fibre cement board as soundproof wall panels for your bedroom

Tips to Have Soundproof Rooms

Your bedroom is the haven where you love to unwind after a long tiring day. Just when everything seems perfect and you snuggle up in the warmth of your blanket, all set to relax with your favorite book or TV series, the last thing you expect is the intrusion of unnecessary noises from your surroundings.

While it’s not possible to cut off completely from the noisy world, you can definitely work towards reducing its intrusion into your personal space. Thanks to the options like sound-absorbing panels, fibreglass insulation, acoustic partitions etc; you can make your room soundproof.

Whether it’s the noise flowing into your room or out of your room, acoustic/soundproof materials and solutions can definitely offer you the solace you long for.

Soundproofing Options

The process of soundproofing a room generally involves a combination of some of the tactics that include:

  • Adding Mass: To prevent sound entering or exiting from your room consider adding mass to your walls. So, while building a room from scratch you can opt for thicker wall or fibre cement sheet walls to ensure better sound absorption. For existing rooms, additional structures on walls, ceilings, doors and windows made from acoustic panels can serve the purpose.
  • Decoupling: When two structures in your room are in direct contact with each other, there is free transfer of sound. Decoupling is the process of blocking this transfer of sound by simply isolating the contact points. Building double walls with air gaps or using resilient channels and sound clips for creating floating wall/ceilings are some of the options that can offer good results.
  • Filling Air Gaps: Even small openings and cracks in the walls and ceilings can create an easy passage for sound to sneak through. Hence, look out for the little holes and open spaces in your bedroom and seal them up. There are ample of options available for plugging up these holes like acoustical caulk, foam caskets, automatic door bottom etc. To cover up gaps at the bottom of bedroom doors you can also consider investing in draft stopper and door sweep.

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For a quicker fix, you can try out some basic tips that can add a layer of soundproofing like:

  • Using soundproof curtains
  • Investing in thicker carpets
  • Slipping a thick density rug pad underneath your rug
  • Adding Window inserts
  • Hanging acoustic panels
  • Adding some art on the walls etc

Soundproofing not only ensures peace of mind but also allows you to enjoy your personal space without turning into a disturbing element for your neighbours. You can play your favourite music and strum your guitar without bothering others by adhering to soundproofing solutions.

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