5 Places in Your House That You Can Turn Green Today

Plants are perfect to fill the empty spaces left on bookshelves, accent tables, and the cubical slots in a drywall partition. They add layers to your home’s personality and create a stress-free soothing environment. Plants cleanse the air inside your home and increase the aesthetics of your indoors. They are also a good way to grow your organic food. Even though you can’t always find an expansive space or a backyard to greenify, you can still make optimum usage of whatever space you have. Here are some places in your house which you can utilize to create a green oasis inside your home.

  1. Walls

Vertical gardens are a highly constructive approach to add a green wall to your home without compromising much space at all – minimum space maximum impact! They have the potency to bring mundane walls to life. As space cities become increasingly premium, vertical gardens provide a welcome oasis. Plants are also good sound absorbents. So if your neighbours frequently complain of your TV volume, adding a layer of green will act as sound absorbing panels for your room.

Pro Tip:

Plants require drainage, so if not present already, it’s recommended to punch a small hole in your plant container using a drill and placing a lava rock to obstruct the hole and soak excess water, before you pour soil into the container.

  1. Window Sills

Window sills are often built and neglected not considering their utility as a strong base for the plant. You can put this space to use and make your window look attractive by dotting it with colourful plants. To add zest, you can use glass jars, empty liquor bottles or steel containers to plant herbs and other foliages. Choose easy to maintain plants like ferns and ivy that grow at a slow pace and accept abundant sunlight.

Pro Tip:

Plants require a few hours of light to perform photosynthesis, i.e. the food they need. Without enough light, plants shrink and do not grow to their full capacity. When placing an indoor plant, try to place them beneath a source of light such as an incandescent light, a bulb or a window.

  1. Bookshelves

Whoever said bookshelves were meant only for books haven’t met plants yet. Of course, books are beautiful too, but plants add life and animate the bookshelves. The sight of a money plant stem hanging from one shelf and extending to the one below is quite artistic.

Pro Tip:

Construct bookshelves using water-resistant materials such as EcoPro fibre cement sheet. These sheets are water-resistant and termite-proof. Plus, they do not catch fire, so you can also add a couple of decorative candles without the fear of torching up your books!

fibre cement boards for planting in house

  1. Balcony

Most of the apartments come with a balcony and if you are lucky, the balcony receives abundant sunlight too. Such ideal spaces should never go waste by not planting a plant. It’s like your floating backyard where you can place pots, lay a lawn (true or faux), add a vertical garden or even install a mini pond. Put some furniture in your balcony, install some lights and your little cafe green is good to go.

Pro Tip:

To avoid spilling dirt through the drainage hole, place small squares of netting on the inside of the pot. You can also use cheesecloth, old window screening, or something that will allow water to pass through.

  1. Bathroom

Bathrooms may seem like an unlikely space for plants but they are, in fact, a good ecosphere for plants that thrive in humidity. Spider plants, bamboos, succulents like aloe vera and orchids are just some of the names that can make your bathroom their home. Plus, these little ones will make sure to supply you with a whiff of fresh oxygen, now and then.

Pro Tip:

If the humidity is low, the tips of leaves start becoming brown and plants appear puckered or withered

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