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Why Fibre Cement Board is Best Soffit Material for Your Home

An important but often overlooked construction feature, soffit is essential to any home exterior. It protects your home from all sorts of invaders think everything from mould to squirrels and provides a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure. Today, a variety of materials are used for soffit, but not all of them deliver the same level of


Wood is a famous and traditional material for soffits. They can be polished and recycled to achieve the desired look. But unfortunately, wood is prone to weathering. If it gets wet it can split, crack, rot or warp out of shape therefore need continuous maintenance which can cost you time and money.

Vinyl soffit

Vinyl soffit is less expensive but can attract mould and mildew. It is a plasticbased product can easily be damaged by temperature swings.

Aluminium soffit

Aluminium soffit is a better option than Vinyl and wood. It available In a variety of colours and textures. But the downside of aluminium, however, is that the quality of its appearance can wane over time, leading to a chalky surface with significant colour fading. Regular
repainting is required.

Fibre cement soffit

Fibre cement soffit boards are costeffective and generally less expensive than other materials. This new generation material is durable, longlasting, flame retardant and rotresistant. Another big advantage of fiber cement soffit is that it can maintain its original allure easily, also won’t have to worry about chalking or paint peeling because the colour generally outlasts other soffit options. To make your house roofs aesthetically beautiful and longlasting, we recommend you only use EcoPro Fibre cement boards. EcoPro Fibre cement boards are robust, light in weight, ecofriendly, and very easy to install. They can be used as both Eaves and Soffit lining and even as fascia. The boards can be cut according to the requirements and be fastened to the roof underside frame using screws. To get in touch with us and see how we can help you,
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