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4 Trending Design Ideas for your Kitchen

Tired of cooking in same boring space? Looking for some new inspiration? Look no further than our innovative kitchen design ideas made using EcoPro fibre cement boards.

Fibre cement boards are revolutionary materials manufactured using latest firewall technology. This technology not only retards fire but also helps in extinguishing it once the source of the fire is removed, Additionally, these fibre cement boards are also water and termite resistant thereby making them perfect for your kitchen furniture.

Wondering how FCB would enhance your kitchen? Look at these fabulous modern kitchens done using Fibre cement board.

Handcrafted Bricks for wall

FCB Brick is one of the most trending materials for kitchen backsplash. This pattern adds a lot of charm and class to space. It rejuvenates the area with subtle warmth and character.

ecopro handcrafted bricks   ecopro handcrafted bricks



Plain EcoPro Board with Digital Print

fibre cement board with digital print is often the first choice for those looking to revamp their kitchen cabinets or install fresh ones. With latest printing technology you can have any design printed on them. Whether you admire a rustic look of wood or prefer a bolder look with striped or chevron design, with a digital printed wall option you can create your dream kitchen you long for.

Ecopro digital print

Fibre cement board for Fins

These fins patterns are a new way to create partition wall in the kitchen. You can cut fibre cement board in any shape and size to achieve the desired look.

ecopro fins

Mind-blowing Ceiling

EcoPro Fibre cement boards are available in different types of designs and textures like Planks (wooden texture), CNC Patterns, and Designer boards(Aquatic, wave, Pebbles etc) are some of the best options to enhance the look of the kitchen.

ecopro designer tiles ecopro cnc ceiling ecopro planks


To know more about EcoPro fibre cement board for your kitchen contact now.