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Ecopro Dura Tuff Boards

Is your Bathroom Secretly Seeping Water? Choose EcoPro Dura Tuff Fibre Cement

A lot goes into the making of a strong and beautiful home. While the living room, bedroom and kitchen
occupy the central focus of our home plan, unfortunately, bathrooms remain the underrated area for

The bathroom is an essential part of your home and any laxity in its construction or design can wreak havoc.
While working on a new home project or renovations of the existing one, selecting the right materials for
bathrooms is crucial. Be it the flooring, walls or other plumbing fixtures, choosing the top-grade material
can save you from future hassles.

Many of us have experienced the horrors of water leakage in the bathroom. The issue of water seepage
is graver than it may appear initially. A damp bathroom can cause damage to the building structure and
create an unhygienic environment due to the growth of mould or mildew. Moreover, your bathrooms tiles
can become loose and your grout too can fall off over a period of time, creating a mess.

Fibre cement is the way to the smarter bathroom designs

EcoPro Dura Tuff Boards

Fibre cement boards have emerged as great options for bathroom and wet areas in the form of tile
backers, linings and walls. High-end fibre cement range like Ecopro Dura Tuff Boards is high performing,
long-lasting and moisture resistant and hence, ideal for use bathroom constructions.

As a back liner, a Fibre cement board (with high tensile strength) provides a strong base for laying
vitrified / Ceramic tiles in wet areas. With a proper framed structure, the Fibre cement claddings can
also take a load of wall-mounted closets, washbasin, mirrors and other fixtures.

EcoPro boards demonstrate excellent dimensional & geometric properties and resilience that meet the
ISO standards. Water impermeability coupled with impact-resistance features adds to its value as a
reliable building material. It’s no surprise then that such Fibre cement panels are also the sought-after
the choice for external wall cladding.

Fibre cement range is not merely a practical solution for damp areas but also a versatile cladding option
to enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom. You can create an amazing visual impact by
pairing it with your tiled shower, bathtub or floor. Explore different shades and textures–painted,
wallpapered or tiling versions to bring intriguing style to the interiors without compromising with the

Want a modern farmhouse look? Opt for horizontal lined cladding that offers the timeless appeal
without the concerns of warping and water damage. Want something subtle? Go for classic grey or soft
shades that perfectly complement the floor tiles and vanity in your bathroom creating a clean, seamless

Choose EcoPro Dura Tuff because your bathroom deserves recognition!

EcoPro is a reputed fibre cement manufacturer known for its endeavour to bring in new age building
solutions. The company offers top-grade Dura Tuff fibre cement boards that are robust, light, classy and
versatile construction material suited for a wide range of building constructions. From roofs, ceilings,
partition walls to flooring and internal& external claddings, this fibre cement range is the choice of smart

EcoPro Dura Tuff Boards

If you want your bathrooms linings to withstand your daily shower moisture and set free you from
dampness issues, then EcoPro Dura Tuff Boards are just the right material for you. Manufactured using
the latest technology, these fibre cement panels are the new age solutions with excellent water
resistance and high impact resistance features. The range gives you the opportunity to create a truly
elegant and refreshing bathroom space with no risks of unexpected or expensive repairs down the line.

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