Fibre Cement Boards - A Cost-efficient & Long Lasting Alternative to Masonry

Fibre Cement Boards – A Cost-efficient & Long Lasting Alternative to Masonry

Fibre Cement boards are proving themselves to be a superb & cleaner alternative to traditional brick walls and masonry work. They are quick to install, easy to handle and are far less messy than concrete or POP structures. When used in combination with traditional means, you can create a durable and economical architecture. EcoPro brings to you the key areas where fibre cement boards can provide an unorthodox way to do things much better than before!

False Ceilings

In the case of top floors that are exposed to direct sunlight, false ceilings act as good thermal insulators since they are fitted with a gap with the actual ceiling forming an air passage between the roof and the ceiling. In multi-storied rooms, the false ceiling board acts as a sound insulator absorbing the thumping & foot sounds generated on the floor above. In companies, false ceilings are especially important to fit elements such as fire sprinklers, air conditioning pipes, wires, light fittings, etc. In the least, ceilings conceal the irregularities of the top and form a seamless unobstructed view of the space.

EcoPro Fibre cement false ceilings are easy to install. A metal frame is first coupled to the ceiling and is suspended at a predetermined length from the ceiling. The Fibre cement boards are then securely fastened to the frame from below using screws at regular intervals. EcoPro Fibre cement boards come in various pre-made designs generally with a dimension of 2’ x 2’. They can be easily cut using CNC cutters in order to fit lights and other connections. The finishing work on these boards like paints, laminates, wallpapers and texture finish gives a classy look.

EcoPro Fibre cement boards also play a significant role in curbing the heat island effect. Heat island effect is caused due to the usage of heat-absorbing material such as concrete and is responsible for rising temperatures in the cities.

Interior & Exterior Wall

Fibre cement walls can be used for both internal and external applications. Their weight is almost 1/4th of that of a brick wall making them easy to install. This also reduces a lot of dead weight on the building structure. Also, being more flexible and light, they exhibit great tolerance against calamities like earthquakes and hurricanes and are less harmful even if they were to fall over or fly away, thereby, saving lives.

A high-performance lightweight interior wall system will consist of a GI steel frame, encased in Fibre cement boards on either side attached firmly with metal screws. The joints are then taped and finished with jointing compounds. Fibre cement walls are easy to place and require much less labor & time as compared to masonry construction. Also, electrical wiring is not dependent on the completion of the walls and can be done anytime. Moreover, setting up fibre cement walls is a waterless operation unlike the brick & cement-based walls, thereby saving lots of water, energy, and also, the mess. They can also withhold fire for a long time as compared to wood or concrete walls giving you enough time to evacuate. They prevent sound from reflecting and traveling from one wall to another, thereby securing your private conversations. EcoPro walls can also be used for complete external construction or with a basic foundation of brick walls at the bottom. In fact, Fibre cement boards are fit to form an entire structure on their own. Their design range from an excellent choice for interior and exterior wall cladding as well.


Fibre cement boards can be used for various flooring options such as mezzanine, bathroom, balcony, and rooftop apart from regular flooring. As a mezzanine flooring material, they are laid over a framework of heavy metal mesh which forms the core of the flooring and gives it strength.

All these applications make EcoPro Fibre cement boards, a truly adaptable and multifaceted material to work with.