Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine flooring is a key solution to the facilities requiring cost-effective and efficient options to increase their workspace. Especially in a commercial facility, mezzanine floors allow you to utilize the available height to build an additional floor.

Be it office, warehousing, resorts, retail shops or even residential buildings like bungalows, guest houses, villas, and loft apartments, adding a mezzanine floor is the most efficient way of space utilization.

Using EcoPro Fibre cement boards an interior designer can easily carve out additional space for a room, office, or also what is traditionally known in India as a mala or pot mala. The stability and sturdiness of the material coupled with its main USPs of being water-resistant and fire-retardant make EcoPro the most sought-after choice.

Features and Benefits of EcoPro Mezzanine Floor Structures

  • Versatile designs and quality structures, suitable for multifunctional applications.
  • Economical solution to RCC construction
  • Easy to erect and install in existing buildings
  • Free-standing feature ensures there’s no additional load on building columns.
  • Heat-resistant and fire-retardant
  • Anti-termite and moisture-proof
  • High impact and dimensionally stable

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Where a Mezzanine can add value

EcoPro Mezzanines flooring systems are deftly designed to successfully cater to different application areas.

Industrial Spaces

EcoPro’s versatile features make it an ideal solution for creating extra spaces in industries and other work spaces. EcoPro structures can be used to build functionally dynamic and sturdy structures like ramps, watch tower, gangways discussion rooms, conference room, test rooms, canteen areas and more.

Retail spaces

Be it creating space for storage room, employee rest areas, changing rooms or for any other utilitarian purpose, EcoPro mezzanine flooring allows the retailers to use their available space optimally thus, adding value to their business.

Bungalow / Villa – When it comes to bungalow, Villa or other residential complexes, EcoPro products serve as the perfect additions. Creating a terrace or balcony space or building an attic or just carving niche space for a reading room, EcoPro fibre cement boards can be customized to fabricate comfortable spaces that are well-integrated with the surrounding environments.