Multi use fibre cement board for home decor by EcoPro

4 Chic Decor Ideas to Add Instant Cheer to Your Space

While adding home decor is an exciting task, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Your end goal should always be to showcase your ideas in a tasteful way. For that to fulfil, you need to face issues ranging from an interior that lacks natural light to a layout that’s much smaller than […]

5 Places in Your House That You Can Turn Green Today

Plants are perfect to fill the empty spaces left on bookshelves, accent tables, and the cubical slots in a drywall partition. They add layers to your home’s personality and create a stress-free soothing environment. Plants cleanse the air inside your home and increase the aesthetics of your indoors. They are also a good way to […]

fibre cement boards for light fixtures

Your Guide to Modern Home Lighting Solutions

Lighting plays a crucial role in the way people experience and perceive a living space. Lighting can help promote productivity making us feel relaxed and comfortable; it helps define spaces, brings energy and draws people together. On the other hand, the absence of good lighting can make even a well-designed architecture look dull & gloomy […]

Sticking wallpapers on fibre cement boards

Wallpapering Tips & Tricks to Enliven Your Home Decor

Your home is a window into your personality. It is a personification of your taste & lifestyle. It’s also the place of comfort & security that you seek after a long day’s hard work. As such, who wouldn’t like to come back to a house which is relaxing and calming? The aesthetic excellence of a […]

fibre cement board as soundproof wall panels for your bedroom

Tips to Have Soundproof Rooms

Your bedroom is the haven where you love to unwind after a long tiring day. Just when everything seems perfect and you snuggle up in the warmth of your blanket, all set to relax with your favorite book or TV series, the last thing you expect is the intrusion of unnecessary noises from your surroundings. […]

Fibre cement boards as best quality mezzanine flooring material for homes

Tips for Optimizing Mezzanine Flooring for Homes

Whether it’s your manufacturing unit, office area or home, carving out an extra space without creating any clutter is a luxury. Mezzanine flooring offers a host of possibilities for optimizing your unused, vertical space at your disposal. Extensively used for storage purposes in warehousing facilities for decades, mezzanine flooring today has a much wider utility […]

Using fibre cement board as termite proof plywood

Fibre Cement Boards – The Ideal Termite-Resistant Material for your Perfect Home

When it comes to choosing the right material for your home, be it the exterior or interior, you can never be 100% sure. Terms like plywood, gypsum, fibre cement board, WPC and other emerging building materials only add to the confusion. As a homemaker when you plan to make structural additions to your house there […]

Using EcoPro's fibre cement board as false ceiling for hall

Things to Tick Off Your Checklist Before You Finalize That False Ceiling

Ceilings are one of the primary elements of an interior space that enjoy a clear and unobstructed view unlike other spaces such as floors and walls. In your entire house, a ceiling is one place that people look up to, quite literally. False ceilings then are a great way to remodel the look of your […]

fibre cement board as exterior cladding panels

Why Fibre Cement Boards Are Better Than Other Drywall Options For Exterior Cladding

When it comes to choosing the type of material for your exterior cladding, you will invariably want a material that will not catch moisture and termites and yet look aesthetically beautiful. The cladding is a critical choice in determining how a building holds up and how much upkeep will be required to maintain it. Today’s […]

8 Quirky Ideas to Uplift Your Interiors Using Fibre Cement Board

Fibre cement board is a truly ingenious invention. Thanks to its components, Fibre cement boards are durable, low on maintenance, fire-resistant, impenetrable by bugs, rodents and molds and also impervious to moisture. They can act like a termite proof plywood and be built to closely imitate wood, stone, and brick. Additionally, they can also be […]