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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Digital Printed Wall Panels

Gone are the days when wall art was treated as an afterthought in interior designing. Today, walls play an important role in your décor plans. However, if you are unsure about the wall styling option, this write-up will help you.

  • Petrified of molds developing in your tiles, pushing you to invest in repair works?
  • Worried about sunlight fading the color of tiles over the period of time?
  • Does the wild wall paper make your feel claustrophobic?
  • Have you experienced tile coming off or wall paper peeling away?
  • Is maintenance a cause of concern?

Instances of wall styling going wrong are not something unheard of. You would certainly not like your wall design plan to go topsy-turvy. So, if you are looking for something that can add a touch of elegance and character to your walls with minimal hassles then go for the right wall paneling option.

Digitally Printed Wall Panels Is The Way To Go!

With the advent of newer technologies, wall paneling has also undergone a significant change.  Digital printed wall cladding is the latest development that has become all the rage.

Fibre cement boards with digitally printed designs are trending these days. Be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen area or bathroom, these panels can turn even the simplest of walls into stunning artwork.

Easy to install & clean and long lasting what more one can look for? These are some of the key reasons that have made digitally printed fibre cement panels the sought-after choice of interior designers and home owners. Well, let’s take a look at some of the reasons below:

digital printing boards made of fibre cement boards | Ecopro

Reasons for growing popularity of digitally printed fibre cement panels:

  • Excellent features:

    Fibre cement panels with digital printed patterns fall in the category of most workable and resilient surfaces that can withstand moisture, fire, and weather. These are sound absorbing panels, that can help you create a peaceful environ, free from distractive noises. They are also cost-effective when compared to other traditional tile options like stone or wood. It’s no surprise then, this wall paneling option is grabbing all the eyeballs.

  • Endless choices to explore:

    Variety is the spice of all, truly said. Multitudes of pattern and design choices are precisely why these wall panels are a crowd-puller. You can have any design printed on them. Whether you admire a rustic look of wood or prefer a bolder look with striped or chevron design, with digital printed wall option you can create your dream space you long for.

  • Consistency in designs:

    If you are worried about the consistency of the printed design on these boards, then just take it easy. Fibre cement boards are made with the help of advanced technology that ensure digital printed patterns get merged easily. You can be assured of receiving exactly what you’ve ordered. Adding visual appeal to your home, these wall panels are surely the show stealers!

digital printing boards made of fibre cement boards | Ecopro

Walls are Just the Beginning

Digitally printed panels are not limited to your side walls. They can also be used to amplify your ceilings. If you look at any sophisticated interiors of the past, they always have highly decorated ceilings with plaster, gilding, and painted frescos. You can recreate the magic of false ceiling with fibre cement false ceiling boards. Carve out amazing pattern on your ceilings with digitally printed panels and breathe new energy to your room.

Your walls cannot be the last piece of the puzzle when you’re decorating your space. So, next time when you plan a new home or renovate your old one make sure you don’t miss out your walls. Fibre cement panels with intriguing digital printed patterns are something you can trust to liven up your interiors.

Still on the fence about your wall styling options? EcoPro brings to you premium quality fibre cement wall panels with digital printing options that are captivating and lasting.  Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to serve you!