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Drywall Partition System Framing and Installation

What is Drywall Partition and its uses?

Drywall partition wall also known as a “partition wall” is an interior wall constructed using fibre cement boards to divide a large space into separate rooms, areas or compartments within a building.  These walls are commonly used in both permanent construction (House, Building) and temporary construction (Warehouse, industrial, Modular house, Prefab House / Hospitals etc)

Accessories required


Framing for Drywall Partition

  • Light gauge metal framework, which is the backbone of the wall and imparts it strength. The framework primarily consists of top and bottom U tracks and a vertical C stud, placed at a maximum of 610mm c/c
  • Fix the ‘U’ profiles as horizontal runners onto vertical studs at sill/lintel level, around other openings shown as per architectural drawings. In case the partition’s height is more than 2400 mm, fix the ‘U’ profile as a horizontal runner onto the vertical studs @ 1200 mm c/c. Extra studs to be provided where the 600 mm spacing is disturbed

Rockwool Insulation

  • Upon completion of framing work. Install rock wool with 50mm thick, cut in accordance with the allowable space of each vertical and horizontal frames. Seal gaps or joints between insulation pieces with Rockwool’s recommended sealing tape or another appropriate sealant. This helps maintain the integrity of the insulation barrier.


Fix EcoPro Board on Structure

  • Fix the ECOPRO on both sides of the studs and channel section with 25 mm self-embedding type ECOPRO Board fibre cement screws in a staggered fashion For thermal and acoustic insulation, fill the infill space with the thermal/acoustic insulation material preferably in chicken wire mesh of approved thickness and density.
  • For final finishing, EcoPro Board can be painted, polished or laminated


    Screwing Process

  • Screws should be placed at no more than 300 mm c/c spacing and not less than 15 mm from the edges and 50mm from the corners.
  • Installation of the screws should be done in a spiral manner. You apply the centre screw first and then continue in a spiral manner. If you are using a smaller board where there is no center screw you should start with a screw near the middle of the sheet. You must pre-drill holes in the material before attaching the screws.
  • Do not overtight the screw, over tightening screws will restrict the movement of the panels, which will crack the panels.
  • The head of the screws should not penetrate the panel. This will cause damage


  • Screws should be placed at no more than 300 mm c/c spacing and not less than 15 mm from the edges and 50mm from the corners.
  • Installation of the screws should be done in a spiral manner. You apply the centre screw first and then continue in a spiral manner. If you are using a smaller board where there is no center screw you should start with a screw near the middle of the sheet. You must pre-drill holes in the material before attaching the screws.
  • Do not overtight the screw, over tightening screws will restrict the movement of the panels, which will crack the panels.
  • The head of the screws should not penetrate the panel. This will cause damage


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EcoPro Partition Wall

Customize Your Modular Home with EcoPro Partition Wall

Anyone who’s gone through the home building process understands the hassles of creating one. Cost overruns, delayed constructions, and annoying contractors often become an inevitable part of a dream home project. But with the concept of modular homes, things can be a lot better. A home built of pre-fabricated materials minimizes cost and time investment and also rules out the scope of errors. What’s more, it is also the go-green option that does not add to the environmental hazards.

The major concern that you as a homeowner must ensure is opting for the right material. Be it your exterior wall cladding or home interior decor, EcoPro's range of fibre cement boards is the perfect choice for all your modular home constructions. A leading brand, EcoPro offers top-grade fibre cement boards+ in a variety of textures and designs that form an integral component of today’s contemporary homes.

Be it EcoPro fused boards, EcoPro screen (CNC) boards, EcoPro digitally printed boards, or EcoPro Dura Tuff boards (HSB), each variety is primed to create beautiful and durable structures that you can enjoy for years to come. EcoPro is certainly true value for your money!

Glam up your modular home with EcoPro partition wall ideas!

Partition walls are a great way to create extra private space without investing in elaborate construction work. With a creative partition layout and EcoPro fibre cement boards, adorning your interiors is no tough job. The Fibre cement boards are lightweight and resistant to moisture, fire, and termite. Additionally, these are sound absorbing panels that improve the acoustic of your home space.


partition wall

Explore a world of options with EcoPro boards.

  • Create the upscale wooden look: Bring the warm look of wooden partition to demarcate your room space with style. Choose EcoPro planks available in Walnut, Dark chocolate, and Red oak stained finishes and add sophistication to your wall partition plan.
  • Lattice patterns are timeless: It’s simply not easy to ignore the charm of a lattice wall partition. The best part is that it gives you the opportunity to squeeze out extra space without giving the feel of a solid barrier. With EcoPro’s fine lattice pattern you can keep the partition look graceful and chic.
  • Optimize your partition with a multi-purpose divider: Functional dividers give you more options to explore. Use the EcoPro range to create partitions with a bookshelf or a storage unit. When planned and executed rightly, these dividers serve as excellent additions for compact homes as well as large homes.
  • Accentuate your room décor with a display cum divider: Add a fancy touch to your room partition wall by incorporating a decor element to it. Want to know how? You can plan a sleek partition featuring open display shelves where you can put your photo frames or flaunt your memorabilia.

false ceiling for hall

If you’re planning for a modular home with one-of-a-kind interiors, then EcoPro is the right brand to partner with. The company offers you the opportunity to create classy and smart structures that are high on functionality and visual appeal.

With EcoPro you don’t need to go anywhere. All your construction needs can be taken care of with our premium quality range. Whether you want to create partition walls or false ceiling for hall, kitchen cabinets, or wardrobes EcoPro is the one-stop destination for all.

So, don’t waste your time. Connect with us today. We’ll guide you on your journey to become the proud owner of a beautiful home without losing your peace of mind!

drywall partition

Know Why Drywall is the Choice of Smart Homeowners!

When remodeling a home or building a new structure entirely you need to make many important decisions and one such decision relates to designing of walling system.

Be it interior or exterior, walls when planned judiciously can immensely enhance the value of your useable space.

Drywall is one of the most sought-after additions that homeowners and builders today are contemplating over. A convenient option, drywall partition is the next-generation, environment-friendly solution that offers a speedy, durable, and economical substitute for a traditional wall system.

Is drywall a better alternative than traditional plaster walls?

The following content will make it clear as to why drywall is gaining all the limelight in the construction industry:

Drywall is an environmentally-friendly option:

It does not require water for curing and is made of recycled components that can be put to use again. This contributes to the conservation of groundwater and energy. Alternatively, Gypsum Plasterboard is also recyclable but consumes considerable energy that results in polluting land and water.

Ensures quick installation:

The modular drywall systems are available in pre-fabricated options that make installation really fast as compared to the regular mason work.

Give plenty of choices:

  • With drywall, you get the chance to experiment with varied appealing looks. You can choose to use different decorative materials like paint, wallpaper, veneers, and laminates to give the desired finish to your partition wall or ceiling.

More accommodating:

  • Drywall is easy to dismantle, cut, and modify as per one's requirements. Its predictable sizing and customization features give designers and builders the freedom to plan their construction projects with precision.

Good acoustic performance:

  • Drywall built with high-performance boards can improve the acoustics and insulation of your home. Premium quality Fibre cement sheets serve as excellent options for drywall construction as these are made resistant to fire, heat, noise, moisture, and even termites.


  • Drywall is a cost-effective option that demands lesser installation cost than plaster walls or ceilings.

Fibre cement – the trendy drywall option

Whether you want to create a drywall partition or add an extra layer to your ceiling, choosing the right material is of utmost importance. This will define the stability and look and feel of your interiors. While there are multiple choices available in the market, the material that has emerged as the most reliable option is Fibre cement. Available in different lengths, sizes, and finishes, Fibre cement boards give you endless ways to define your home space.

Made of reinforced Fibre, cement, and quartz sand, Fibre cement sheets are being highly preferred for a range of architectural applications. Be it the false ceiling for hall or roofing and cladding, Fibre cement is the ultimate choice for those who settle only for the best.

Go green, Go for EcoPro!

If quality and sustainability are your priorities, then EcoPro should be your choice. Awarded with GreenPro Certification, the EcoPro range of products successfully meets all the environmental safety parameters right from the stage of production to the disposal.

If you are wondering which areas could benefit from drywall or are confused over the choice of finishes or styles, you don’t need to worry anymore. Connect with EcoPro – one of the most trusted manufacturers of all-purpose Fibre cement boards and be assured of value return. Our premium quality panels and sheets will offer you ample choices to customize your drywall options and increase the functionality of your space.

Contact us today and uncover ways to broaden your architectural horizons!

exterior wall cladding

Control Pest Damage Risks with Fibre Cement Sidings

Your home is the haven that gives you joy and a sense of peace. Unfortunately, one factor that can ruin the idea of your perfect home and is often ignored is pest infestation. Sharing your home with pesky creatures can be really annoying. Although small in size they can cause irreparable damage to your home, apart from creating unhygienic conditions.

Siding, the exterior wall cladding of your home can turn out to be the soft target for these unpleasant invaders. When you hear that scratching noise or notice the gnawing marks on your walls, you know the infestation threats are not far away.

Once the undesirable guests make their way to your sidings, it's difficult to get rid of them without any stress. Whether it is complete infestation treatment or repair works, it’s a burden that can be avoided in the first place.

Setting the foundation right is the most practical solution that you must ponder over. Want to know how?

Using premium quality Fibre cement sheets for your sidings can help you keep your home safe from destruction caused by ants, termites, birds, mice, and more.

Add value to your sidings with the Fibre cement range!

Many residential builders and homeowners today prefer Fibre cement for their home structures including drywall partition, attics, and exterior wall claddings. And, this is for a good reason!

From moisture prevention to infestation resistance, Fibre cement offers plenty of benefits. Investing in Fibre cement sidings paves the way for a stronger and long-lasting structure.

The very composition ensures termites, carpenter ants, and other critters fail to invade the durable cladding. The presence of fly ash and cellulose composite in these boards deters the termites and other pests from entering the structural framework. Replete with useful features, Fibre cement results in structures that offer you peace of mind like no other material.

Besides offering resilience to pest damage, Fibre cement panels are also favourable material due to the following reasons:

  • Fibre cement successfully meets the constantly changing building and safety codes for weather and fire protection. Places experiencing severe weather conditions or coastal areas vulnerable to hurricanes opt for this material for safer structures.
  • Fibre cement panels that come with additional protection in the form of rainscreen are quite effective in keeping out moisture and vaporization, which often lead to rotting and attracting pests.
  • Finally, owing to the presence of fly ash in its composition, Fibre cement structures are classified as green products that serve as a sustainable solution, contributing to the protection of natural resources and reducing carbon footprint.

The best thing about Fibre cement is that it's available in a broad range of textures and styles. Fibre cement can be designed to replicate the looks of other materials too— like stucco, wood, stone, and others. What’s more, they are sound-absorbing panels that can also be painted in a variety of vibrant colors to complement your home’s décor and enhance the curbside appeal.

If you’re planning for a siding that’s durable, aesthetically appealing, and free from infestation threats, then Fibre cement is the ideal solution for you.

With Fibre cement siding you get to enjoy a beautiful exterior cladding without any hassles of maintenance or repairs weighing you down!

Office Interior Design Trends that are here to Stay

How should your office look like? Well, designing an office space demands paying attention to multiple aspects including brand identity, creativity, functionality, uniqueness and more. If you look at some of the hi-tech companies or big brands you will notice how they have been employing interesting and innovative office designs from time to time.

Just like fashion world, office interior design trends too change, paving the way for a more dynamic and productive work environ. Here is a list of some of the happening office design trends in 2021 that are drawing attention across industries:

Experience-driven ambiance:

The one trend has been gaining traction among the working professionals is the user-centric approach in the workplace. Most reputed brands today feel the need to create an experience-driven work ambiance that boosts the overall well-being of people at work. Juxtaposing leisure facilities with working environments is the smart initiative aimed at helping employees to feel good and stay focused so that they can give their best.

Sleek TVs hanging on the walls, game zones with pool tables, sofas to relax after desk work, swimming pools,  gyms  and more are some of the additions at the workplace that are proving to be highly rewarding. Furthermore, installing open plan design with portable partition wall and opting for user-friendly furniture are turning mundane work place into a more vibrant and lively space that one can look forward to.

Office Interiors with Ambience-driven experience | Ecopro

Introducing Biophilic elements:

Biophilic design refers to the practice of bringing elements of nature indoors. The interaction of humans with nature is known to act as mood enhancers that work as catalyst for office workers. As the workplace designs and layouts are evolving, greater emphasis is being laid on embracing natural elements in the office space that can reduce stress and set up positive vibes. Placing indoor plants at corners, allowing natural light to flow in, incorporating natural products like wood and stone wherever possible, adopting natural themes for walls, ceilings and windows etc are instrumental in creating a relaxing and inviting work ambiance.

Office Interiors with Biophilic Elements | Ecopro

Merging traditional style with modern designs:

Fusion has always managed to hog the limelight. The latest trend that is doing the rounds is blending of contemporary design with vintage styling. Showpieces, interior decor and even architecture are some of the components that are being experimented with. Mix and match of different modern and historic aspects are being used to create a design statement that’s cost effective and functional. For instance, refurbishing old wooden furniture into an antique storage piece to grace your office corner can be eye-catchy and also useful.

Color Blocking Technique:

An in-thing in fashion industry, the technique is now making its way to office space designing. Color-blocking combines different solid colors which are nowhere near on the color wheel. This results in combinations that are appealing and stunningly gorgeous. Imagine blue drywall partition clashing with yellow curtains or bright pink walls popping against greens. Kick started in modern offices spaces in 2019, the bold color blocking style is highly preferred by companies in the creative space to give distinct look to each work area.

Office Interiors with color blocking technique | Ecopro

If you have any plans of revamping your office décor and seeking better ideas, get in touch with the Ecopro. We’ll help you build just the right look for your office!

Partition Wall Ideas for Homes & Offices

Its New Year time and refashioning your interiors could be real fun. Whether it’s your home or office, a partition wall can be a great addition to your room. With right material and creative partition layout, you can squeeze out extra space and have a more organized setting. So, get rid of your old partition wall and glam up your space with these ideas:

  • CNC cut panels:

    These are excellent customization options for creating a visual division in a large open space. Using desired patterns with acrylic, fibre cement board, MDF and particle board, you can zone your exiting space beautifully with the much needed visual connect.

  • Shutter partition:

    Having been used for over decades, the shutter partitions are great way to hide clutter and create a streamlined space. With more choices in materials and designs, you can explore vintage look or settle with something more contemporary. They have an edge over other room dividers due their flexibility which enables the user to alter the extent of partition as per requirement.

  • Timber partitions:

    Timber partitions gel well with a minimalistic interior set up. You can put them up for your office cubicles or use them to camouflage stairwell or design circulation corridors. Whichever way you use, they can add to the classy edge of the décor.

  • Glass partition:

    This is one of the well-known partition options that allows you to experiment with its trendy variants like glass tiles and textured glass. Available in appealing patterns and colors, the glass dividers offer sense of transparency with reasonable privacy and sound insulation.

  • String partitions:

    For those who want to try something unique yet captivating can opt for string partitions. It is one of the most innovative and cost effective partition alternatives that perfectly go with the earthy interior themes. The best part is that you can fabricate a division illusion while sticking to the visual clarity.

  • Storage partition walls:

    Wall dividers with cubbyholes for storage and display can act as your organizer. You can position your shelves flat against the wall as a bookcase or use them vertically as a storage unit. With this type of partition you get to maximize your storage space and optimize your available room space.

Above mentioned pointers are just few picks from the pool of ideas. There are many other wall partition inspirations that can be used to bring in desirable transformation to your existing décor. Steel frames, bamboos, drywall partition, natural wood, fibre cement boards, planters etc too can be manipulated for designing elegant wall dividers.

What are the characteristics of a good partition wall?

  • Thin in cross-section to ensure maximum floor area can be utilized
  • Provide adequate privacy in segregated spaces, both in respect to sight and sound
  • Primed from light, durable, and insulated materials
  • Should have a simple installation
  • Good resistance against fire, heat, moisture, termite infestations, etc
  • Robust enough to take the vibrations caused due to loads
  • Strong enough to support sanitary fittings & heavy fixtures

Contact Us

EcoPro fibre cement boards perfectly fit the above stated requirements. A top-rated construction material, EcoPro range is a practical solution for crafting strong and resilient room dividers.

To know more about our products and discover wall divider ideas, contact us today! We’ll ensure you get the best deal.

Fibre Cement Drywall Partition

Areas Where Moisture & Mold-Resistant Fibre Cement Drywall can be Effective

Be it the tiny black blotches on your shower curtain or the fuzzy white patches on your basement wall, molds are pesky issues that are hard to ignore.

Drywall, an integral part of several homes is often prone to mold attacks, especially in areas that are exposed to water. Molds thrive on moisture and organic food source. So, if you have a regular drywall that is not water-resistant, then you will eventually experience unpleasant and unhygienic mold growth. To keep things under control, it’s better to opt for moisture-resistant wall boards or drywall partition.

Modern mold-resistant drywalls, also marketed as moisture-resistant wall boards are crafted to withstand moisture that hinders fungal growth. Materials like fibre cement boards are proving to be smart solutions for damp areas. However, no product can guarantee 100% immunity to mold; it can only offer better resistance over others.

Areas where moisture-resistant drywall is most suitable

Some areas of your home where moisture levels tend to be high, splotches of mold grow easily on the walls. While mold can show up anywhere along a drywall, it’s often found high up near the ceiling, at the floor corners, or even along edges of trim or baseboards.

Enlisted below are some of the areas where this annoying and potentially harmful problem is most common:

  • Bathrooms: When you take hot shower, the vapor in the enclosed space condenses and forms moisture. This moisture slowly seeps into the porous walls of your bathroom walls and spreads to other parts of your home. If right measures like using exhaust fan, drying up the wet floors, maintaining moisture-resistant drywall etc, are not taken, moist walls can become conducive for mold growth.
  • Kitchens or laundry rooms: kitchen and laundry rooms are other areas at your home that have greater risks of mold popping up. When washing utensils in the sink, the wet areas near the wall, if not taken care of, can become the breeding ground for molds. Water-resistant drywall used as backer tile can give protection against the wet surfaces. But, again, it’s not completely water proof, some amount of maintenance and even replacement may be required over time.
  • Basements: With no direct sunlight and proper ventilation, basements require special attention. The walls are usually damp and have possibilities of moisture building up faster. Hence, it’s important to go with moisture-resistant drywall options to save your space from turning into hotspots for moulds.

Keep in mind; mold can grow anywhere, on any surface, so tackle any spills or moisture build-up immediately. Allowing moisture to sit is a surefire way to invite mold growth.

Addressing the persisting issue of molds, several wall & ceiling panel manufacturers are rolling out new products that are water-resistant & inhibit the growth of mold on the surface of the panels. But, as with any new product, it’s always wise to read the technical literature produced by the manufacturer. Infact, to be on the safer side, choose an established company that enjoys better credibility and has a proven track record.

EcoPro is a known brand, offering sustainable building materials that do not disintegrate easily. Our fibre cement boards with their anti-rotting and moisture-resistant features ensure durable drywall solutions that you can trust for your homes.

If still confused about drywall options for mold-prevention, call us today and we’ll help you resolve your doubts!

Fibre Cement Boards

Why Fibre Cement Boards are a Feasible Option for Constructions

Right material is the foundation of a strong structure that can make a lot of difference.  Fibre cement is being viewed as a powerful contender to other traditional construction materials. Delivering the best of both worlds i.e. durability and a great look, fibre cement is now a popular choice for different types of constructions.  Whether it’s your false ceiling for hall, wall partitions, or exterior claddings, the material seems to be an equally promising proposition in all cases.

Let’s skim through some of the highlights of this construction material that is winning the hearts of the architects and property owners:

1. High resistance to damage and impacts: Fibre cement boards are designed to withstand harmful impacts like exposure to intense sunlight, strong winds, moisture, etc. This makes it an ideal option for building exteriors that often face harsh and changing weather conditions. Moreover, its fire-resistance and anti-termite properties make it a strong and safe construction material. In fact, it won’t be incorrect to say that it serves as a good replacement for termite proof plywood.

2. Long life: One major concern that no owner can rule out is the life of their property. A lot goes into building a structure and hence, their concern is pretty justified. When you test fibre cement against the durability parameter, it never disappoints you.  Its unique composition ensures no cracking, warping or swelling, thereby enhancing the overall dimensional stability of the structure. No wonder, the high-performance false ceiling boards are being extensively used for roofing, siding, and facades.

3. Easy to Install: Installing fibre cement board is easy. They are lightweight and easier to handle, reducing the risks of injury. It provides for a clean, safe, and simple installation process. What more, they are less brittle so making clean cuts for perfectly aligned edges and acquiring a firm fit is practicable. If you are planning for a drywall partition for your home or wall cladding for your building, you can completely trust fibre cement.

4. Low-maintenance: As for the maintenance part, especially when compared to its counterparts like wood boards or shakes, fibre cement falls under the low-maintenance category. Less prone to cracking ad breaking, it can survive longer without causing you much trouble. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely maintenance-free; you certainly need to take care of it as and when required. So, whether you are using it as a mezzanine flooring material or roofing material, you can certainly count on fibre cement for a hassle-free experience.

5. Eco-Friendly:  Containing minimal toxicity and low volatile organic compounds combined with less dust production during its making, fibre cement boards are safer and healthier to work with and use. Energy-efficient and durable, this material is no wonder the choice of today’s architects.

If you are looking forward to creating an outstanding structure, investing in the right material must be your priority. Ecopro offers a wide range of Fibre cement boards that can help you attain your dream work.

You can confidently use Ecopro fibre cement sheets for building beautiful and formidable structures that you will cherish for years. If you have any queries or need support feel free to contact our experts.