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Learn Why Investing in Termite-Resistant Material is a Wise Decision

If you have ever experienced termites, you know what nuisance it can turn out to be.  These innocuous-looking creatures capable of working without getting noticed keep you off guard and go on damaging spree. Be it your home doors, windows or furniture, once they infest your structures, it’s difficult to get control of them and save your much-admired home foundation.

Well, this is not to scare you but to help you take right action in time. Your home is your sanctuary and to have pests lurking around and creating havoc can be nightmarish. To ensure you don’t go through this, set your foundation right.  Choose termite-resistant material for your home structures.

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While there some really good options available in the market, fibre cement sheets have emerged as excellent choice. Presence of cement bonding in these sheets deters termites from making their way into the structural framework, thereby protecting it against their onslaught. Available in wide range of finishes, textures and densities, they are apt for all kinds of constructions and are as good as any termite proof plywood.

Using termite-resistant fibre cement offers you more benefits than you can think!

  • Endless Choices and easy workability:

    Your home interiors, be it your furniture, doors & windows, drywall partition etc defines your style statement. What can be better than choosing a material that offers you the flexibility and options to work with different styles and patterns without bothering about warping, rotting and termites? With fibre cement you enjoy this luxury. You can create modern and traditional looking architectures/furniture with classy wooden appeal without losing your peace of mind. Available in a range of styles, colors, and patterns, it’s easy to craft structures that complement the unique style of your house and match your exclusive taste.

  • Creates assets that you can enjoy for years:

    Fibre cement furniture typically outperforms and outlasts competitors due to its robustness. Its composition makes it suitable for various conditions; be it cold, heat, wind, insects, fire, and rain, fibre cement can withstand all. With resilience towards rotting, decaying, and corroding, fibre cement is surely the best choice for strong and long lasting structures.


  • Sets you free from maintenance hassles:

Nobody likes to spend extra time and money when it is not required. Fibre cement termite-resistant furniture keeps you free from the need of regular maintenance. Unlike wood, fibre cement material does not require regular treatment or repainting. What’s more, the finishing doesn’t crack or peel prematurely and there are no signs of deterioration because of termites.

  • Suitable for home exteriors too:

    When it comes to home exteriors, pests & insects are not the only dangers you need to worry about. Decaying and warping due to exposure to moisture and heat are also matters of concern. Be it garden furniture or exterior wall cladding, fibre cement with its moisture-resistant and thermal properties can keep your exterior décor protected and ensure it continues to add value to your home for long.


To prevent your highly valued home interiors/exterior from crumbling down due to attacks by tiny, pesky insects, place your bet on the best product. Opt for Ecopro termite-resistant fibre cement range and create perfect assets for your home that look great and last for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and get the best ideas on how to build termite-free structures for your haven!

Key Facts about Pre-fabricated Homes and Why you should Consider it!

Most of us in some point of time have opted for ready-to-assemble furniture. So, how does it work?

When you get knock-down furniture delivered to your house; you are provided with separate components and instructions on how to assemble them. With some tools, screws, and nuts, you can assemble all parts and build up the desired piece. Its lot easy and fun to get it done! Isn’t it?

Cut to pre-fabricated homes.

Similar construction tenet is used here. Closely associated with offsite and modular construction, prefabrication has been a buzzworthy trend in construction industry. There are different types of pre-fabricated materials used to build homes and offices. Prominent ones include weather resistant and termite –proof boards.

To gain ground in smart home market, some big brands too have jumped into the bandwagon of pre-fabrication. The coming up of major players in pre-fabrication points toward a future in which reasonable and easy solutions for living spaces, commercial buildings and office buildings will be abound.

How prefabrication works?

Prefabrication is a strategy or practice of using a variety of structural components that are made off-site in a factory and transported & put together on-site to create a structure.

Because different parts are duplicated so often, it’s easier and more cost-effective to manufacture plenty of them at once, rather than build them as needed on-site. Moreover, since they are manufactured at specifically designed facilities and are transported in bulk, economies of scale yield benefits that finally trickle down to the builders and owners of the property.

In today’s competitive age, time too plays an important role. It’s no secret that buyers and builders both stress on timely delivery. With pre-fabricated materials, both parties tend to gain on this aspect too. For builders, this means faster completion of projects and for buyers, it means faster investment in property and in case of renting – faster ROI.

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Prefabrication – Gaining traction for Reasons

There are several good reasons for the growing popularity of pre-fabricated construction. Let’s explore some of them.

  • Prefab homes can be custom made:

    If you thought resorting to prefabricated route meant sticking with a limited range of choices, you are mistaken. Depending on the firm, you can have much of the same control over design choices that you would get in a custom stick build. For instance, EcoPro offers a wide range of top-quality pre-fabricated building sheets that are perfect for creating a customized home as per your requirements. Be it exterior cladding or false ceiling for hall, with EcoPro you can transform your dream home plan into reality!

  • A prefab home makes decision-making less stressful

    . When it comes to traditional brick and mortar style of construction, homeowners can be overwhelmed by the availability of larger choice sets. Alternatively, prefab helps limit choices and guides you to make a more precise and confident decision. Anyone who’s lived through custom build can testify to the fact that the number of decisions required to make it only adds up to the confusions and regrets.

Prefabricated Homes | Ecopro

  • Prefab saves time:

    Prefab construction takes about half the time of a traditionally built home. Since prefabricated homes are partially assembled in a factory offsite, preparatory works like laying a foundation can go on simultaneously, thereby shaving a good deal of time off the schedule.

  • Offers benefits of predictable cost and schedule:

    As most parts of the prefab home is built in the factory, all the decisions are taken prior to the construction process. This allows the factory to provide a fixed bid and prevents the project from scope-cost creep which is quite common with traditionally built homes. 

Obstructions caused due to weather impacts and whims & fancies of the subcontractor can be curtailed considerably. Pre-fab constructions built in a controlled environment and with predictable labor force builds ground for predictable end date. Now that’s a big relief!



Besides all these, the point that’s worth mentioning is its impact on environment. Prefabricated homes emerge as an excellent environmentally friendly option. Prefabricated-home factories create far less waste than the typical construction site. They are often able to reuse extra materials in future projects. Some prefab design-build firms even go a step further by using recycled and renewable materials.

Why investing in prefab EcoPro panels is a wise decision?

Since Fibre cement boards can get 15-20% more expensive than the traditional ones, you might think about its cost-effectiveness. Practically when given a proper look to the overall spending and the final result you will realize the real worth. Using ready-made panels streamlines the construction process. It also eliminates the labor costs involved in auxiliary activities as well as helps you take charge of your property within the stipulated time frame.

EcoPro offers you flexibility in terms of expansion and modifications with independent blocks that can be added or removed. Offices, residential and commercial buildings have been using EcoPro Fibre cement wall panels. They are also used for building False ceiling, Partition wallMezzanine flooring, Cladding etc. Contact us today for more information!

Using fibre cement board as termite proof plywood

Fibre Cement Boards – The Ideal Termite-Resistant Material for your Perfect Home

When it comes to choosing the right material for your home, be it the exterior or interior, you can never be 100% sure. Terms like plywood, gypsum, fibre cement board, WPC and other emerging building materials only add to the confusion.

As a homemaker when you plan to make structural additions to your house there are some important factors about the building material that you cannot afford to overlook. This includes durability, stability, aesthetical appeal, resistance to rotting & termites and more.

Termite infestation is one of the major issues that can hardly be ignored.  Wooden-based materials with cellulose are prone to termite attacks. Termites act as silent destroyers that are capable enough to destroy your home foundation –doors, windows, wardrobes and more. In order to prevent termites from invading your homes, you have to take precautionary measures and may even have to shell out money on termite treatment plans to ensure pest-free home.

The other option is simpler; switch to fibre cement boards. The presence of cement bonding in these boards deters the termites from making their way into the structural framework and hence is as good as any termite proof plywood for your home constructions.

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Applications Areas of Fibre Cement Boards

Being durable, highly workable and aesthetically pleasing, fibre cement boards are the preferred choice of modern architects and interior designers. Offering increased style choices, the product can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Whether you want to create a classy wood-like look or explore contemporary appeal, fibre cement sheets can be used to craft varied types of attractive and resilient structures.

Your home furniture accentuates your home ambience and defines your style statement. What can be better than going for a material that offers you the flexibility and option to experiment with different styles and patterns without bothering about warping, rotting and termites? Well, fibre cement boards give you the luxury to create that magic. Be it your wardrobe, tables, chairs, bed, wall panels etc, with fibre cement you not only earn compliments from your guests but also peace of mind. Structures carved out from these boards are highly durable, free from termite attacks and low on maintenance.

Kitchen is often called as Heart of Your Home. So, when it comes to the kitchen, you definitely want to be more cautious and cannot yield to compromises.  Be it kitchen cabinets or kitchen tile flooring, fibre cement is the most viable material.  Resistant to termites and water & mould damage, the material helps you to enjoy your kitchen and every activity out there without worrying about pesky issues. Moreover, since it is a non-combustible material, it serves as the safest choice for kitchen constructions.

Application of fibre cement is not just limited to your interiors; it is equally good when relied for outdoor structures like fencing, garden furniture etc. Besides being susceptible to pests & insects, outdoor items are also prone to easy decay and warping due to exposure to moisture and heat. Fibre cement with its moisture-resistant and thermal properties ensures that your exterior décor continues to add value to your home for long with minimal maintenance.

So, be it your false ceiling for hall, bedroom furniture, kitchen constructions or outdoor structures, fibre cement is the perfect sustainable material for creating robust, pest-free and appealing furniture that does not degenerate and disintegrate easily.

If you are still seeking a solution to your home interior and exterior constructions, you don’t have to ponder much. EcoPro is one of the leading brands in India that can offer you the premium quality fibre cement sheets that will meet all your construction needs. Our range is known for its superior features like durability, anti-rotting & warping properties, moisture and termite resistance and more.

We understand your passion to create the best and would love to partner with you in this journey.  Whether looking for a suitable furniture, roofing, ceiling or mezzanine flooring material, you can get it all at EcoPro. All you need to do is get in touch with us for a fulfilling experience.