Using EcoPro's fibre cement board as false ceiling for hall

Things to Tick Off Your Checklist Before You Finalize That False Ceiling

Ceilings are one of the primary elements of an interior space that enjoy a clear and unobstructed view unlike other spaces such as floors and walls. In your entire house, a ceiling is one place that people look up to, quite literally. False ceilings then are a great way to remodel the look of your house or office or any other space for that matter. It can add distinct value to your interiors and charm to your ambience.

By definition, a false ceiling is a ceiling made beneath the main ceiling of the room or building. It is like a second layer of the roof, suspended from the main roof/ceiling, with the help of a metal or wooden frames which is why it is also known as a dropped ceiling. False ceilings not only enhance the aesthetics of a room, but they also provide functional benefits such as insulation from outside temperature, concealing wires, light fixtures, and AC ducts etc. and high levels of sound absorption as well. But installing a false ceiling can be a daunting task considering the number of choices available. For instance, which material to use – POP, Gypsum or fibre cement board? What should be my colour combination? Is my room height sufficient? Etc. Read on as we try to inform you of a few of the things that should help you get going with your false ceiling project.

Design & Layout:

While a false ceiling gives you a broad field to play with the look and feel of your room, it also drives people to come up with very cluttered designs. It is recommended you stick to the geometry of the room such that the design of the false ceiling seamlessly infuses with the existing pattern and is pleasing to the eye. Commercial spaces should emphasize more on lighting rather than fancy or ornate designs depending on the business eg jewellery and boutiques could have ornate designs that add a creative element to their product offerings.

Getting the height right:

While planning for a false ceiling, it is important that you measure the room’s height accurately. False ceilings add down several inches to your roof. The false ceiling installation in offices and commercial spaces could be used to house several things like HVAC, lighting and other support lines, thereby increasing the width of the false ceiling and reducing the effective height of the room. You don’t want your hands to touch the ceiling every time you stretch them out for a yawn!

Colour Coding:

There is no fixed colour that is ideal for a roof but it varies according to the purpose. For instance, if you are planning a false ceiling for hall, you should stick to lighter colours such as off white, cream, etc. This not only blends the ceiling with the rest of the house but also gives a relaxed feeling especially when concealed lights subtly illuminate the ceilings from behind as they glow. When it is a commercial space or an office, again a white or cement grey colour is preferable as you don’t want to give your (already stressed) employees a visual shock. On the other hand, if it’s a bar, a lounge, a club or a themed restaurant, you can experiment with dark coloured ceilings to add boldness to the ambience. EcoPro fibre cement sheets offer the versatility of CNC cutting, concealed fixtures and can also be wallpapered to gives distinct look suitable to your theme.

Combining Style with Serviceability:

When designing false ceilings, the utmost intent is to add vogue to your space. It is very easy then to sideline the practical value of a ceiling as compared to the aesthetic ones. For instance, traditionally people have been using POP or Gypsum boards for false ceilings. Today, EcoPro Fibre cement board has emerged as an option that has much greater utility – it’s highly sound absorbent, fire-resistant and even termite-proof. Fibre cement sheets are eco-friendly too, which means you cause minimal damage to the environment and contribute to a sustainable future. The best part is, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetícs for your ceilings and yet be sustainable as EcoPro is a Greenpro label product.

If you are looking for a visually appealing and eco-friendly solution for your false ceilings, then visit the EcoPro website and explore your options. Contact us today and we will be happy to guide you!