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Fiber Cement Boards are one such miraculous invention created for the construction business. FCBs, which are designed for all building applications, is quickly altering the face of construction.

Why FCBs are better than conventional construction bricks?

When we say modern and roomy it feels like a to-do list for constructing a new house. However, it’s possible to overlook a crucial component that really makes a difference: building materials. Brick-on-brick construction, reinforcing with wet cement, and waiting days for a wall to be completed are things of the past. Over time, ideas compete for techniques that reduce human effort. 

Fiber Cement Boards are one such miraculous invention created for the construction business. FCBs, which are designed for all building applications, is quickly altering the face of construction. 

Why are they the best option though?

Efficient and stunning

Fibre Cement Boards are becoming more and more well-liked due to their effective construction technique. It speeds up construction by five times, reducing labor costs, time, and overall project costs. Additionally accessible in lovely patterns and grades for uses like false ceilings, mezzanine floors, partitions, external cladding, and wall paneling, Fiber cement boards replace drywall and plastering like no other.

Higher stability and strength

It is made from a special combination of silica, cement, and cellulose fiber, offering the building industry a crucial advantage: flexibility. You might wonder why flexibility is important. The answer is that your building is subject to shock and fracture because it lacks flexibility. 

The distinctive composition of FCBs not only makes your building less susceptible to damage from the outside, but the inclusion of cellulose fiber also strengthens it to last longer. This characteristic further strengthens the argument that FCBs are superior to brick walls, gypsum, plywood, and environmentally harmful wood alternatives.

All-season remedy

Every building is exposed to nature’s three most destructive elements: wind, water, and fire. Extreme weather changes might eventually cause greater damage even if they initially benefit your building. 

Fiber cement boards are resistant to all kinds of weather damage. They are produced utilizing the Hatschek method and Exceptional-Pressure Steam Curing (HPSC) technology, and it provides high stability and strength throughout the year. 

In contrast to the poor moisture compatibility of plywood and gypsum, the fiber cement board’s composition resists moisture deterioration and mildew. So what about those persistent problems with moss and moisture-induced disintegration? With fiber cement board, that won’t take place.

The distinctive composition of FCBs not only makes your building less susceptible to damage from the outside, but the inclusion of cellulose fiber also strengthens it to last longer. This characteristic further strengthens the argument that FCBs are superior to brick walls, gypsum, plywood, and environmentally harmful wood alternatives.

Protection against critters

Many people think that tropical countries always have pest problems. Additionally, because termite infestations never completely go away, seeing termites nibbling away at cupboards in the kitchen may be a real nightmare. The use of silica in fiber cement board is certified to repel insects, and create a safe area for you and not for the termites. The product is also ideal for all indoor and outdoor uses.


Fiber cement board keeps interiors 3-5° C colder than the outside temperature because it is a natural thermal insulator. For homes, businesses, and industrial facilities, using these boards as outside cladding is a much more effective way to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the summer. Additionally, it is approved as being fire-resistant and capable of containing flames for at least 2.5 hours.

Provides Quieter, and Cooler environments

Fiber cement board panels are developed for non-load-bearing wall partition applications with sound-absorbent capabilities, making them perfect for quiet living and noise-free workplaces. They are sound resistant and soak in sound like a sponge takes in water. 

Assured durability

FCBs have a much longer lifespan than plywood, gypsum, or wood, remaining intact for future generations and having a lifespan of more than 50 years. Its molecular structure resembles a mesh and offers just enough flexibility to withstand the test of time. They retain a firmer surface to work with than gypsum boards because they are less permeable.

The distinctive attribute of these boards is that it guarantees flawless installation.

Provides Quieter, and Cooler environments

Fiber cement board panels are developed for non-load-bearing wall partition applications with sound-absorbent capabilities, making them perfect for quiet living and noise-free workplaces. They are sound resistant and soak in sound like a sponge takes in water. 

Environment friendly

Competitive materials are not as sustainable as fiber cement boards. It is constructed of less damaging organic components for the environment. 

By purchasing a fiber cement product that covers 1500 square feet, you directly prevent the cutting down of 6 trees for construction purposes. 

They conserve a tremendous amount of natural resources like soil and water used in conventional construction methods and are simple to install and relocate. They are also less likely to wind up in landfills.

While on the other hand, using bricks have drawbacks too 

  1. Construction is time-consuming.
  2. Not applicable in high seismic zones.
  3. Bricks readily absorb water, so when they aren’t exposed to air it causes fluorescence.
  4. Little to No Tensile Strength.
  5. If bricks’ rough surfaces aren’t cleaned correctly, it may result to mold development
  6. Brick surfaces require a lot of work to clean.
  7. When a low-quality brick is exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, its color changes.

EcoPro fiber cement boards have all the certifications you need to make the best decision. To install one, always look for EcoPro-certified personnel. Get the best quote and contact us for more details. 

Why is fiber cement siding the best choice?

Long-term thinking while constructing your building is a must as it prevents you from unnecessary expenses and saves a considerable amount of time in doing amendments to the overall architecture. That being said, siding works as a commendable option to maintain your house’s good health and stability. It provides aesthetic appeal and functions as a safety net for the building, preventing the exterior surface from various harsh weather conditions, pests, and dust. While investing in an imperative task such as this, choosing a good siding material matters the most. Fiber cement boards stand out as one of the best options in that case and this blog will explain why.

Cost-efficiency and low maintenance

Fiber cement siding is very affordable and has a larger life span that can go on for decades. It is available in the wood grain so it gives a classy touch just like that of a wood siding but with the least effort of putting so much money into its maintenance. Apart from homeowners, this is also beneficial for builders and contractors who are sourcing materials, doing the auction and installing the product. It is a dimensionally stable product. This means the material is consistent in its shape even when it is exposed to any kind of cleaning or maintenance work.


With deforestation creating huge loss to the ecosystem of the entire planet, fiber cement siding works as the best option for wood because it sustains for a long period plus would rarely end up in a dumping zone.

All weather-proof and thermite resistant

It is a good precautionary measure to protect the home surface from rains, snow, and humidity. Moreover, it is less likely to crack and contort in coldish areas. This makes fiber cement an inclusive option, especially for Indian customers more than ever due to the wide range of weather circumstances they deal with throughout the year. Secondly, it curbs pests which increases its durability even more.

Fire resistant

It provides great thermal resistance which is a major incentive for householders. Fiber cement is a combination of components like cement, cellulose, and silica fibers. So it ultimately behaves like a strong shield against any abrupt change in temperatures and is highly non-inflammable.


Fiber cement siding is available in multiple colors, and textures as well as offers multiple choices with respect to size. This is an add-on benefit for builders and homeowners as they have so many choices to watch out for and pick any of them according to their respective requirements.

Easy installation

This is by far simple to work with material for builders and requires less labor training. Ecopro boards can be easily cut by a carpenter’s hand saw or electrically operated circular saw. This reduces a lot of physical effort and leads to less time consumption.


Ecopro’s objective is to create sustainable solutions for a better future. Considering fiber cement siding as a step towards the same mission, we provide you with these incredible services that will maintain a perfect balance of pleasing appearance and secure structure. We will be glad to help you out with the best choices when it comes to protecting your home for a prolonged time without much pain in your pocket and strain on your mind.
Ecopro mezzanine flooring

What is the loading capacity of a mezzanine floor?

What is a mezzanine floor?
The word mezzanine comes from the Italian word ‘mezzano’, which means ‘middle’. Asits meaning suggests, a mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor between two main floors of a building. Since it is not a main floor, it is not always counted among the overall floors of a building and might not even have a lift stop at it.

There are various types of mezzanine floors that all have a different purpose. In industrial settings, a mezzanine floor may be constructed temporarily between two permanent floors for construction or other purposes. Generally, these structures are then dismantled and relocated once the ongoing task is completed. Mezzanine floors are mostly constructed using Steel decking, Concrete, Steel grating, Diamond plate, and fibre cement boards.

Another use for a mezzanine floor is in shops or similar places, for storage of tools, material or product. A high roofed shop often has a mezzanine floor right under it, as there is enough space to accommodate it. Apart from this, mezzanines are often used in sectors like warehousing, distribution or manufacturing, to store the products being made. Such mezzanines are often roll-formed, rack supported, or shelf-supported, allowing plenty of room for storage.

what is floor loading capacity?

A floor load capacity is the maximum weight a floor is built to support over a given area. In India, this capacity is usually expressed as Kilonewton/square metre or Kn/m2. For laymen, it may also be expressed as Kilogram/square metre or Kg/m2.

For example, 18 MM EcoPro fibre cement board load capacity (Two way support) for 60cmx60cm is 490 kg/m2.

Floor load consists of live loads and dead loads. Dead loads refer to static loads that are part of the structure itself, such as beams, roofs, walls, or other such fixtures. On the other hand, live loads refer to dynamic loads like furniture, or foot traffic or mechanical objects that might be used indoors. Hence, the floor loading capacity specifies the amount of live load as well as the dead load it is engineered to carry.

Floor loading capacity is very important since it is directly related to the safety of theoccupants of a building or house. Different structures are meant for different activities, according to which the floor loading capacity needs to be adjusted. For instance, a residential building would need lower floor loading capacity as compared to an industrial factory, since the latter would have to support heavy machines and other such equipment. There are certain government guidelines that all types of structures must follow to ensure that the floor loading capacity is sufficient and the structure can be deemed safe and fit for use.

How is loading capacity calculated?

Calculation of the loading capacity is generally carried out by professional engineers that are in charge of building the structure in question. This is because the loading capacity is dependent on various factors such as the quality and type of construction materials used, the type of structure, the architecture and design of the space as well as the intended use of the area.

However, homeowners or businesses can come up with a rough estimate of their floor loading capacity on their own as well. In order to find out what the loading capacity is, you first need to find out how many kilograms of weight each floor joists can support. This information can be gained by consulting the blueprints and other structural papers of the place. After that, you also need to find out how much area is supported by each joist. Once these numbers are acquired, the floor loading capacity can be arrived at by dividing the load of each joist by the area it supports. This number can then be multiplied by the total area of the floor to get a rough estimate of the total load capacity of the floor.

What is the loading capacity of a mezzanine floor?

As mentioned before, mezzanine floors have varied usages in different sectors. This is why the floor loading capacity of the mezzanine floors are also varied, according to their intended use and the engineering. For instance, a mezzanine being used for storage of small tools or equipment can have a lower floor loading capacity than one that is being used in an office, to seat employees. Thus, there is no one answer to the question of what the floor loading of a mezzanine is. You can consult your engineer or use the basic steps given above to calculate the floor loading capacity of your mezzanine floor. That being said, most mezzanine floors can support anywhere from 300 to 1500 kg/m2, with 360 kg.m2 being the average for office usage.

Choose EcoPro Fibre Cement boards for your mezzanine flooring!

Ecopro fibre cement boards are perfect for stronger, faster and economical construction. The versatile and eco-friendly range of EcoPro offers you ample possibilities to explore. If mezzanine flooring is in your plans, then EcoPro should be on your mind. Here’s why.
● Ecopro offers A1 fire-rated, non-combustible fibre cement boards that exhibit excellent durability and safety features.
● Ecopro fibre cement boards are highly resilient to heavy impacts.
● Ecopro fibre cement boards do not absorb moisture, swell, break down or rot like composite.
● Ecopro fibre cement boards are resistant to termite.
● Ecopro fibre cement boards are workable and customizable materials that can be easily tailored to fit any edge and corner.
● Unlike other popular decking materials like wood, the EcoPro fibre cement boards don’t fade in the sun or peel over time. The only time you need to repaint or stain it is when you wish to change the look.

EcoPro fibre cement boards are the new-age mezzanine flooring solutions that deliver maximum return on your investment. If you want to create the best, don’t settle for something ordinary. Connect with the best brand, connect with EcoPro

EcoPro Partition Wall

Customize Your Modular Home with EcoPro Partition Wall

Anyone who’s gone through the home building process understands the hassles of creating one. Cost overruns, delayed constructions, and annoying contractors often become an inevitable part of a dream home project. But with the concept of modular homes, things can be a lot better. A home built of pre-fabricated materials minimizes cost and time investment and also rules out the scope of errors. What’s more, it is also the go-green option that does not add to the environmental hazards.

The major concern that you as a homeowner must ensure is opting for the right material. Be it your exterior wall cladding or home interior decor, EcoPro’s range of fibre cement boards is the perfect choice for all your modular home constructions. A leading brand, EcoPro offers top-grade fibre cement boards+ in a variety of textures and designs that form an integral component of today’s contemporary homes.

Be it EcoPro fused boards, EcoPro screen (CNC) boards, EcoPro digitally printed boards, or EcoPro Dura Tuff boards (HSB), each variety is primed to create beautiful and durable structures that you can enjoy for years to come. EcoPro is certainly true value for your money!

Glam up your modular home with EcoPro partition wall ideas!

Partition walls are a great way to create extra private space without investing in elaborate construction work. With a creative partition layout and EcoPro fibre cement boards, adorning your interiors is no tough job. The Fibre cement boards are lightweight and resistant to moisture, fire, and termite. Additionally, these are sound absorbing panels that improve the acoustic of your home space.


partition wall

Explore a world of options with EcoPro boards.

  • Create the upscale wooden look: Bring the warm look of wooden partition to demarcate your room space with style. Choose EcoPro planks available in Walnut, Dark chocolate, and Red oak stained finishes and add sophistication to your wall partition plan.
  • Lattice patterns are timeless: It’s simply not easy to ignore the charm of a lattice wall partition. The best part is that it gives you the opportunity to squeeze out extra space without giving the feel of a solid barrier. With EcoPro’s fine lattice pattern you can keep the partition look graceful and chic.
  • Optimize your partition with a multi-purpose divider: Functional dividers give you more options to explore. Use the EcoPro range to create partitions with a bookshelf or a storage unit. When planned and executed rightly, these dividers serve as excellent additions for compact homes as well as large homes.
  • Accentuate your room décor with a display cum divider: Add a fancy touch to your room partition wall by incorporating a decor element to it. Want to know how? You can plan a sleek partition featuring open display shelves where you can put your photo frames or flaunt your memorabilia.

false ceiling for hall

If you’re planning for a modular home with one-of-a-kind interiors, then EcoPro is the right brand to partner with. The company offers you the opportunity to create classy and smart structures that are high on functionality and visual appeal.

With EcoPro you don’t need to go anywhere. All your construction needs can be taken care of with our premium quality range. Whether you want to create partition walls or false ceiling for hall, kitchen cabinets, or wardrobes EcoPro is the one-stop destination for all.

So, don’t waste your time. Connect with us today. We’ll guide you on your journey to become the proud owner of a beautiful home without losing your peace of mind!

Fibre cement sheet

Fire-Resistant Sidings – The Need of Futuristic Homes

Siding forms an integral part of your home exterior. It not only accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the property but also serves as a protective shield against harsh weather conditions and pests.

As a homeowner when you set out to plan your exterior wall cladding, some aspects count the most. The safety and stability of the structure are certainly one of them. When talking of safety, fire risks are the most devastating threats that can cause immense damage.

A small fire when gets uncontrollable can turn into a monstrous blaze in a few seconds, bringing down your home to ashes. Well, the idea here is not to scare you but to encourage you to consider first things first. And, safety is the foremost thing that must be the top-of-mind priority.

How can sidings counter fire-related risks?

The best way to make your home exterior sidings safer is by choosing fire-safe materials.

Let’s confess it; a fully flame retardant or completely non-combustible material is not a practical option. But, well-insulated materials primed to withstand fire can improve the safety quotient of your property. A fire-rated exterior siding won’t make your home fireproof but will keep give you sufficient time to take corrective measures.

Two important parameters define the performance of fire-safe siding materials -their combustibility and smoke production. If the material is combustible, it will contribute to the spread of fire to other parts of the building and in case of poor quality material, toxic smoke will further aggravate the problem.

To ensure your sidings and wall exterior claddings can withstand fire risks and keep your home safe from unexpected mishaps invest in the right material. Fibre cement boards are one of the suitable fire-retardant cladding and siding options that you must consider. The flame spread index and smoke-developed index of this material successfully match the safety standards.

Coming under the category of green building material, the fibre cement boards also offer excellent insulation against heat, moisture, and termites.

Reasons why you should choose EcoPro Fibre cement sidings

EcoPro offers top-quality Fibre cement boards that enjoy good fire repellant ratings as compared to wood and other building materials. Our versatile and extensive product line includes not only planks for sidings but also non-combustible Fibre cement sheets for fascia and soffits. So, you can use the protective material throughout your exterior to prevent flames from spreading to places like your attic.

This is not all; the outstanding range qualifies as the desirable siding material owing to several other benefits that it offers. Let’s skim through some of them:

  • Water Resistant: Unlike Plywood and Gypsum boards, EcoPro Fibre cement boards are water-resistant that ensure your exteriors don’t crumble down due to excessive moisture penetration.
  • Termite Resistant: Being 100% inorganic, your sidings will be free from threats of any termite attack.
  • Acoustics: Fibre cement sheets are sound absorbing panels that improve the acoustics of your home by controlling and reducing general surrounding noises.
  • Impact Resistant: The use of the autoclave process gives a stable crystalline structure with high impact strength that imparts greater structural stability to structures.

The future of cladding/sidings lies in products that are non-superficial and intrinsically safe to use. Green building materials like that of EcoPro perfectly fit the bill. It provides you with the chance to build a beautiful home that is safer and bears no harmful impact on the natural environment.

If you want to experience the joy of a fire-resilient, durable and stunning home exterior then partner with the EcoPro fibre cement boards range. It will help turn your dream home into a reality.

For any query contact us today and we’ll get back to you soon!

fibre cement boards

Fibre Cement – The Quintessential Choice for Coastal/Wet Areas

When it comes to constructing a property in coastal or wet regions, homeowners need to be extra cautious. It’s the home exterior that bears the major brunt of the weather conditions. Be it strong winds or heavy rains, your home is exposed to risks that if not taken good care of can ruin your much-admired home.

Considering the role of weather in the stability of your structure, choosing the right construction material is imperative. While there are multiple choices available, go for the one that provides a superior line of defense against the spell of harsh weather conditions. Fibre cement boards are one of the most recommended materials, gaining ground for coastal region constructions. When pitched against other materials it gives the builders/homeowners the benefit of a stronger and healthy living environment as against other costly and repair-ridden alternatives.

How Fibre cement is good for your home exteriors?

Do you know that the single most destructive element causing your exterior cladding/siding to fail is moisture? The constructions in wet/humid climates like those in Mumbai, Kolkata, etc often face the problem of excessive dampness and trapped moisture. This can be catastrophic for homes. Moisture infiltrating through the exterior walls ruins insulation, weakens the structural base and doesn’t even spare the interiors of your home. Premium quality Fibre sheets here can work really well if you pay attention to their accurate installation.

High-performing fibre cement boards like EcoPro Plus variants (planks, handcrafted bricks, linea boards, etc) come with water-repellent features that offer desired weather protection to your home exteriors.

The best part with fibre cement range is that they can address home protection in a couple of ways. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, there are options of clip installation system that enables the panels to stay in place ensuring fewer openings for water to penetrate the siding/cladding.
  • Secondly, most Fibre cement boards today come with a built-in rain screen feature that acts as another layer of protection. This extra layer of water protection prevents damage from moisture build-up and offers you the joy of long-lasting structure without much maintenance hassles.

Other materials like stone and concrete (the two most sought-after materials) known to be durable and environment friendly, are practically expensive home exterior options. Moreover, these do not guarantee complete protection against harsh conditions. Regular inspection to rule out any need for maintenance is a prerequisite for the prolonged life of the structure.

Alternatively, Fibre cement is a cost-effective alternative. Available in different densities and thicknesses, Fibre cement boards feature good weather resilience that holds up well. That’s not all, what really works in favor of homeowners is that they are easier to maintain and simpler to replace than brick or stone while mimicking the looks of them both.

Fibre Cement is super-cool for interiors as well!

When creating home interiors, the look and feel are very important. With Fibre cement, you get to play with creative design ideas that could amplify your home appeal. Whether it’s wall paneling, seamless false ceiling, partition wall, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, or even mezzanine flooring, Fibre cement is just the right material to go for. Try EcoPro designer sheets (Pebble, Aquatic, Waves, Stone, or Screens) or digital print boards, etc to add a perfect style statement to your interiors.

With EcoPro you not only get to build a resilient structure but also the freedom to experiment with varying finishes-stain finish(available in Red oak, Dark chocolate, Walnut), laminate finish, CNC Cutting, or digital printing according to your choice. This is not all; the brand also offers you the desired flexibility. Without pre-wetting, you can use this board to create precise curve shape designs and more.

If you managed to read the blog till the end, I expect you’ll not flounder on your choice of construction material. Still, if you’re eager to learn more about Fibre cement and the available choices for wetter regions, EcoPro can help you. Call us today and we’ll ensure you are glad about your decision!

Fibre Cement Duct Cover | Aakruthi Developer | A Project by Ecopro

Know Why Fibre Cement is the Right Match for your Duct Cover

Ever noticed how some buildings have duct areas that detract from the style of the entire structure?  Well, ducts are an important part of a construction, carved out for accommodating electrical wirings, plumbing and HVAC lines and other extensions of your homes.  A functional element of the building, you simply can’t avoid the unsightly duct portion but you can certainly seek alternatives to hide it.  Aesthetically designed duct coverings are practically the most viable options for these unpleasing yet essential aversions.

Today most of the society constructions and even commercial buildings like malls prefer modular duct cover to create a functional closed space that is both pleasing to eye and environmentally sound. It’s no surprise then, that duct covers are gaining traction for facia cladding, protecting air conditioners and air ventilation, concealing water drainage/sewage ducts as well as for creating semi privacy for open balconies/kitchen galleries and more.

Fibre cement boards – the trending choice for duct covers

Your choice of duct cover material will have an effect on your overall experience.  If you really want a neatly done structure that standouts in looks and involves minimal maintenance hassles, then EcoPro Fibre cement sheets are an excellent option. Light-weight, sturdy and resilient to weather conditions, these sound absorbing panels serve as an excellent construction material for claddings and coverings.

Talking of the safety and long life of the duct, the experts suggest duct covers of material that do not harm the walls and also make it safer to work inside the ducts as and when required. In larger scale projects where numerous installations are needed, easy workability too has its role. Considering from these perspectives Fibre cement can be coined as the suitable match. Despite being high impact resistance, they are easy to work with and offer desired flexibility to your designing capabilities.

An eco-friendly material, it can help you create clean, enduring and sustainable structure reflecting high standards of workmanship. What’s more, fibre cement board is a highly versatile material that can be used to mimic other resources like stucco or wood, including grain patterns that look like the real thing. It can also be easily painted either before installation or after.

Features that make EcoPro the right fit for your duct covers

  • Available in different sizes, ensuring unlimited configurations
  • Corrosion and moisture resistant
  • Heat and sound insulant
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy and faster to install
  • Modular designs
  • Cost effective and economical

Our Successful Projects

Backed with sound understanding of changing industry trends, we offer premium quality fibre cement range that meets the refined demands of the customers.  Over the past years we have successfully completed slew of high-profile projects. The sturdy and appealing duct covers from our brand truly reflect what we are and what we stand for. Our flagship projects include:

Amanora City

Fibre Cement Duct Cover | Amanora | A Project by Ecopro

Polite Group

Fibre Cement Duct Cover | Polite Group | A Project by Ecopro

Aakruthi Developers

Fibre Cement Duct Cover | Aakruthi Developer | A Project by Ecopro

Siddhi Developers

Fibre Cement Duct Cover | Siddhi Developers | A Project by Ecopro

Ravetkar Builder Pune

Fibre Cement Duct Cover | Ravetkar Builder | A Project by Ecopro

A collaborative partner in true sense, EcoPro promises cost effective and top-grade material for duct covers that add real value to your build-out project.

If you are looking forward for duct covering or external wall cladding solutions for your structure, then don’t forget to give EcoPro a chance. Investing in the right material can pay you long term dividends.

Whether you want to improve the saleable value or safety of your asset; we can help you achieve your goals. Call us today and explore the world of options for your duct covers and claddings!

Fibre cement siding | Ecopro

Facts Supporting Popularity of Fibre Cement Siding

Even though most houses are covered with sidings of some sort, we hardly give it a good look on regular basis. If you are among the lot, it’s time to ponder over.  Siding is an important part of a home exterior and certainly deserves your attention. It adds to the aesthetic character of your home while protecting it from the onslaught of nature.

If your home sidings need replacement or you have new construction plans, there’s plenty of options to explore – Fibre cement siding, wood siding, stone veneer siding and metallic siding. However, selecting the right material that offers maximum value on your investment can be a tricky decision.

Factors  to consider while picking siding material 


When choosing your siding options, settle for a material that offers you mélange of color schemes and finishes. Also assess its feasibility with regards to your home architectural style and budget.

Energy efficiency:

Siding creates a thermal envelope around your home that prevents energy from escaping. Opt for siding products that can insulate your home and help you save energy.


How demanding is your siding maintenance? Is their regular requirement of painting and polishing? Does its repair require replacement of entire section? Is it vulnerable to rotting and warping? These are some pertinent questions that you must pay heed to.

‘Green’ features:

Look for a siding option that employs non-hazardous materials, minimizes waste of resources in production and promotes recycling processes. 

Stained VS Painted material

Besides considering the above factors, some other aspects like using pre-stained material too can make a lot of difference. Pre-stained boards are good to go options for a hassle-free experience.   Unlike painting, the pre-stained boards offer you benefits of a high quality factory applied finish and a ready-to-install material.

While painting coats the top of the surfaces, the stain penetrates through the surface, rendering a stronger finish. Hence, stain protects and preserves the beauty of your construction better as compared to paint which simply covers & hides it. 

Fibre Cement Siding | Ecopro

Other advantages of pre-stained over paint

  • With pre-finished planks, there is no unwanted mess and smell in your environment. You don’t have to worry about overspray, dripping, splattering or clean-up problems. These ensure a more professional quality finish and uniform coating that’s hard to achieve with manual painting.
  • Pre-finished planks eliminate the risk of color variation, lap marks, shrink lines, streaking and dirt pick-up.
  • Stains ensure that  your surfaces are enhanced and not just covered up. They give a more rugged feel – perfect if you’re going for an ‘au naturel’ effect.
  • Paint is liable to peel, crack or flake, whereas stain is more resistant to chipping.

Pre-stained Fibre cement boards offer better U.V. protection and they are water repellant and mildew resistant. Be it your sidings, shingles or other cladding works with pre-stained Fibre cement you save the labor cost of an on-sight painter. You are also free from scheduling delays due to bad weather or seasonal constraints. You can try EcoPro range that offers classy color options – Walnut, Dark chocolate and Red Oak to add an opulent flair to your home.

Fibre Cement Siding | Ecopro

Why Fibre cement is right for your siding?

Fiber cement cladding enjoys a great reputation for quality and durability. Comprised of wood fibers mixed with sand and cement, Fibre cement is an excellent building material that provides desired structural stability and eye-pleasing aesthetics.   If interested in creating structures that can be cherished for years, then pre-Stained Fibre cement is a must-consider siding option.


Lasts for decades

Most manufacturers offering pre-Stained siding choices give a warranty that may go up to several years. This implies you don’t have to go through any replacement hassles for long period of time. Unlike other materials that may chip off, peel away, get easily stained or require repeated coats of paint, prefinished fibre cement boards need little upkeep. Fibre cement is the best bet for those looking for a robust structure with minimal maintenance.

Enhances curb appeal and home value

Everyone wants a home that standouts for its instant appeal and charm. With fibre cement siding realizing your dream will be easier. Offering you world of choices in terms of colors, finishes & looks, Fibre cement siding allows you to create a beautiful home exterior. Resistant to cracks, fire, and rotting or warping, Fibre cement siding is the perfect deal for any home owner.

Best go-green option

Unlike its counterparts like vinyl and aluminum siding, Fibre cement variants do not involve toxins in its manufacturing process and owing to its unparalleled longevity it has less impact on environment. As for the wood siding, although a natural product, carving a siding out of wood for a single home costs around 8 to 10 trees. Alternatively, fibre cement siding which is made up of Portland cement, sand and about 10% cellulose fibres results in very little  waste and is a completely safe  to use material.

Fibre Cement Siding | Ecopro

For exterior home improvement plans, be it exterior wall cladding or sidings, material selection is an essential criterion.  Fibre cement meets all the parameters that form an integral part of your construction plan.

For accomplishing best results, contact EcoPro, the brand that understands the worth of your investment. We’ll provide with all the details of our range and help you pick the best that will compliment your architectural style and fulfill your goals. Contact EcoPro, today!

digital printing boards made of fibre cement boards | Ecopro

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Digital Printed Wall Panels

Gone are the days when wall art was treated as an afterthought in interior designing. Today, walls play an important role in your décor plans. However, if you are unsure about the wall styling option, this write-up will help you.

  • Petrified of molds developing in your tiles, pushing you to invest in repair works?
  • Worried about sunlight fading the color of tiles over the period of time?
  • Does the wild wall paper make your feel claustrophobic?
  • Have you experienced tile coming off or wall paper peeling away?
  • Is maintenance a cause of concern?

Instances of wall styling going wrong are not something unheard of. You would certainly not like your wall design plan to go topsy-turvy. So, if you are looking for something that can add a touch of elegance and character to your walls with minimal hassles then go for the right wall paneling option.

Digitally Printed Wall Panels Is The Way To Go!

With the advent of newer technologies, wall paneling has also undergone a significant change.  Digital printed wall cladding is the latest development that has become all the rage.

Fibre cement boards with digitally printed designs are trending these days. Be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen area or bathroom, these panels can turn even the simplest of walls into stunning artwork.

Easy to install & clean and long lasting what more one can look for? These are some of the key reasons that have made digitally printed fibre cement panels the sought-after choice of interior designers and home owners. Well, let’s take a look at some of the reasons below:

digital printing boards made of fibre cement boards | Ecopro

Reasons for growing popularity of digitally printed fibre cement panels:

  • Excellent features:

    Fibre cement panels with digital printed patterns fall in the category of most workable and resilient surfaces that can withstand moisture, fire, and weather. These are sound absorbing panels, that can help you create a peaceful environ, free from distractive noises. They are also cost-effective when compared to other traditional tile options like stone or wood. It’s no surprise then, this wall paneling option is grabbing all the eyeballs.

  • Endless choices to explore:

    Variety is the spice of all, truly said. Multitudes of pattern and design choices are precisely why these wall panels are a crowd-puller. You can have any design printed on them. Whether you admire a rustic look of wood or prefer a bolder look with striped or chevron design, with digital printed wall option you can create your dream space you long for.

  • Consistency in designs:

    If you are worried about the consistency of the printed design on these boards, then just take it easy. Fibre cement boards are made with the help of advanced technology that ensure digital printed patterns get merged easily. You can be assured of receiving exactly what you’ve ordered. Adding visual appeal to your home, these wall panels are surely the show stealers!

digital printing boards made of fibre cement boards | Ecopro

Walls are Just the Beginning

Digitally printed panels are not limited to your side walls. They can also be used to amplify your ceilings. If you look at any sophisticated interiors of the past, they always have highly decorated ceilings with plaster, gilding, and painted frescos. You can recreate the magic of false ceiling with fibre cement false ceiling boards. Carve out amazing pattern on your ceilings with digitally printed panels and breathe new energy to your room.

Your walls cannot be the last piece of the puzzle when you’re decorating your space. So, next time when you plan a new home or renovate your old one make sure you don’t miss out your walls. Fibre cement panels with intriguing digital printed patterns are something you can trust to liven up your interiors.

Still on the fence about your wall styling options? EcoPro brings to you premium quality fibre cement wall panels with digital printing options that are captivating and lasting.  Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to serve you!

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Use Wall Claddings to Add Interest to your Wet Areas

Is a lack of texture and dimension making your bathroom look ‘dry’ in an unpleasant way? Wet area cladding could be your solution.

Wet areas are the rooms or spaces containing sanitary fixtures and appliances – including bathrooms and en suites, toilets, laundries, kitchens, entries, and even garages. They are subject to high levels of moisture from direct wetting, high humidity levels, and condensation. Poor wet area design or installation can increase the risk of slips & slides and can raise other safety hazards. Design and building faults can also lead to damage in building structure or finishes – such as rot in framing, deterioration/disintegration of linings, flooring & cabinetry, and peeling paint. With good design, detailing, and installation of waterproof layers and impervious finishes, wet areas can be made durable, healthy, safe, and comfortable. If renovating or rebuilding the wet areas in your home is on the list this summer, it’s time you considered Fibre cement internal wall cladding as your option.

What is interior wall cladding?

Cladding is a process of layering one material over another. Wall cladding simply means to layer material over a wall. There are several materials available that can be used to layer the walls, depending on the requirement; a Fibre cement sheet is one of the best. You get a wide variety to choose from to give a new look and feel to your walls such as bricks, stones, wood, marble, metal, etc. Most modern washrooms and bathrooms use wall claddings to create an exotic & spacious look – something which has limitations with tile.


Wall Claddings | Exterior wall claddings | Fibre cement sheet | Fibre cement boards | Ecopro


Why should I go for Fibre cement cladding when I have other options?

While Fibre cement boards have always been the prime choice of architects for external wall cladding purposes, they are also a smart choice for interiors in areas that are prone to constant contact with moisture. As a back liner, a Fibre cement board provides a suitable base for laying ceramic tiles in wet areas. With a proper framed structure, EcoPro Fibre cement claddings can take the load of wall-mounted closets, washbasin, split air conditioner unit, etc. Listed below are some of the major advantages you get when choosing Fibre cement claddings

Saves Space:

Since Fibre cement cladding boards are thinner and more streamlined than traditional construction methods, the internal floor area can be utilized more judiciously leaving you more space for consumption.

Resistance to mold:

Fibre cement claddings are not only water-resistant but also resist the growth of molds. This also makes it less susceptible to slips and slides.


Unlike tiles, Fibre cement claddings are strong and durable and do not crack easily.

Time-saving setup:

Since claddings come in prebuilt boards, setting up frames and installing the walls take far less time & effort than brick and mortar construction. Not to mention there is no need to strengthen the walls by watering them, again time saved!

Low maintenance:

Since Fibre cement does not retain dust and does not develop cracks, they are quick to clean and maintain. They will look as good in years to come as they do when they are first installed.

Maintains continuity with your house:

Running similar Claddings throughout the house can help maintain a seamless appearance in your entire house.

Environmentally safe:

Fibre cement is made up of a combination of cellulose Fibre, cement, sand, and water, as well as a small number of additives – all of which are recyclable and eco-friendly so you can stay guilt-free!

Even though It would be unfair to weigh Fibre cement boards on the same scale as other alternatives such as tiles or digital boards, it still stands a strong fight. If you are contemplating using wall claddings for your wet areas or external wall claddings for your property, contact EcoPro – the leading Fibre cement board manufacturer in India.