How to do FCB Tiles T Grid Ceiling?

T – Grid ceiling consists of a grid work of metal channels in the shape of an upside-down “T” suspended on wires from the overhead structure. These channels are in a regularly spaced pattern of cells. Each cell is then filled with ECOPRO ceiling tiles, which simply drop into the grid. The grid size is typically 600mm X 600mm. and the ceiling tile is slightly smaller 595mm X 595mm. or 595mm X 1195mm.


  • Mark a false ceiling level on wall or partition as per drawing for indicating where the wall angle will be applied, don’t assume the original ceiling is level.
  • Fasten the wall angle securely at all points. Position the wall angle so that the bottom flange rest on the level line which we mark on the wall. Overlap the wall angle on inside corners of the wall and miter the wall angle on outside corners of the wall.

Perimetric Angle Anchoring in Rigid Wall

Perimetric Angle Anchoring in Rigid Wall
  • Solid masonry
  • Plastic plug
  • Screw
  • Perimeter angle

  • Main tee should always run at right angles to the joists in the room. Locate the position of each main T on all sides of the room at each position where the main T are to be placed.
  • Cut the suspension wire to the proper length. The wire should be 305mm. longer than the distance between old ceiling and the marking. Locate the first suspension wire for each main T directly above the point where the first cross T meets the main T. Be sure the suspension wire is securely fastened. Apply them to the ceiling with screw hooks. Attach a suspension wire at every 4 feet along the level guideline.
ceiling screwing
  • Old Ceiling
  • Plastic plug
  • Screw hook
  • G.I Wire
  • Install the main T so that they are all level with the wall angle already mounted. Install the cross T by inserting the ends of the cross T in to the slots in the main T
  • G.I .Wire
  • Main T
  • Cross T
  • EcoPro
  • Drop the ecopro ceiling boards of size 595mm x 595mm or 1195mm x 595mm,