Duct Covering & Exterior Wall Claddings using Fibre cement sheets

Growing Importance of Duct Covering & Exterior Wall Claddings in Modern Buildings

Every building structure requires a devoted space to run its electrical wirings, plumbing pipes, and HVAC lines. Some buildings have a separate internal void where they channel all the pipes and lines while others have it in the front of the building, unfettered by the glances of its inhabitants. More often than not, these lines are clearly visible on buildings and apartments, especially the older constructions. As important & functional as these ducts may be, nobody really wants these unsightly lines obstructing the architecture of their otherwise plush buildings and beautifully designed homes. Hence, many home-owners and architects frequently opt for aesthetically designed duct coverings that strategically cover the empty duct space, hiding all the unwanted views while also simultaneously amplifying the beauty of the structure – hitting two birds with one stone!

Treading a step ahead on a similar path, there’s exterior wall cladding. What duct covering is for ducts, Exterior walls claddings are for the entire building or at least the most prominent part of it. While Duct coverings primarily serve as a functional addition to the building structure, Exterior wall claddings are preferred more for their aesthetic value. Cladding serves many purposes such as creating a controlled internal environment, as a partition wall protecting the building from external conditions, preventing the transmission of sound, providing thermal insulation, and more visibly, significantly improving or changing the appearance of buildings. Though cladding is merged with the primary face of the structure, it does not contribute to the stability on the whole. Regardless, it does play a structural role transferring wind loads, impact loads, and its own weight back to the structure which implies that an ample amount of strength is required both within the cladding system and its joineries for the primary face to ensure that it does not crumble under wind load pressures.

Fibre Cement – the perfect material for Duct Coverings & Exterior Wall Claddings

Fibre cement is a remarkable invention that is light in weight, contains No VOC/ No Formaldehyde and is an A1 non-combustible weather proof building board. EcoPro fibre cement boards are manufactured using a homogeneous mixture of cement, pozolana, superior grade of cellulose fibre and binders of a siliceous base. The cement plays the role of a hydraulic fibre while fibres increase the flexibility of EcoPro boards. The product’s strength is further augmented by the combination of cement and quartz matrix. It is highly resistant to various elements of nature such as fire, moisture, and snow and also inhibits the growth of mold & mildew.  Not just that, fibre cement boards act as sound-absorbing panels killing all the unwanted echoes, thereby maintaining the ambient noise.

As a duct covering, it not only obstructs the view of all the unpleasant lines running over the building surface but also does so in various designs. As an external wall cladding, it beautifies the structure and protects the building surface from all external elements. It mimics natural elements such as wood and gives an uncanny resemblance to it. Hence, you get a well-concealed structure which also looks premium.

Having an external structure such as duct covers and external cladding can significantly influence the value, saleability, and safety of the building. It increases the life of your structure and keeps it new for a prolonged duration. Certainly then, cladding & covering your property effectively is a wise investment that pays both short and longer-term dividends.  If you think you are ready to invest in new cladding or are not completely sure about your options, simply contact EcoPro, the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly fibre cement boards used in cladding, mezzanine flooring, false ceiling board, and various other applications.