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Exploring Fibre Cement Fused Board As A Flooring Material For Your Mezzanine

Having extra space is always a luxury and utilizing it correctly takes it a notch higher.

Mezzanine floors are one of the smartest and economical ways to put extra vertical space to practical use. Whether it’s your spacious living area with a high ceiling or a commercial store with unused roof space above it, you can carve out some additional usable space without compromising on the functionality of the available floor area.

With mezzanine floors, you get to explore a whole new dimension of possibilities. Using top-grade mezzanine flooring material and a precise design plan you can create the much-needed utility areas like library, storage, kid’s room, gallery, etc. without unnecessary clutter.

Pre-requisites for Mezzanine construction

While the concept of mezzanine flooring is not new, the emergence of multitudes of high-end building materials, better architectural technologies and intriguing designs have magnified its importance. To ensure your mezzanine flooring plan is fool-proof, prepare a checklist of important factors. Some of the pertinent questions that you need to ask yourself are as follows:

mezzanine flooring material

  • Whether the height is feasible for the extra floor?
  • Which material will best serve the purpose?
  • Is there any planning permission needed?
  • What weight or load you can put on the floor?
  • What floor finish will be suitable?
  • Does the mezzanine need to be fire rated? If so, what does this involve?

Ideally speaking, any construction calls for attention to the minutest details and mezzanine flooring is no exception. If you want to enjoy the luxury of well-structured mezzanine flooring, make sure to draft out a clear plan in consultation with a professional who knows the job well.

Partner with EcoPro Fibre Cement Fused boards for your mezzanine flooring!

Stronger, faster and economical construction is what resonates with today’s architects and consumers. Keeping this in mind, the EcoPro brings to you, premium quality fibre cement fused boards that stand out in quality and aesthetics.

The versatile and eco-friendly range of EcoPro offers you ample possibilities to explore. If mezzanine flooring is in your plans, then EcoPro should be on your mind.

mezzanine flooring material

Here’s why.

  • It offers A1 fire-rated, non-combustible fibre cement boards that exhibit excellent durability and safety features.
  • As flooring boards, these are highly resilient to heavy impacts.
  • The boards do not absorb moisture, swell, break down or rot like composite.
  • When it comes to protection against infestation, these equate to top quality termite proof plywood.
  • They are workable and customizable materials that can be easily tailored to fit any edge and corner.
  • Unlike other popular decking materials like wood, the EcoPro fibre cement boards don’t fade in the sun or peel over time. The only time you need to repaint or stain it is when you wish to change the look.

EcoPro fibre cement fused boards and panels adequately fit the one board many application requirements. Be it mezzanine floor, facade, columns & beams or false ceilings & claddings, the range works as an excellent solution for all types of constructions. Available in different sizes, ranging from 36-50mm and 8x4 feet, the EcoPro fibre cement boards are the new-age building solutions that deliver maximum return on your investment.

If you want to create the best, don’t settle for something ordinary. Connect with the best brand, connect with EcoPro!