Six Reasons Why Fibre Cement Cladding is Becoming Popular

Six Reasons Why Fibre Cement Cladding is Becoming Popular

Right kind of cladding can make your home stand out in your neighbourhood.  Whether limited to specific portions or applied to the entire exterior structure, cladding is the best home enhancing solution that reflects your individual style. While there are ample of cladding materials available like wood, metal, brick, and more, fibre cement sheet is gaining immense popularity among homeowners as well as builders due to its in-built qualities.

Six Benefits of Fibre Cement Cladding

  • Longer Shelf Life: Fibre cement claddings are the most durable cladding options available. A composite product of sand, cement, and cellulose fibres, these claddings enjoy better sustainability and resistance to harsh weather, wear and tear, and termites when compared to other materials. These intrinsic qualities make fibre cement cladding ideal for all types of structures including commercial structures like hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

Fibre Cement Cladding is becoming Popular by EcoPro

  • Versatility in Style: With fibre cement cladding you get to explore multiple home exterior styles and finishing. Exterior paint is easily applied with its wide range of colors and patterns adding that extra edge to your home. Fibre cement cladding also offers you with a wide array of finishes, ranging from smooth to highly textured surfaces. You can experiment with these exciting patterns to create an appealing look for your home.
  • Best Way to Emulate the Organic Look: For all those who wish to give a traditional, classy wooden or stone-like appearance to their home exterior, fibre cement is the right choice. The versatile texture of fibre cement sheet can be streamlined to mimic a natural wood feel or add a stone-look appearance. 
  • Water Resistant: Unlike concrete ceilings that are prone to soaking moisture, resulting in the development of mold and ugly patches in room corners, fibre cement cladding offers ideal moisture-proof solutions. EcoPro water-resistant fibre cement cladding are therefore ideally suited to even in damp prone areas like washrooms, kitchens and other areas exposed to water.
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  • Fire-Proof: When it comes to building a safe home, fire resistant material is the top priority. EcoPro is fire-resistant and are ideal for places where exposure to fire hazard are imminent, like the areas near your electrical junction box, switches and electrical fittings.
  • Minimal Maintenance: An additional benefit of using fibre cement cladding is that it requires minimal maintenance requirement. Unlike wood, fibre cement material does not require regular treatment or repainting. The finishing doesn’t crack or peel prematurely as fibre cement boards are environmentally stable. Moreover, there is no expensive pressure washing needed like in vinyl and aluminium cladding.
  • Quick and Tidy Installation: Fibre cement cladding is quick and easy to install. Its lightweight feature ensures minimal load imposed on the structure to which it is to be attached. This is not all; the cutting and drilling processes do not kick up a lot of dust as other materials do. Its installation comes with minimal mess, fuss, and wastage.

With all these advantages, fibre cement cladding is most likely to become an indispensable part of mainstream construction in days to come!