8 Quirky Ideas to Uplift Your Interiors Using Fibre Cement Board

Fibre cement board is a truly ingenious invention. Thanks to its components, Fibre cement boards are durable, low on maintenance, fire-resistant, impenetrable by bugs, rodents and molds and also impervious to moisture. They can act like a termite proof plywood and be built to closely imitate wood, stone, and brick. Additionally, they can also be painted, making them extremely versatile! All these qualities make fibre cement a very fluid material for your interior use.

Why Fibre Cement Boards Work Well Inside?

The qualities that make it so attractive for exteriors make it a good material for indoors, too.  For instance, Fibre cement boards are excellent energy savers. They insulate your home from external elements such as heat and cold, consequently, saving electricity bills behind the turning of Heaters and Coolers. They can act as soundproof wall panels to avoid your house from resounding like the walls of a deep cave. Instead of the usual POP, the fibre cement board can be used as a false ceiling for hall and office spaces. The advantage of fibre cement is that they are easy to install with minimal invasion, are light in weight, are more sophisticated in appearance, are available in various design options and are also cost-effective. Clapboard style fibre cement planks give you the look of wood without the cost or the maintenance. Fibre Cement Panels come in more sizes than plywood or drywall and can also be cut to use as trim. A fibre cement board’s qualities as an exterior siding make it good for interior applications, too.  Here are 8 ideas to try yourself.

  1. A Fibre cement panel can be used as a headboard in your bedroom
  2. If you are lucky enough to have inherited some beautiful industrial space big, metal-framed windows, you can use fibre cement panels to create urban lofts
  3. You can cover your walls and ceiling with clapboard planks of fibre cement in the shape of lines to add visual interest
  4. Planks with wood finish can be used on walls and ceilings give your home a cabin feel, akin to a knotty pine panelling style
  5. Fibre cement boards can be used to build drywall partitions for your own little office space inside the house
  6. Fibre cement can be used as excellent support for tile countertops in the kitchen or bath, because of its mold and moisture resistant qualities
  7. You can build customized fibre cement planters for urban and chic indoor and patio plantations
  8. Make a raised platform for your bed

These are just a few ways in which fibre cement boards can uplift your interiors and add style with a utility to your ambience. If you are looking for an excellent quality Fibre cement board for your interior and exterior applications, visit EcoPro and find out your options, today!