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EcoPro False Ceiling

EcoPro False Ceiling Ideas to Transform Your Home Décor

Who doesn’t like to have an attractive home? When it comes to decorating home interiors, stylish false ceilings top the list. Just like a building is incomplete without a rooftop similarly home interior is not complete without false ceilings. Interestingly, today there are myriad fancy designs and materials that offer endless choices. Be it the false ceiling for hall, dining area or bedroom there is no dearth of false ceiling designs.

False ceiling not only enhances the aesthetic value of your home but also brings functional benefits. These ornamental additions create a pleasant ambiance while improving the thermal and sound insulation of your home. Additionally, these serve as beautiful cover-ups that conceal the unwanted electric wires, pipes, and air conditioning ducts.

If you’re embarking on a home renovation journey or shifting to a new one, a false ceiling is something you cannot choose to ignore or take lightly. Making your home classy and cozy, a false ceiling can multiply your home value. However, to create a beautiful effect, choosing the right material is of prime importance.

Gone are the days when you had limited choices of wood, metal, or POP. Today you can explore a wider variety of options ranging from glass panels, gypsum sheets to fibre cement boards, synthetic fabrics, and more. Picking the right material and design that complements your room space and your home interior can transform your dream house into a reality.

false ceiling boards

False Ceiling ideas to get inspired from!

  • Square boxed ceiling design: In this type of false ceiling, you can create a boxed pattern and attach recessed lights in between the boxes. It brings a dramatic effect into space - creates the illusion of higher ceiling height and multiple dimensions within one room.
  • Peripheral ceiling: If you have a low ceiling home then this minimal design is just the right option for you. It runs across the corners of the room, leaving space in the center where you can fix a chandelier or pendant light of your choice. It creates a neat border that accentuates the ceiling without taking away the focus from room interiors.
  • Geometrical design: This includes contemporary geometric designs ranging from rectangular and triangular patterns to circular and diamond patterns. Requiring suspended panels for each piece, these designs when combined with cove lighting adds a stylish edge to the room space.
  • Intricate lattice: Give an ethnic spin to your space by incorporating an intricate jali or lattice style ceiling. Providing a subtle demarcation to open space, elevates the aesthetics of a room significantly. Install soothing mood lights behind the lattice or in between the crevices and get compliments from your guests each time they visit you.

The above-mentioned pointers are just a few drops from the pool of false ceiling ideas and designs. If you have false ceiling plans do not hesitate to explore the amazing options available. However, make sure not to go over the top with your ceiling designs. Choose the right material and consult your interior designers to work out the best false ceiling for your home.

Connect with EcoPro, the renowned brand in building materials. The designer boards offered by EcoPro are an excellent choice for internal ceilings. Primed for robust and classy constructions, these false ceiling boards are tough, non-brittle, and asbestos-free. Available in 7mmto 8mm thickness and a variety of textures like a wave, aquatic, pebble stone & brick, the range offers excellent choices without compromising on the quality. Showing good resistance against UV rays, water, fire, and termite, these boards are easy-to-work and can be customized as per your requirement to suit your home décor.