fibre cement board as exterior cladding panels

Why Fibre Cement Boards Are Better Than Other Drywall Options For Exterior Cladding

When it comes to choosing the type of material for your exterior cladding, you will invariably want a material that will not catch moisture and termites and yet look aesthetically beautiful. The cladding is a critical choice in determining how a building holds up and how much upkeep will be required to maintain it. Today’s cladding choices are more varied than ever, offering better technical protection also more aesthetic options.

As such, there are various materials available to be used as exterior wall cladding such as stone, metal, brick, vinyl, wood, gypsum & fibre cement. Out of these, the most popular types of materials preferred for exterior cladding panels are two, Gypsum boards and fibre cement boards. All these materials look similar from the outside which might confuse the common user but differ in their properties. Of late, fibre cement board has been catching up more popularity with architects, realizing the multiple benefits it has over other varieties of materials. Here is a brief comparison between Fibre cement and Gypsum boards.

  • The make: Fibre cement board is a building material made of reinforced fibre, cement, and quartz sand. Reinforcing fibre with cement contributes to the strength of the material making it a strong and long-lasting choice for cladding and roofing. While Gypsum boards, also known as drywalls, are panels made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper. They are very commonly employed to construct interior walls and ceilings. While a fibre cement board and a Gypsum Board can both be used in similar applications such as cladding and roofing, there are certain differences between the two. Let us try to understand these on the basis of parameters.
  • Durability: When it comes to being durable, Fibre cement boards are far more long-lasting and efficient that gypsum boards. This is because of the mesh-like molecular structure of the components which provide strength and flexibility to the fibre cement sheets.
  • Resistivity to weather changes: When it comes to weather, every roof experiences at least 3 elements of nature viz. the wind, water, and heat. Fibre cement boards exhibit excellent resistivity towards all these. They are highly water-resistant which helps to avoid the growth of moulds and mildews on the roof surface. Gypsum boards are not naturally waterproof but have to be coated with water-resistant material to make them resist water up to a certain extent. Due to the fibre in the Fibre cement, the exterior wall cladding using fibre cement boards resist heat better than gypsum boards, thereby insulating the room and keeping the temperature regulated even during hot summers. Additionally, Fibre cement boards are used as sound-absorbent drywall partition, allowing the sound to soak inside the walls like a sponge soaking water.
  • Porosity: Gypsum boards are more porous than Fibre cement boards. This makes gypsum boards easy to cut even with a knife while Fibre cement boards might require a saw. They are also easier to fit simply using taper-head drywall screws. Fibre cement boards have to be installed by professionals.
  • Environmental safety: Fibre cement boards are environmentally safe. Fibre cement boards are made of fibre and cement which is organically produced and is much less harmful to nature. They are truly a revolutionary product replacing many of the traditional resources like wood and cement. Fibre cement boards are made of fibre and cement which are organically produced and are much less harmful to nature. The EcoPro Fibre Cement Sheet is even awarded the GreenPro Certification as an assertion of its environmental safety right from the production to the disposal, reducing heat island effect. On the other hand, Gypsum Plasterboard is versatile & recyclable too but uses considerable energy in a process that also can cause toxicity to land and eutrophication of water.

If you are looking for eco-friendly, durable and long-lasting cladding solutions, EcoPro is a manufacturer of the all-purpose fibre cement boards. Fibre cement claddings are not only an ideal choice but also a wise one. Contact us today!