EcoPro Receives GreenPro Certificate – A Label Asserting Eco-Friendly Product

Going green is the need of the hour. Helping create a sustainable world is imminent for each and every individual on the planet, and more so for those with power and authority. With global warming becoming a reality every passing second, we are just trying to buy ourselves time before we wake up to a dreadful day when there will be no more time to correct things. As cities grow and develop, more buildings and people are added. The process of urban development is leading to heat island effect. As if climate change is not already wreaking havoc on the planet, there was a ravaging fire that lit the amazon forest and destroyed practically 30% of the oxygen giving lungs of our planet! With a rapidly declining green cover and an ever-increasing human populace, we cannot stop the imminent but at least slow the pace of destruction.

With the growing urbanization and the rise in buildings, the construction industry has a lion’s share when it comes to influencing and affecting the environment. With this idea in mind, we at EcoPro, produce and promote fibre cement boards which are excellent for a majority of construction needs while causing minimum damage to the environment. Fibre cement board is truly a revolutionary product as it can replace many of the traditional resources like wood and cement. Fibre cement boards are made of fiber and cement which is organically produced and is much less harmful to nature. All this makes EcoPro Fibre cement sheets an ideal nominee for the GreenPro Certification.


What does it mean by having a GreenPro Certification?

It is an assertion that the product is eco-friendly and at par with the world standard. A green product poses minimal risk to the environment throughout its life cycle. The GreenPro or Green Product certification ensures that product manufacturers implement eco-friendly measures in all phases of the product such as Product Design, Raw Materials, Manufacturing Process, and Product Performance during use right up to Recycling/Disposal of the product.

Benefits of Green Product

  • It leaves fewer carbon footprints and potentially helps control issues such as climate change, toxic pollution, and global warming.
  • A sustainable product finds more acceptability and greater value in the market.
  • A green product is always preferred by educated and aware customers.
  • They are easy to dispose of.
  • Improves brand credibility and potentially helps garner more customer loyalty.

 Recently, the GreenPro certification was conferred on EcoPro by CII-Godrej GBC and shall be awarded at the Green building congress on the 26th of Sep, 2019. EcoPro Fibre Cement Boards manufactured by Sahyadri Industries Ltd. has always been an advocate of environmentally friendly manufacturing. We at Sahyadri have always held to the belief of working in unison with nature and not against it, a thought which is more relevant today than ever before. EcoPro is now honoured to hold an esteemed certificate attesting the same. This certification will be made visible in the form of a label on all the Sahyadri EcoPro products.

If you are looking to build a drywall partition, want exterior cladding panels for your building or need soundproof wall panels for your cabin, contact EcoPro. EcoPro fibre cement sheets are highly versatile products that can be used for a number of purposes. To get the GreenPro certified EcoPro product for all your architectural needs, call on 020-26444625/26/27 or 9404965654 right away!