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Exploring All About Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels

In today’s hectic lifestyle, a peaceful home is a luxury that one craves for.  A home that easily picks up surrounding noises can interfere with your relaxed moments. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce noise levels or enhance the acoustics in home with innovative walls and sound absorbing panels. Acoustic boards or sound absorbing panels that absorb sound energy rather than reflecting it are most suitable for this purpose.  The best part is that they look as classy as they sound useful.

In this blog we’ll learn all about acoustic solutions and how sound absorbing acoustic panels can help you keep distractive noises at bay.

Knowing about your room acoustics

The more flat, continuous and imperforated surfaces in a space, more are the chances of sound reverberation, creating noises. Now, this can be can be manipulated through incorporating right materials and designs within your interiors. Some of the key methods to keep sound and echoes at its minimum are as follows:

  • Reduce opportunities for reverberation by keeping lower ceilings and smaller rooms.
  • Install sound soakers wherever possible like use furnishings, thicker carpet and acoustic panels.
  • Incorporate noise distracters like playing ambient noise/soothing music in the background.

What are sound absorbing acoustic panels and how do they work?

Acoustic panels are composed of sound-absorbing materials that are incredibly effective in combating noise pollution. When sound waves pass through an acoustic board, much of it absorbed by the material, reducing the intensity of sound and subsequently, creating a peaceful setting.

Sound released into an environment travels until it meets resistance. To reduce the unwanted noise, the sound waves must be interrupted or stopped before they reach our ears. Acoustic panels are designed to absorb this sound energy effectively.

While in general, soft, and porous materials such as fabrics serve as good sound absorbers, professional-grade acoustic panels available in the market are excellent solutions as they blend seamlessly with your existing décor and help to deaden the unwanted noises.

How are sound absorbing acoustic panels used?

Acoustic panels come in a variety of materials that curb noise levels and excessive reverberation. This includes coarse wood-fibre grains, polymers and more. The Ecopro fibre cement acoustic boards are one of the highly popular choices for creating noise-free settings. You can explore different ways to install the high-grade panels to build a quieter space.

  • On walls
    Introducing perforated or textile-covered acoustic panels on walls can help dampen the noise level in a room. Fibre cement acoustic panels too can make a statement by adding color and detail to the area, while absorbing unnecessary sound so that conversations can happen more naturally.
  • On the ceiling
    Timber battens or perforated panels on the ceilings can contribute significantly towards improving acoustics in a room. Installing acoustic boards in false ceiling for hall or other rooms can serve as a smart technique to eliminate distractive noises and add visual dimension to the space.
  • Along Stairways
    Staircase can be the source of additional noise in your home.  Opting for acoustic paneling in stairways can counter the sound energy being dissipated from irregular surfaces. Use elegant acoustic panels as a backdrop to give warmth and color to the stairways space.

Remember, acoustic panels can be playful & multi functional. Choose the top-rated Ecopro acoustic panels for best results. You can use them creatively and make them part of your interior rather than hiding them. For more inspiration and ideas contact us today!