Prefabricated Houses using fibre cement boards

Set up A Quick & Eco-Friendly Fibre Cement House With EcoPro

A trip to IKEA would give you an idea about how you can buy a product disassembled into parts and take them home, only to assemble them back into the actual product, all by yourself. What if you could buy a house from a store and assemble the parts on your plot – just like you do with Lego? Well, with pre-fabricated homes becoming popular, this idea is already a reality to a great degree.

In today’s competitive times when buyers and builders are both stressing on timely delivery, prefabricated homes are preferred for their quick and clean setup. For builders, this means faster completion of projects and more profits. For buyers, it means faster investment in property and in case of renting – faster ROI. Thus, time plays a crucial role for both parties.

EcoPro Fibre cement sheet is a pre-fab alternative to brick and mortar construction. The material is so versatile, it can be used for walls, mezzanines floors, furniture, roofs, shelves, windows, doors, and window & door frames, exterior wall cladding, etc. Fibre cement sheets can be used to build homes quickly and cost-effectively, especially as traditional construction costs continue to rise. As the cost of borrowing is steep and developers are facing a liquidity crunch, time translates to money.

Setting up an Eco-friendly Fibre cement house

The process of setting up a Fibre cement construction is way simpler and quicker than the brick and mortar process. Typically, an architecture software can be used to design the virtual rendition of the house. The Fibre cement boards and planks are then brought to the construction site and the structure is simply assembled on-site. A metal grid frame is first installed on which Fibre cement planks are fastened to the groove, (usually horizontally for a wall structure) with self-fastening screws. A similar process is followed for mezzanine floorings, partition wall, bathrooms, doors, wall claddings, and ceilings as well. These boards can later be painted with contact primer or water-based acrylic. For a more natural texture, EcoPro Fibre cement boards come pre-painted with a unique technology called “stains” wherein there is no need to paint the walls except with a protective coating material if required. The walls with ‘stains’ retain the beautiful grainy texture of a Fibre cement board.

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Is it economical?

Although prefabricated materials such as Fibre cement boards can get 15-20% expensive than the traditional ones, higher efficiency and less wastage and labor costs can bring down the overall cost substantially for large buildings. The use of ready-made panels also eliminates the need for auxiliary activities such as plastering, slots for electrical wiring, and plumbing as these are done at the casting stage itself.

Prefab material also gives flexibility in terms of expansion and modifications with independent blocks that can be added or removed. Office and commercial buildings have been using EcoPro Fibre cement wall panels, false ceiling board, plasterboard and flooring systems to create interiors of offices and other places such as hospitals.

EcoPro fibre cement boards are built to support an entire structure on their own. However, a hybrid construction with brick & mortar can yield even stronger and better lasting results. If you are looking for features such as easy installation & removal, unparalleled style quotient, reduced labor costs and higher durability, then enquire now at