drywall, also known as plasterboard is a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper or fiber cement sheets. Drywall partition is usually employed to build interior walls. Fiber cement sheet drywalls have replaced gypsum based ones due to their environmentally friendly nature. Fiber cement sheet walls are extremely durable, eco-friendly & […]

mezzanine floor design

Your Guide To Building A Mezzanine Floor for a Huge Shed

When it comes to a house, extra floor space is always welcome! Every house owner in the world would agree with this fact. Traditional home designs of the past generation always dedicated a considerable portion for open spaces. Times have changed though; these days you seldom find homes that have ample open spaces. If you […]

fibre cement sheet

6 Reasons Why Fibre Cement Sheet Deserves To Be The Best Roof Underlay Material

Cement, as most of us know, is a binding material which hardens and sets while joining materials together. It is used on a very large scale in the construction industry as concrete – a material which forms the perfect ingredient for strong construction. It’s no wonder then that cement is the most widely used material […]

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) The reason behind deadly fire spread

A devastating fire occurred in Grenfell Tower, London on June 14, 2017. More than 80 people lost their lives and many got injured.

EcoPro Fire Resistant Panels For Your Rescue.

One of the most critical issues for architects is to ensure that the building designs address the fire safety norms. Unfortunately, there have been several devastating fire occurrences in important locations around the world. A recent prominent fire tragedy took place at the 24-storey Grenfell Tower in London on June 14, 2017, shattered the world. […]