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CNC Cutting Design – The Secret Ingredient to an Awe Inspiring Home Decor

When it comes to home décor ideas nothing seems enough. Despite endless choices for creating inspiring aesthetics, the search for something unique and classic continues.  Talking of the latest hot trend that’s hogging the limelight is the CNC cutting design or jali design.

A striking architectural feature found in forts and palaces, the charm of lattice artwork has certainly not faded away with time. In fact, it has gained the reputation of being the sought-after choice of most home décor enthusiasts. Available in variety of patterns -symmetrical lines, geometrical shapes, calligraphy and more, the lattice screens are just the right addition for elevating your décor element.

CNC Cutting Design | EcoPro


But how do I incorporate CNC cutting designs in my existing home décor?

You can create a beautiful artwork by integrating CNC panels in your home décor. Highlighted below are some of the ways you can use it.

CNC as partition:

You can create perfect private corners or squeeze out extra space by using the CNC partition. The exquisite pattern on a laser cut panel can blend in beautifully with your contemporary home and separate your living and dining areas without any visual clutter. You can also use CNC divider with floral motifs to enhance the look of your open layout kitchen while maintaining a semblance of privacy.

CNC as wall accents:

Lattice screens with delicate laser cut motifs are brought to life with back-light arrangement. They have a classy decorative quality to them, which is why they can be used as wall accents. Use the back-lit jali design for your Pooja room to create a serene Zen atmosphere.

In the foyer:

A foyer is the fitting entrance to your home. Doing it in an interesting way can make your entrance lot more welcoming. Go for a jali panel to create a foyer where there is none or install one to add an ornate touch, giving a sneak peak into your home.

CNC on ceiling:

When it comes to accentuating your interiors, you can’t afford to skip the ceilings. Lattice screens on walls and ceilings come together to conjure up an amazingly pleasing and decorative scape. So, next time you plan for your false ceiling for hall or other rooms, make sure you don’t skimp on CNC designs.

CNC as an enclosure:

The CNC designs also give you the opportunity to build just the right enclosures for your porch. Use floral CNC design to provide the perfect backdrop for the porch, and just enough screening to create a sense of enclosure for the seating area.

CNC in furniture:

To embellish the look of furniture pieces, CNC patterns can be integrated within their designs, too.  For instance, you can opt for CNC design in headboard or wall-mounted units and lamps.

CNC on doors and windows:

CNC designs are versatile. You don’t need to limit your ideas to ceilings, walls and furniture. Get creative, try CNC cutting designs for your doors and windows as well.  With intricate CNC work and appealing patterns turn your basic door and windows into stunning structures.

Popular EcoPro Screen designs

EcoPro brings to you premium quality fibre cement boards that qualify as one of the best material for CNC designs. Easy to work with CNC machine, these boards can be given exquisite patterns for outstanding structures. Some of the exciting patterns that you can explore with EcoPro Screen for your interiors as well as home exteriors include:

  • Flower patterns:
    The floral patterns have the timeless charm that adds grace to your décor. This floral designer panel can be used as beautiful room divider or in foyers.CNC Design - Flower pattern | Ecopro
  • Tree patterns:
    Give a unique look to your exterior with CNC cut designer boards and impress your guests. Being resistant to weather conditions, the EcoPro Screen are excellent additions for your exteriors and a visual treat for tree lovers out there.CNC - Tree patterns | EcoPro
  • Circular patterns:
    You can create a subtle partition with this amazing pattern. This is the perfect choice for those looking for a contemporary touch to their dividers or partition wall.CNC - Circular patterns | EcoPro
  • Other geometric patterns:
    Go bold and create some magic with geometrical designs on the ceiling. This design is for the bold and for the quirky.
    CNC - geometric patterns | EcoPro
  • Heart shaped patterns:
    Do you want to try something different for your home? Heart shaped patterns are a good choice for you. You can use it as headboards to embellish your bedroom or elevate the look and feel of your pooja corner.

Want to glam up your minimalistic décor? Shake things up with CNC work on EcoPro panels. Explore different CNC design patterns and integrate them with your home décor ideas. Whether you choose Jali back-lit backdrops for your living space or artistic charm of CNC Ceiling design, these dainty additions are sure to jazz up the ambiance.