Importance of exterior wall siding

An Architect’s Guide To Fibre Cement Siding

Exploring all about Fibre Cement Sidings

Your home exterior is equally important as your home interiors. So, when you plan to upgrade your home, don’t miss out on your exteriors.

Wall cladding or siding is one of the important exterior design considerations that you should never compromise with as it offers the opportunity to turn your mundane exterior elements into something more exciting and inviting.

Exterior wall cladding not only breathes life to your home with its aesthetics but also protects your place from harsh external conditions, thereby making it a more comfortable place to live in.

Importance of exterior wall siding

Ideally speaking, siding has many functions to play, starting with its architectural value. Well-installed siding acts as an extra layer of insulation that shields your property from various detrimental effects like moisture, insects and even dirt.

Wall siding also has great cosmetic value. When installed rightly, a new wall siding adds a fresh look and feel to your home that’s worth your investment. Depending upon your personal taste, location of your residence and your budget, you can choose from a wide range of materials available in the market. The only glitch here is that each has its own advantages and downfalls.

For instance, wood siding creates a beautiful, classic look but it demands constant maintenance like painting, anti-pest treatment etc for up keeping the charm. Similarly, while vinyl is easy with maintenance, it can’t replicate the wooden siding appeal. So, eventually when you try to achieve a balance between looks, durability, maintenance and affordability, it’s the fibre cement siding that takes the cake.

With its unique composition of Portland cement, wood pulp, fly ash and water, fibre cement sheets fulfill all the requirements without the need to make any major compromise in any of the fronts.

Fibre Cement Siding : Chameleon of the architecture world

The good thing about fiber cement siding is its versatility —when detailed properly, it can mimic the look of wood, brick, cement & even stone. In fact, fiber cement replicates the look of other materials so well that it’s difficult to make the difference.

Those who want to capture the look of real, rustic wood but are worried about the maintenance hassles can opt for fibre cement sidings. Although a man-made material, the way it is formed, gives fibre cement a natural wood grain look. In fact, this is the only material that can get you the actual masonry type of refined work.

Growing popularity of fibre cement sidings

With fibre cement, you get to play with varied textures, finishes and designs. Available in different widths and with the flexibility to either stain or paint the plank, fibre cement can complement not only rustic and traditional structures but also the contemporary homes with equal finesse. Furthermore, its maintenance is easy and can even be replaced as termite proof plywood.

The added unparalleled advantage that has made fibre cement a sought-after material is its workability. It allows you to follow your home’s architecture irrespective of the complexity of the design. No matter what decorative and architectural details you need to match, the adaptable material happens to fit the call. The material can switch between horizontal lap siding and board & batten siding as it moves over to house’s exterior.

Wrap Up: Exterior siding or cladding is not just an impression but also a stability factor for your homes. If your exterior wall cladding is faded or damaged, its times to overhaul it with something that actually appreciates your home value. Fibre cement sheets are just the right option you can go for. Try it for yourself and feel the difference!