Partition Wall Ideas for Homes & Offices

Its New Year time and refashioning your interiors could be real fun. Whether it’s your home or office, partition walls can be a great addition to your room. With right material and creative partition layout, you can squeeze out extra space and have a more organized setting. So, get rid of your old partition wall and glam up your space with these ideas:

  • CNC cut panels:

    These are excellent customization options for creating a visual division in a large open space. Using desired patterns with acrylic, fibre cement board, MDF and particle board, you can zone your exiting space beautifully with the much needed visual connect.

  • Shutter partition:

    Having been used for over decades, the shutter partitions are great way to hide clutter and create a streamlined space. With more choices in materials and designs, you can explore vintage look or settle with something more contemporary. They have an edge over other room dividers due their flexibility which enables the user to alter the extent of partition as per requirement.

  • Timber partitions:

    Timber partitions gel well with a minimalistic interior set up. You can put them up for your office cubicles or use them to camouflage stairwell or design circulation corridors. Whichever way you use, they can add to the classy edge of the décor.

  • Glass partition:

    This is one of the well-known partition options that allows you to experiment with its trendy variants like glass tiles and textured glass. Available in appealing patterns and colors, the glass dividers offer sense of transparency with reasonable privacy and sound insulation.

  • String partitions:

    For those who want to try something unique yet captivating can opt for string partitions. It is one of the most innovative and cost effective partition alternatives that perfectly go with the earthy interior themes. The best part is that you can fabricate a division illusion while sticking to the visual clarity.

  • Storage partition walls:

    Wall dividers with cubbyholes for storage and display can act as your organizer. You can position your shelves flat against the wall as a bookcase or use them vertically as a storage unit. With this type of partition you get to maximize your storage space and optimize your available room space.

Above mentioned pointers are just few picks from the pool of ideas. There are many other wall partition inspirations that can be used to bring in desirable transformation to your existing décor. Steel frames, bamboos, drywall partition, natural wood, fibre cement boards, planters etc too can be manipulated for designing elegant wall dividers.

What are the characteristics of a good partition wall?

  • Thin in cross-section to ensure maximum floor area can be utilized
  • Provide adequate privacy in segregated spaces, both in respect to sight and sound
  • Primed from light, durable, and insulated materials
  • Should have a simple installation
  • Good resistance against fire, heat, moisture, termite infestations, etc
  • Robust enough to take the vibrations caused due to loads
  • Strong enough to support sanitary fittings & heavy fixtures

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