Pacart Ventures

We took the decision to use ECOPRO FIBRE CEMENT BOARD because of its Durability, dimensional stability, aesthetics and for its multiuse applications. Also, we use ECOPRO boards for our future projects.The performance and Reliability of ECOPRO are satisfactory.

Apurva Enterprises

We took the decision to use EcoPro FIBRE CEMENT BOARD because of its Durability, Dimensional Stability, Aesthetics and for its multi-use
applications. Also, we use EcoPro boards for our future projects. The Performance & Reliability of EcoPro is satisfactory.

Suyog Anjani Avishkar

We used EcoPro fibre cement boards for constructing various structures like door frames, kitchen platform base, dry walls, etc. They have used quality material and the product does not pose any issues like cracking or water absorption. In conclusion, we would like to say that we will be using EcoPro fibre cement boards for our next project as well. Moreover, we would also recommend this product to people who are looking for cost-effective yet viable cement boards.

Shreeji Construction Company

We had heard a lot about EcoPro fibre cement boards and we finally decided to try it. And we are highly satisfied with its performance. This product is highly durable, possesses dimensional stability and adds an aesthetic touch to any interior. We have used EcoPro boards for multiple purposes and we can confidently say that this product is really reliable & efficient.