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Fire-Resistant Sidings – The Need of Futuristic Homes

Siding forms an integral part of your home exterior. It not only accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the property but also serves as a protective shield against harsh weather conditions and pests.

As a homeowner when you set out to plan your exterior wall cladding, some aspects count the most. The safety and stability of the structure are certainly one of them. When talking of safety, fire risks are the most devastating threats that can cause immense damage.

A small fire when gets uncontrollable can turn into a monstrous blaze in a few seconds, bringing down your home to ashes. Well, the idea here is not to scare you but to encourage you to consider first things first. And, safety is the foremost thing that must be the top-of-mind priority.

How can sidings counter fire-related risks?

The best way to make your home exterior sidings safer is by choosing fire-safe materials.

Let’s confess it; a fully flame retardant or completely non-combustible material is not a practical option. But, well-insulated materials primed to withstand fire can improve the safety quotient of your property. A fire-rated exterior siding won’t make your home fireproof but will keep give you sufficient time to take corrective measures.

Two important parameters define the performance of fire-safe siding materials -their combustibility and smoke production. If the material is combustible, it will contribute to the spread of fire to other parts of the building and in case of poor quality material, toxic smoke will further aggravate the problem.

To ensure your sidings and wall exterior claddings can withstand fire risks and keep your home safe from unexpected mishaps invest in the right material. Fibre cement boards are one of the suitable fire-retardant cladding and siding options that you must consider. The flame spread index and smoke-developed index of this material successfully match the safety standards.

Coming under the category of green building material, the fibre cement boards also offer excellent insulation against heat, moisture, and termites.

Reasons why you should choose EcoPro Fibre cement sidings

EcoPro offers top-quality Fibre cement boards that enjoy good fire repellant ratings as compared to wood and other building materials. Our versatile and extensive product line includes not only planks for sidings but also non-combustible Fibre cement sheets for fascia and soffits. So, you can use the protective material throughout your exterior to prevent flames from spreading to places like your attic.

This is not all; the outstanding range qualifies as the desirable siding material owing to several other benefits that it offers. Let’s skim through some of them:

  • Water Resistant: Unlike Plywood and Gypsum boards, EcoPro Fibre cement boards are water-resistant that ensure your exteriors don’t crumble down due to excessive moisture penetration.
  • Termite Resistant: Being 100% inorganic, your sidings will be free from threats of any termite attack.
  • Acoustics: Fibre cement sheets are sound absorbing panels that improve the acoustics of your home by controlling and reducing general surrounding noises.
  • Impact Resistant: The use of the autoclave process gives a stable crystalline structure with high impact strength that imparts greater structural stability to structures.

The future of cladding/sidings lies in products that are non-superficial and intrinsically safe to use. Green building materials like that of EcoPro perfectly fit the bill. It provides you with the chance to build a beautiful home that is safer and bears no harmful impact on the natural environment.

If you want to experience the joy of a fire-resilient, durable and stunning home exterior then partner with the EcoPro fibre cement boards range. It will help turn your dream home into a reality.

For any query contact us today and we’ll get back to you soon!

fibre cement boards

Fibre Cement – The Quintessential Choice for Coastal/Wet Areas

When it comes to constructing a property in coastal or wet regions, homeowners need to be extra cautious. It’s the home exterior that bears the major brunt of the weather conditions. Be it strong winds or heavy rains, your home is exposed to risks that if not taken good care of can ruin your much-admired home.

Considering the role of weather in the stability of your structure, choosing the right construction material is imperative. While there are multiple choices available, go for the one that provides a superior line of defense against the spell of harsh weather conditions. Fibre cement boards are one of the most recommended materials, gaining ground for coastal region constructions. When pitched against other materials it gives the builders/homeowners the benefit of a stronger and healthy living environment as against other costly and repair-ridden alternatives.

How Fibre cement is good for your home exteriors?

Do you know that the single most destructive element causing your exterior cladding/siding to fail is moisture? The constructions in wet/humid climates like those in Mumbai, Kolkata, etc often face the problem of excessive dampness and trapped moisture. This can be catastrophic for homes. Moisture infiltrating through the exterior walls ruins insulation, weakens the structural base and doesn’t even spare the interiors of your home. Premium quality Fibre sheets here can work really well if you pay attention to their accurate installation.

High-performing fibre cement boards like EcoPro Plus variants (planks, handcrafted bricks, linea boards, etc) come with water-repellent features that offer desired weather protection to your home exteriors.

The best part with fibre cement range is that they can address home protection in a couple of ways. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, there are options of clip installation system that enables the panels to stay in place ensuring fewer openings for water to penetrate the siding/cladding.
  • Secondly, most Fibre cement boards today come with a built-in rain screen feature that acts as another layer of protection. This extra layer of water protection prevents damage from moisture build-up and offers you the joy of long-lasting structure without much maintenance hassles.

Other materials like stone and concrete (the two most sought-after materials) known to be durable and environment friendly, are practically expensive home exterior options. Moreover, these do not guarantee complete protection against harsh conditions. Regular inspection to rule out any need for maintenance is a prerequisite for the prolonged life of the structure.

Alternatively, Fibre cement is a cost-effective alternative. Available in different densities and thicknesses, Fibre cement boards feature good weather resilience that holds up well. That’s not all, what really works in favor of homeowners is that they are easier to maintain and simpler to replace than brick or stone while mimicking the looks of them both.

Fibre Cement is super-cool for interiors as well!

When creating home interiors, the look and feel are very important. With Fibre cement, you get to play with creative design ideas that could amplify your home appeal. Whether it’s wall paneling, seamless false ceiling, partition wall, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, or even mezzanine flooring, Fibre cement is just the right material to go for. Try EcoPro designer sheets (Pebble, Aquatic, Waves, Stone, or Screens) or digital print boards, etc to add a perfect style statement to your interiors.

With EcoPro you not only get to build a resilient structure but also the freedom to experiment with varying finishes-stain finish(available in Red oak, Dark chocolate, Walnut), laminate finish, CNC Cutting, or digital printing according to your choice. This is not all; the brand also offers you the desired flexibility. Without pre-wetting, you can use this board to create precise curve shape designs and more.

If you managed to read the blog till the end, I expect you’ll not flounder on your choice of construction material. Still, if you’re eager to learn more about Fibre cement and the available choices for wetter regions, EcoPro can help you. Call us today and we’ll ensure you are glad about your decision!

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Use Wall Claddings to Add Interest to your Wet Areas

Is a lack of texture and dimension making your bathroom look ‘dry’ in an unpleasant way? Wet area cladding could be your solution.

Wet areas are the rooms or spaces containing sanitary fixtures and appliances – including bathrooms and en suites, toilets, laundries, kitchens, entries, and even garages. They are subject to high levels of moisture from direct wetting, high humidity levels, and condensation. Poor wet area design or installation can increase the risk of slips & slides and can raise other safety hazards. Design and building faults can also lead to damage in building structure or finishes – such as rot in framing, deterioration/disintegration of linings, flooring & cabinetry, and peeling paint. With good design, detailing, and installation of waterproof layers and impervious finishes, wet areas can be made durable, healthy, safe, and comfortable. If renovating or rebuilding the wet areas in your home is on the list this summer, it’s time you considered Fibre cement internal wall cladding as your option.

What is interior wall cladding?

Cladding is a process of layering one material over another. Wall cladding simply means to layer material over a wall. There are several materials available that can be used to layer the walls, depending on the requirement; a Fibre cement sheet is one of the best. You get a wide variety to choose from to give a new look and feel to your walls such as bricks, stones, wood, marble, metal, etc. Most modern washrooms and bathrooms use wall claddings to create an exotic & spacious look - something which has limitations with tile.


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Why should I go for Fibre cement cladding when I have other options?

While Fibre cement boards have always been the prime choice of architects for external wall cladding purposes, they are also a smart choice for interiors in areas that are prone to constant contact with moisture. As a back liner, a Fibre cement board provides a suitable base for laying ceramic tiles in wet areas. With a proper framed structure, EcoPro Fibre cement claddings can take the load of wall-mounted closets, washbasin, split air conditioner unit, etc. Listed below are some of the major advantages you get when choosing Fibre cement claddings

Saves Space:

Since Fibre cement cladding boards are thinner and more streamlined than traditional construction methods, the internal floor area can be utilized more judiciously leaving you more space for consumption.

Resistance to mold:

Fibre cement claddings are not only water-resistant but also resist the growth of molds. This also makes it less susceptible to slips and slides.


Unlike tiles, Fibre cement claddings are strong and durable and do not crack easily.

Time-saving setup:

Since claddings come in prebuilt boards, setting up frames and installing the walls take far less time & effort than brick and mortar construction. Not to mention there is no need to strengthen the walls by watering them, again time saved!

Low maintenance:

Since Fibre cement does not retain dust and does not develop cracks, they are quick to clean and maintain. They will look as good in years to come as they do when they are first installed.

Maintains continuity with your house:

Running similar Claddings throughout the house can help maintain a seamless appearance in your entire house.

Environmentally safe:

Fibre cement is made up of a combination of cellulose Fibre, cement, sand, and water, as well as a small number of additives - all of which are recyclable and eco-friendly so you can stay guilt-free!

Even though It would be unfair to weigh Fibre cement boards on the same scale as other alternatives such as tiles or digital boards, it still stands a strong fight. If you are contemplating using wall claddings for your wet areas or external wall claddings for your property, contact EcoPro - the leading Fibre cement board manufacturer in India.

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6 Reasons Why Fibre Cement Sheet Deserves To Be The Best Roof Underlay Material

Cement, as most of us know, is a binding material which hardens and sets while joining materials together. It is used on a very large scale in the construction industry as concrete – a material which forms the perfect ingredient for strong construction. It’s no wonder then that cement is the most widely used material in existence, second only to water!

Fibre cement sheet is a very popular modification to the regular cement sheet and is more versatile and stronger than the base version. It is a highly durable material manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, pozzolana, a superior grade of cellulose fibre and binders of a siliceous base. Fibre cement sheets are increasingly being preferred for providing roofing, cladding and siding solutions. Here are 6 compelling reasons that make fibre cement sheets the optimal choice for a roof underlay.

fire resistant board

1. Light in weight

Fibre cement sheet is porous, strong and hence light in weight. They are 4 to 6 times lighter as compared to concrete, and hence, quick and easy to transport and set up.

2. Heat and fire-resistant

In spite of being light in weight, fibre cement sheet is a fire resistant board which also insulates from heat. In fact, the material has almost a 90% fire repellent rating which could greatly restrict the spreading of flames when compared to wood and other more flammable roofing materials. It provides protection from the outside weather and displays high resistance to temperature changes. Apart from heat and fire, it is also moisture resistant and can sustain and repel water to a great extent, avoiding water leakage.

3. Weatherproof

The ingredients of the fibre cement sheet are resistant to sea air and moisture, making it an ideal roof underlaying material in waterfront properties. Unlike wood, this material is not a choice of food for the mildew, molds, and termites. Hence they are completely protected from insects and other organisms. Fibre cement sheets do not swell and shrink as weather changes. They are also moisture resistant and can sustain and repel water to a great extent, avoiding water leakage. Hence, fibre sheets form a very long-lasting and durable material.

4. Easy to cut and drill

The fibre cement sheets are easy to cut using usual carpentry tools. They can also be cut using a hand saw or an electrically operated circular saw. A regular electric hand drill can be used to drill holes into it. This eases the installation and modification of roofs.

5. Absorbs Sound

The roof underlay material work as sound absorbing panels that absorbs sound produced from heavy rain falling on the roof. The fibre cement sheets also seal all the gaps and block the dust from entering through.

6. Eco-friendly

This remarkable invention is lightweight, contains No VOC/ No Formaldehyde and is also Asbestos Free. Hence, in the times where the world is dealing with issues such as global warming and pollution due to concretization, fibre cement sheets, being eco-friendly, provide a better alternative.

All the above points make fibre cement sheets an excellent choice for roof underlaying with benefits that extend to both the builder and the homeowner. EcoPro is a dealer of fibre cement sheets providing interior solutions for your homes and offices. For more details contact 020-26444625/26/27 or +919762228070.