How to eliminate the dust?

The strength and durability of cement board make it a great choice for home improvement projects.
But cutting fibre cement board although challenging.

But with right tools and methods you can cut fibre cement easily and that also without dust.

Wet cutting

Tool to use: – Circular saw -carbide-tipped cutting blade

  • A circular saw is a fairly good tool to use to cut cement board. If you have nothing else on hand, it will do just fine, granted that you follow the right steps and use the proper blade.
  • Using a ruler or a straight edge, mark a visible line using a carpenter’s pencil where you’d like to cut. Ensure you draw this line on the underside of the cement board because this is the side that will face up as you cut through the board.
  • Now cut the board at full speed, to avoid dust use water.

Scoring Knife

  • A scoring knife with carbide tipped is one of the best tools to use for cutting cement board.
  • Using appropriate tools, such as ruler, a T-square, or a long board to mark the line using a carpenter’s pencil or any other suitable marking utensil.
  • Now hold the board tight and then drag the blade along the line, don’t penetrate too deep with the first cut as it might damage the cement board. It is recommended that you make two or three passes to make a long, straight, and precise line.
  • Now turn the board and apply little bit pressure with your knee, and pull the board toward you’re your body. This should cleanly snap the board.


  • Malco TSF2 is fast, accurate and perfect tool to cut fiber cement board