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4 Chic Decor Ideas to Add Instant Cheer to Your Space

While adding home decor is an exciting task, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Your end goal should always be to showcase your ideas in a tasteful way. For that to fulfil, you need to face issues ranging from an interior that lacks natural light to a layout that’s much smaller than you’d like. These common dilemmas might ruin your mood from decorating altogether. If you want to add a quirky & modern touch to your house without the risk of going wrong and frustrating yourself, here are some decor ideas by EcoPro that will make your house from boring to happening in four ways than one!

  • Plant a terrarium
    House plants add more character to any room and improve air quality and moisture. They also enhance productivity and cognitive attention. Indoor plants in clay, ceramic and cement pots are done and dusted, Terrarium is the new thing. Create your own mini ecosphere by planting unusual tropical plants inside glass containers. These terrariums are easy to care for and don’t require skillsets better than you would for any other indoor plant. Instead of discarding your old whiskey bottles and aquariums, you can put them to better use as containers. When choosing a container, remember that closed ones provide a humid atmosphere more conducive for exotic plants while open containers provide an atmosphere suitable for succulents. To ensure drainage, fill the pot base with an inch or two of gravels. Cover it with a fibreglass or coir screening to avoid mixing of soil. Then layer it with pre-moistened coco peat or coconut coir or potting soil to hold the plant firmly inside it. Your glass pot is ready to go! Place these glass pots on beautiful table tops made from EcoPro fibre cement board as they are highly resistant to water spillage and moisture.Read Also: Wallpapering Tips & Tricks to Enliven Your Home Decor
  • Create a Gallery Wall
    Gallery walls can be a fun way of making a personal statement in your home. It’s an easy way to add style and personality to any room — no need to paint the walls and no wallpapering them. The most inspiring gallery walls are those that mix a variety of artworks representing a range of media, from photographs to drawings, combined with personal mementoes like your kid’s artwork or souvenirs from your travel time. Antique cameras are also the perfect residents for a bookcase. The gallery wall is particularly great for a small apartment, as it can provide a focal point, add depth and make the room feel properly decorated without taking up any extra floor space, thereby minimizing clutter. A minimal bookshelf with a few books and some objects can add instant appeal to any room. Use EcoPro fibre cement sheet for shelves as they are aesthetically pleasing and also act like termite proof plywood exhibiting longer ‘shelf-life’.
  • Display antiques and collectibles on a table
    If you are fond of collecting old stuffs, put your vintage finds to good use. Old rusted soda cans, school cookie tins and canisters can be turned into unique display boxes with plants. If you have been to the beach and collected a lot of sand and shells, then fill them in glass mason jars and line them in your table compartments.  Try grouping candles of different sizes and colors in one tray or place flowers in the vase. Collectibles like typewriters, vintage sewing machines, a gramophone etc, make for great display pieces.
  • Hang a chandelier
    The glamour and exuberance of a chandelier can transform any space, far exceeding the formal positioning of a dining table decor. From the living room to the kitchen to even the bath, yes the bath, there’s a place made for a chandelier in every room of your home. If you have a tall ceiling which demands a raison d’être, give it a with a playful, sculptural chandelier to hold on to and it will add light to your decor. EcoPro provides the best quality false ceiling board required for the false ceiling for hall, kitchen and other rooms to add lighting solutions to your space.