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6 Reasons Why Fibre Cement Sheet Deserves To Be The Best Roof Underlay Material

Cement, as most of us know, is a binding material which hardens and sets while joining materials together. It is used on a very large scale in the construction industry as concrete – a material which forms the perfect ingredient for strong construction. It’s no wonder then that cement is the most widely used material in existence, second only to water!

Fibre cement sheet is a very popular modification to the regular cement sheet and is more versatile and stronger than the base version. It is a highly durable material manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, pozzolana, a superior grade of cellulose fibre and binders of a siliceous base. Fibre cement sheets are increasingly being preferred for providing roofing, cladding and siding solutions. Here are 6 compelling reasons that make fibre cement sheets the optimal choice for a roof underlay.

fire resistant board

1. Light in weight

Fibre cement sheet is porous, strong and hence light in weight. They are 4 to 6 times lighter as compared to concrete, and hence, quick and easy to transport and set up.

2. Heat and fire-resistant

In spite of being light in weight, fibre cement sheet is a fire resistant board which also insulates from heat. In fact, the material has almost a 90% fire repellent rating which could greatly restrict the spreading of flames when compared to wood and other more flammable roofing materials. It provides protection from the outside weather and displays high resistance to temperature changes. Apart from heat and fire, it is also moisture resistant and can sustain and repel water to a great extent, avoiding water leakage.

3. Weatherproof

The ingredients of the fibre cement sheet are resistant to sea air and moisture, making it an ideal roof underlaying material in waterfront properties. Unlike wood, this material is not a choice of food for the mildew, molds, and termites. Hence they are completely protected from insects and other organisms. Fibre cement sheets do not swell and shrink as weather changes. They are also moisture resistant and can sustain and repel water to a great extent, avoiding water leakage. Hence, fibre sheets form a very long-lasting and durable material.

4. Easy to cut and drill

The fibre cement sheets are easy to cut using usual carpentry tools. They can also be cut using a hand saw or an electrically operated circular saw. A regular electric hand drill can be used to drill holes into it. This eases the installation and modification of roofs.

5. Absorbs Sound

The roof underlay material work as sound absorbing panels that absorbs sound produced from heavy rain falling on the roof. The fibre cement sheets also seal all the gaps and block the dust from entering through.

6. Eco-friendly

This remarkable invention is lightweight, contains No VOC/ No Formaldehyde and is also Asbestos Free. Hence, in the times where the world is dealing with issues such as global warming and pollution due to concretization, fibre cement sheets, being eco-friendly, provide a better alternative.

All the above points make fibre cement sheets an excellent choice for roof underlaying with benefits that extend to both the builder and the homeowner. EcoPro is a dealer of fibre cement sheets providing interior solutions for your homes and offices. For more details contact 020-26444625/26/27 or +919762228070.