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Why & When To Use An Acoustic Panel

Ever wondered why sound does not reverberate as much in places like restaurants, marriage halls, offices and theaters in spite of them being so crowded. Well, you can appreciate the acoustic panels who silently consume all the noise, saving your ears from the unwanted echoes and enabling you to have smooth communication. Acoustic panels are designed to absorb noise frequencies and clear the air from the various sound waves flying around in chaos. They are either mounted on walls, suspended or attached to the ceiling to reduce the sound levels. Apart from their utility value, they also add a great aesthetic touch to the interior spaces.

When the echo and sound resonance of a room is too strong, correcting the room acoustics can help. Sound echoes from smooth surfaces such as smooth walls, glass, metals, etc. It can also be due to a lack of furniture, curtains or carpets which help absorb the sound. It gets quite difficult to have a decent conversation in such a room without getting distracted by your own echoes. Apparently, it also leads to tiredness and lack of concentration for their occupants. If you are willing to add one to your own workspace or house, here is a list of situations in which acoustic panels could be used.

soundproof wall panels

When to use acoustic panels?

Soundproof wall panels can be used for drywall partition in offices or as a mezzanine flooring material to absorb sound. Any place, where there are much noise and sound reflection such as a marriage hall, theatre screen, sound studio, office, and home.

Applications of an acoustic panel

Depending on how they are installed, acoustic panels can perform various roles:

  • To absorb sound
  • To reduce sound pollution
  • For acoustic correction

Materials Used

A sound wave travels in all direction and can spread out in an entire room reflecting on all elements. When a sound wave hits an object, part of it travels through it and the remaining is bounced off. The role of acoustic panels and acoustic elements is thus to increase the extent to which sound waves hitting them are absorbed.

Soundproof wall panels are typically made up of an absorbent foam for acoustic absorption and a colored or printed fabric cover to conceal the foam. These panels are not only used to cancel noise but also give better structure to spaces or simply decorate them. You can enhance the visual appearance of the room by adding customized and theme-based panels. You can choose a printed, single color or mottled finish which comes in various shapes and colors. You can add light or a frame to add more emphasis.

Non-applications of acoustic panels

Echoes and sound waves traveling from one room to another can be reduced using acoustic insulation. Insulation can be achieved by using solid boards at the time of constructing the building. Acoustic panels are not the right solution for insulating spaces that suffer from noise pollution originating from the outside.