Duct Covering & Exterior Wall Claddings using Fibre cement sheets

Growing Importance of Duct Covering & Exterior Wall Claddings in Modern Buildings

Every building structure requires a devoted space to run its electrical wirings, plumbing pipes, and HVAC lines. Some buildings have a separate internal void where they channel all the pipes and lines while others have it in the front of the building, unfettered by the glances of its inhabitants. More often than not, these lines […]

Fibre Cement Backer Boards - the Perfect Base for Tiles

Fibre Cement Backer Boards – What Makes Them the Perfect Base for Tiles

Backer board is a material used as a tile substrate. It is an inexpensive, convenient building material that makes tiling projects go faster and look better in the end. Backer boards, in general, can be used for all your tile jobs for floors, walls, and counters. You can also use it for thin exterior brick […]

FCBs for setting up isolation ward

Using Fibre Cement Boards for Quick & Easy Isolation Ward Set Up

With the rising cases of COVID-19, we are running out of hospitals With an unprecedented rise in the cases of COVID-19, we are running out of hospital space in cities as well as rural areas. For a country where there is still a long way in improving healthcare facilities, we are now faced with a […]

Fibre cement boards for leakproof roofs

Make Your Roofs Monsoon Ready for a Stressfree Season

A roof is an important part of any building structure. It serves the functional purpose of providing shelter to the residents within from outside weather elements and also adds an aesthetic charm to the structure – especially the sloping roofs. So, while it’s important to take care of your roof all year long, it becomes […]

Eco-Friendly Home Building and Renovation using Fibre Cement Boards

Eco-Friendly Home Building and Renovation with Fibre Cement Boards

With a strong eco-friendly drive going on around the world, one can’t help but wonder, how can they contribute to society by reducing their carbon footprints? Well, one of the biggest ways to contribute toward green living is right in front of you… it’s your home décor and construction needs! Fibre cement boards have opened […]

Stains on fibre cement board

Why Stains Are Perfect For Colouring Your Wooden Furniture?

The real joy of buying wooden furniture is that you get to uplift your home décor by adding natural beauty to it. Modern solutions like steel-based designs or glass panels may add a little sophistication to your place, but a wooden piece brings a whole different charm and elegance. Adding colour to your wooden furniture […]

Prefabricated Houses using fibre cement boards

Set up A Quick & Eco-Friendly Fibre Cement House With EcoPro

A trip to IKEA would give you an idea about how you can buy a product disassembled into parts and take them home, only to assemble them back into the actual product, all by yourself. What if you could buy a house from a store and assemble the parts on your plot – just like […]

Creating the Perfect False Ceiling with Fibre Cement Boards

Creating the Perfect False Ceiling for Hall with Fibre Cement Boards

Gone are the days where you’ll find a simple flat ceiling with generic embellishments like a chandelier or a fancy fan, in most houses. People are wanting to go creative with their ceilings and uplift their home aesthetics with a false ceiling for hall.  As the demand for false ceilings surges across various cities and […]

Fibre Cement Boards - A Cost-efficient & Long Lasting Alternative to Masonry

Fibre Cement Boards – A Cost-efficient & Long Lasting Alternative to Masonry

Fibre Cement boards are proving themselves to be a superb & cleaner alternative to traditional brick walls and masonry work. They are quick to install, easy to handle and are far less messy than concrete or POP structures. When used in combination with traditional means, you can create a durable and economical architecture. EcoPro brings […]

Digital Printing on Fibre Cement Board for Wall Paneling - EcoPro

Interior Wall Paneling Ideas to Add Character to Your Rooms

Wall paneling has been in vogue since the colonial days. Back then, it was used to layer the walls that were not plastered, with panels made mostly from wood. These panels served as protection against water and cold winds. Today’s wall panels have come a long way from the mid-century installations. With the availability of […]