Why is fiber cement siding the best choice?

Long-term thinking while constructing your building is a must as it prevents you from unnecessary expenses and saves a considerable amount of time in doing amendments to the overall architecture. That being said, siding works as a commendable option to maintain your house’s good health and stability. It provides aesthetic appeal and functions as a safety net for the building, preventing the exterior surface from various harsh weather conditions, pests, and dust. While investing in an imperative task such as this, choosing a good siding material matters the most. Fiber cement boards stand out as one of the best options in that case and this blog will explain why.

Cost-efficiency and low maintenance

Fiber cement siding is very affordable and has a larger life span that can go on for decades. It is available in the wood grain so it gives a classy touch just like that of a wood siding but with the least effort of putting so much money into its maintenance. Apart from homeowners, this is also beneficial for builders and contractors who are sourcing materials, doing the auction and installing the product. It is a dimensionally stable product. This means the material is consistent in its shape even when it is exposed to any kind of cleaning or maintenance work.


With deforestation creating huge loss to the ecosystem of the entire planet, fiber cement siding works as the best option for wood because it sustains for a long period plus would rarely end up in a dumping zone.

All weather-proof and thermite resistant

It is a good precautionary measure to protect the home surface from rains, snow, and humidity. Moreover, it is less likely to crack and contort in coldish areas. This makes fiber cement an inclusive option, especially for Indian customers more than ever due to the wide range of weather circumstances they deal with throughout the year. Secondly, it curbs pests which increases its durability even more.

Fire resistant

It provides great thermal resistance which is a major incentive for householders. Fiber cement is a combination of components like cement, cellulose, and silica fibers. So it ultimately behaves like a strong shield against any abrupt change in temperatures and is highly non-inflammable.


Fiber cement siding is available in multiple colors, and textures as well as offers multiple choices with respect to size. This is an add-on benefit for builders and homeowners as they have so many choices to watch out for and pick any of them according to their respective requirements.

Easy installation

This is by far simple to work with material for builders and requires less labor training. Ecopro boards can be easily cut by a carpenter’s hand saw or electrically operated circular saw. This reduces a lot of physical effort and leads to less time consumption.


Ecopro’s objective is to create sustainable solutions for a better future. Considering fiber cement siding as a step towards the same mission, we provide you with these incredible services that will maintain a perfect balance of pleasing appearance and secure structure. We will be glad to help you out with the best choices when it comes to protecting your home for a prolonged time without much pain in your pocket and strain on your mind.