Creating the Perfect False Ceiling with Fibre Cement Boards

Creating the Perfect False Ceiling for Hall with Fibre Cement Boards

Gone are the days where you’ll find a simple flat ceiling with generic embellishments like a chandelier or a fancy fan, in most houses. People are wanting to go creative with their ceilings and uplift their home aesthetics with a false ceiling for hall.  As the demand for false ceilings surges across various cities and towns, you will be seeing a lot more options for false ceilings in the market. And that’s a good thing, as you will get to see more variety for your requirements.

False ceilings

False ceilings are basically retrofitted ceilings which are installed beneath the main ceiling, either suspended from it or fixed onto it.  They are solely for added aesthetics, additional cooling and lighting. They can be used in a variety of commercial, residential and corporate applications. In regards to using false ceilings for home, the ideal place to install a false ceiling would be living areas and common areas. False ceiling for hall is very typical and common across all types of houses. But that’s totally up to one’s choice, as they can be installed in bedrooms or study rooms as well.

Apart from adding modernity and elegance to your homes, false do come with a plethora of functional benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of installing false ceilings;

  1. Neatness: False ceilings can easily hide all your ventilation duct openings, wiring rigs and any other objects that are obtrusive to the ceiling’s aesthetic appeal.
  2. Energy savings: False ceiling materials are mostly insulating in nature, which helps in keeping your spaces cooler.
  3. Acoustics:  False ceilings can also be made using specialized sound absorbing panels which help in minimizing echo effect in your homes. Such type of a false ceiling can be used to set up recording studios at homes.
  4. Fire separation: False ceilings built with, fibre cement based mineral-based or tile-based materials can act as a fire separator, as they are non-inflammable.
  5. Lighting:  One of the major applications of false ceilings, is to serve as a platform for additional lighting equipment that is used to uplift the ambiance.

Using fibre-cement material for your false ceiling board 

Any typical false ceiling for hall is made from either gypsum or drywall material. Fibre cement boards offer a multitude of superior advantages over conventional materials.  Fibre cement is made using reinforced fibre, cement, and quartz sand. Reinforcing fibre with cement contributes to the strength of the material making it a strong and long-lasting choice for cladding and roofing. Since its introduction, it has fast become the top-rated material for false ceilings due to its extreme durability and low-cost make. EcoPro is one of the leading manufacturer of customized fibre cement boards, offering high quality products for a variety of applications.

false ceiling for hall by EcoProAdvantages of using EcoPro fibre-cement:

  1. Increased longevity
  2. Termite and water resistant
  3. Less porous than conventional materials
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Fire-proof material
  6. Sound-absorbing capabilities

As you can see, EcoPro boards offer the benefits of using multiple specialized false ceiling materials, in just one board. Apart from the above advantages, fibre cement boards offer unique design options as well. Using CNC operations, various intricate design patterns can be engraved on the fibre cement sheet.

Creating your false ceiling

So now you’ve decided to go for a false ceiling for hall, or any other part of your home… great! Let’s see how to go about setting up the whole thing and making it work as per your needs.

  • Define the main layout:
    Start with defining a simple layout for the false ceiling. It can be as simple as a neat tray layout where the edges are lower than the rest of the ceiling, or a circular layout. You can also have a multi-layered look to make extra space for lightings and other embellishments.
  • Embellish it:
    Let’s come to the main reason for putting up a false ceiling for hall… the embellishments! False ceilings can serve as a housing for a range of lighting, decoration and ventilation equipment.  Here are some simple ideas for your false ceiling;

    1. Mini-Chandeliers
    2. Spot lights
    3. Mini fans
    4. Hanging lanterns
    5. Danglers
  • Enhance it:
    If you’re not satisfied with a simple false ceiling layout, you can always upgrade the entire look to add extra aesthetic appeal. Here are some things you do for your false ceiling for hall;

    1. Suspended island:  This is basically an additional layer of fibre cement board that is suspended from the main board, right in the centre. This type of layout gives more room for lighting and provides a more sophisticated look.
    2. Cove lighting: It is a form of lighting that is installed on the edges or recesses of false ceilings rather than on the ceiling board itself, directing all the light to the adjacent walls or toward the board itself. This creates a more pleasant look as the lighting enhances the elegance, rather than just enhancing the illumination.
    3. Track lighting: You can upgrade your lighting by using track lights. These lights come in a set of 2, 3 or more, with a fixture that runs along the false ceiling. These lights are typically used in commercial shops and spaces, but can be used in a false ceiling for hall, if you want your space to be amply illuminated.

As false ceiling demand surges in the market, you’ll come across a diverse variety of designs and patterns that you may want to consider. EcoPro fibre cement boards can be customized as per any false ceiling layout or design requirements using CNC cuts and engravings. Additional decorative layers like plywood or glass panels can also be installed onto the EcoPro boards to make them look more appealing, as they are quite rigid and offer high strength. To get  EcoPro fibre cement boards for your interiors, call us on 9762228070 right away!