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Your Guide To Building A Mezzanine Floor for a Huge Shed

When it comes to a house, extra floor space is always welcome! Every house owner in the world would agree with this fact. Traditional home designs of the past generation always dedicated a considerable portion for open spaces. Times have changed though; these days you seldom find homes that have ample open spaces. If you are a house owner who is looking to create some free space without hampering your home’s interior design, you should definitely opt for a mezzanine floor design. The best part about dealing with mezzanine is that you can do the required repairs by yourself without much of a hassle.

Now that you know about a mezzanine floor design, we will walk you through the entire process of building a mezzanine floor for your shed or garage.

Before you start anything, you first need to understand the purpose of your floor. There are many questions that you need to ask yourself before starting the entire process. Listed below are a few of them:

mezzanine floor design

What will you use the mezzanine floor for?

The good thing about a mezzanine floor is that the sky is the limit when it comes to its utility. You can use it for your home office space, for your garage, or even as an extra storage space. Before you start anything you need to think clearly as to what you are going to be using the mezzanine floor for. This will help you in determining the exact floor plan and the materials that you will be requiring. Furthermore, getting an answer to this question will also help you in determining whether you will need additional things like office fit out, hoists or pallet racking.

How much weight will it need to hold?

What is the amount of the load the floor will be bearing? This will ultimately take you back to the first question which is what will you be using the mezzanine floor for. Once you answer the first question precisely this part will be a piece of cake.

What is going under the flooring?

Once you have a clear understanding of what you are going to on top of the floor, you will also need to give a thought as to what goes beneath it.

What size do you want it to be?  

This is the part when you will be determining the mezzanine floor design. This is the stage where you will need to consider various aspects like shape, width, length, and the height of your floor.

Once you have answered all of the above questions, you can go out and buy the required material for the building process. Assemble everything and start with building the shed frame, you will be required to include brackets for the mezzanine flooring in order to construct solid and upright beams. After you are done building the shed you can start with the mezzanine floor and follow the manual provided to you with the mezzanine sheets.

If you want to save yourself from the trouble of doing all of this, you can always come to us at Ecopro and ask for a mezzanine floor design. We can take you through the entire process of mezzanine flooring and help you understand what suits your requirements the best. We are experts in this arena and you trust us to do a great job!