8 Reasons Why Ventilated Facade is Gaining Ground - EcoPro

8 Reasons Why Ventilated Facade is Gaining Ground

The construction industry has been evolving with time, seamlessly incorporating changes to meet the dynamic market demands. From technological advancements to energy savings and sustainable solutions, the construction industry has addressed challenges and issues by resorting to innovative solutions. Ventilated facades are one of the construction methods that is gaining popularity among architects and contractors […]

Why Fiber Cement Boards Score Over MDF - EcoPro

Why Fibre Cement Boards Score Over MDF?

Whether you plan to create extra space in your office for a conference room or want to carve out a corner at home for yourself, wall partitioning is just the right way to get started. There is a wide range of options available for interior partitioning systems like wood, glass MDF, fibre cement boards in, […]

Heat Island Effect – The Alarming Issue of Mega Cities

Several cities in India this year witnessed unprecedented soaring temperatures during summer and even recorded deaths due to heatwaves. The discomfort and health problems caused by extreme temperatures is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed seriously and urgently. According to the Indian government-backed research the two major cities, Delhi and Mumbai, are becoming […]