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4 Architectural Shifts in Facade Designs

When you imagine an IT park, you would picturise those reflective tall buildings wrapped entirely in glass reflecting the rays of the sun. The original concrete structure is expertly hidden behind this facade. Despite their climatic limitations and heating issues, these materials have long dominated the architectural scene symbolizing the quintessential office space. However, advances in technology are now enabling a plethora of approaches to facade design and construction. Some of these options are particularly beneficial for the parts of the world that suffer from excessive heat and cold. From timber & Fibre cement to shape shifting tiles and curved glass – modern facade technology has had architects spoilt for choice. We bring you, 4 of those trends in facade design.

 4 Trends in Facade Designs

Weathering steel cladding or CORTEN

Often referred to as “CORTEN” or “COR-TEN” signifying the company that owns the trademark to weathering steel, this mesmerizing rust-colored metal is known for its peculiar oxidized patina appearance. It is an alloy that was developed to eliminate the need for painting and form a stable rust-like appearance after several years’ exposure to weather. It is originally grey in color but eventually turns orange and then deep brown after months of oxidization. In this process, protective layers develop on the material’s surface. These layers contribute to performance and create the metal’s architectural aesthetic.

However, Weathering steel does not come without its own set of challenges. For one, It is sensitive to humid subtropical climates, and in such environments, it is possible that the protective patina may not stabilize but instead continue to corrode. Also, Weathering steel is not rustproof in itself. If water is allowed to accumulate in pockets, those areas will experience higher corrosion rates. Hence, it is not suitable in marine or coastal environments.
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Kinetic Facade

A kinetic facade is one that changes dynamically rather than being static or fixed. This enables the movement of the building’s surface. The architect Buckminster Fuller calls this the ‘skin-like articulation’ effect and is an extension of the idea that a building’s envelope is an active system rather than just a container. Elements that form this facade can be programmed to move according to the climate such as to block sun rays from directly hitting the floor. This improves energy efficiency or reduces solar heat, or may even simply act as an art installation.

The Al Bahr Towers in Abu Dhabi is an example of a kinetic facade made of umbrella-like panels that open and close in response to the sun’s movement through the day, to achieve optimal shading and light entering the building. Although this is a great idea for creating stunning impact and attracting an iconic status, it of course comes with a whopping price tag!

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Curved glass

Technological advances in glass have taken curved glass fabrication to different levels of complexity and performance in the last few years and continue to drive into new frontiers. Curved glass gives architects and designers more freedom to create innovative facades where straightness, corners, and edges can be replaced with soft curves. The curved glass allows transparent views on the corner of a building, without the visually disturbing frames. Costs for curved glass are almost thrice that of flat glass – making it less appealing to conservative investors. 

Curved Glass Facade | Ecopro

Fibre Cement Sheets

Fibre cement sheet is formed by extracting the best qualities from its parent elements viz cement and Fibre and then combining them in perfect proportion to form a material that has the best of both worlds. While it is strong and sturdy like concrete, it is light and flexible like Fibre. While it has the aesthetics of timber, it is resistant to molds, fire, and termites.

Fibre cement allows us to clad walls in a light, non-combustible, and weather-resistant way, generating facades with different textures, colors, and tones. These sheets can also be used as an application of Kinetic Facades as they are easily manageable. Doubling up as sound absorbing panels, they exhibit good acoustical qualities by absorbing ambient noise. They are perforable and can act as ventilated facades when installed with a certain separation between the rear wall. Despite these advantages, Fibre cement sheets remain modest and meek, and greatly affordable, unlike their flashier counterparts.

Fibre cement facades can be installed in random arrangements of panels to generate variations in their orientations. You may opt for a rustic board-and-batten look or a cleaner look with simple minimalist lines. In the Shiplap Siding pattern, they appear to be butted right up against one another, creating a clean, smooth surface, which is common among contemporary homes. The art of installing Fibre cement facades is only limited by the expertise & skills of the architect.

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