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Let your Exterior cladding stand out with Trendy Architectural Fins

Architectural fins are an excellent way to elevate an otherwise drab building exterior.  Projecting outward perpendicularly from the facade, the fins can create a beautiful effect turning even the dullest Cartesian curtain wall grids into something eye-catchy.

Whether you desire to add visual details to the square frames of your curtain walling system or enhance depth of simple rain screen facade, the fins are just the right exterior wall cladding option to go for

It’s a flourishing trend that’s gradually picking up momentum. Amazon’s corporate building in Seattle is a perfect example of the trend going mainstream. With perforated-metal and acrylic fins placed in a randomized pattern, the edifice stands out with its captivating look.

Well, it’s not just about aesthetics that make fin architectural style a sought-after choice of builders and designers. The functional value too is paving the way for its growing popularity. Installing a fin system can be a great way of introducing solar shading and optimizing quality ventilation in a building.

With a well-designed fin framework you can control the ingress of sunlight in the premises and maintain the internal temperature too. What’s more, with classy architectural fins on your exteriors it’s easier to cover those messy looking ducts and vents that bring down the charm of your property.


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Types of Architectural Fins

There are primarily two types of architectural fins to choose from. One is the simple profile or brake fins which are generally pre-fabricated. Easy to install, these fins are bracketed back to the respective structure. However, at times with inclusion of other elements it might get a bit more complicated. The second type includes large structural profiles with multiple elements fused together. These types of fins are mainly incorporated into the main structure of the building and act as structural support.

Determining Position as per the Function 

Deciding the placement of the fins according to the purpose of construction is an important factor that can’t be ruled out. If the main objective is not restricted to merely building a structural framework but also to have a better control over the natural elements such as sunlight, wind and rain, then right spacing and positioning of fins should be top of mind.  For instance, if you want solar shading for your south facing building, then you need to plan accordingly.


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How to Choose Material?

When selecting material for your architectural fins, you must consider how well it can be optimized and manipulated (shapes, colors, textures etc) such that it perfectly complements the overall structure. Fortunately with the availability of the latest bending and folding tools you have a broader choice for your fins, forming an integral part of your cladding project.

If you are thinking about creating a style statement with facade fins, then it’s always better to consult experts who have sound understanding of the cladding techniques. EcoPro offers you the opportunity to share your ideas and doubts with our specialist for thought-through solutions.

For all your cladding issues, we are there for you. Reach out to us and we’ll take care of all!